LWS V4C65 Luring Victims over

[The three of them went back to where the plant was growing at the side of the road. Yuan Jing very thoughtfully made Nangong Min take a few steps back though.
“It’s very likely that the things that happened before were because of that plant. We can’t let you be influenced by that again so just wait over here while I take a look.”
“Oh.” Nangong Min hurriedly nodded but didn’t forget to use the opportunity to grab Yuan Jing’s arm. “Yuan Jing … Be careful.”
Yuan Jing smiled and leaned down, kissing his temple. “Don’t you worry about me. Just take care of yourself. That will be enough.”
“Mn. Alright.” Nangong Min smiled back sweetly and reluctantly let go of Yuan Jing’s arm. Ah, he really would have liked to hold onto him! He was so strong and warm. He had really felt secure when Yuan Jing helped him walk over here.
Yuan Jing took another look at the young cadet in front of him and stroked his cheek. “I’ll be back in a bit and take you home then.” Continue reading

LWS V4C64 A Mutation?

[Yuan Jing knelt down again and carefully took Nangong Min’s arm, turning it so they could both see his identificator. He clicked for it to display the screen again and the database Nangong Min had looked at before was shown.
“Let’s see if there is some information on the plant. Do you remember how it looks like?”
Nangong Min hurriedly nodded. This was his chance to impress his idol! He couldn’t waste it!
He had the identificator display a keyboard and his fingers flew across the keys, adding a few parameters for the database to check. The results turned up and he looked at them together with Yuan Jing. Unfortunately … the plant they had seen wasn’t among them and the percentage of the match the other plants had with the keywords he had chosen varied greatly. Continue reading

LWS V4C63 Maybe We’re Having Hallucinations?

[Yuan Jing and Kang Lei rolled around on the floor, fists flying in every direction and kicks being sent the other way. Both of them were growling, neither willing to retreat even a single inch.
“Damned bastard! What do you think you were doing to Ah Min?!” This was actually Major Yuan who had adopted Kang Lei’s way of calling Nangong Min. Well, it was cute in his opinion so he didn’t see any issue with that. Rather he felt that this shameless bastard who had forced himself on the other cadet didn’t have any right to call him that way.
Kang Lei roared back at him. “See who’s talking! You were the one who was laying his fucking hands on Ah Min after he disturbed us!” Continue reading

LWS V4C62 You Can Skip That

Nie Chang stopped reading and looked at Su Yan. “Do you really want me to read this?”
Su Yan frowned. “Ah Chang, why does my system have such bad taste?”
“Well …” Nie Chang smiled wryly. Whether it was bad or not was probably in the eye of the beholder. A lot of people liked the kind of BL novel that included lots of smut. Gosh, if things really were as he thought, then there were certainly readers who were either rooting for Kang Lei or Yuan Jing to free the poor Beta from the influence of that so-called poisonous plant through some papapa. Actually, there might even be a small percentage of readers that wouldn’t mind if both of them helped him dispel the effects together.
Unfortunately, nothing of this could be said to his little darling. He needed another explanation. “Maybe it’s not about taste but about education, after all.”
“How is that education? It probably just likes birds!” Continue reading

LWS V4C61 The Best Time of Your Life

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Su Yan opened his eyes and looked at his boyfriend thoughtfully. It seemed Nie Chang was really knowledgeable about everything. His prediction was completely right! This novel wasn’t good at all! Maybe they should skip to the end, after all? Unfortunately for him, his boyfriend already continued to read.
[Kang Lei chuckled. “Oh? I always thought you only had eyes for that Major Yuan of yours. But it seems you’ve realized he isn’t all that after you’ve seen him for yourself. It’s just as I told you: All hype about nothing. He’s just some guy that got a little lucky. You definitely won’t regret deciding on me.”
The Major Yuan that was badmouthed by someone who was attempting a mission under his supervision frowned even more than before but not because of Kang Lei’s disregard of him. Rather he was afraid that a few minutes might be too long, after all. Continue reading

LWS V4C60 Expect the Unexpected

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Nie Chang frowned at the screen of his phone. A person that had had a crush on someone suddenly found another person he had known for a long time attractive and noticed things about them that were actually sexy? And that very coincidentally happened after they found a poisonous plant that one of them didn’t take seriously while the other person wanted to look up what kind of plant it was but never managed to do so? Excuse him for saying so but …
“Ah Yan, I feel like this story is no good.”
Su Yan opened his eyes. Surprise was written in them. “Really? You also think so?”
“Ah? What do you mean ‘also’? You don’t like it either?”
Su Yan nodded eagerly. “Yes! Isn’t it really strange? Nothing makes sense! The author doesn’t explain anything and seems to change his mind halfway. What’s with the Major suddenly thinking Kang Lei is Nangong Min’s boyfriend when he previously just thought of them as friends? That’s not logical at all!” Continue reading

LWS V4C59 A Strange Situation

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[Yuan Jing continued to sit in front of the panel as if he had forgotten that he had wanted to leave. Well, even if he remembered, there was no way he would just leave after finding out about something like this. Never mind that this Beta was cute but if he had a crush on him …
Yuan Jing tapped the armrest of his chair and looked at a still of the video-stream from before. Alright. He didn’t like the Dinlas Academy since that thing had happened back then but this Beta …
A scream startled him out of his chair but it obviously came from the loudspeakers. Just what was happening over there?! What was that Alpha with him doing? Shouldn’t he as the stronger person protect him?!
From Kang Lei came a cold huff. “What are you doing? It’s just some plant.” Continue reading

LWS V4C58 Did He Have a Crush on Him?

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[Yuan Jing smiled to himself and opened the view from the identificators. Seeing the awkward angle he frowned. Ah, he shouldn’t have given him the ones from the X3-ISL series. What had he thought to achieve by having them wear them on their wrists? The pictures would be much better if they were worn on the lapel or something. Ugh, he couldn’t even see the faces of the people around.
Yuan Jing wiped the videos to the edge of the screen so he would be able to keep an eye on their movements on the map while still watching. Maybe one of them would lift their hand or something late on and he’d be able to at least see his face once.
Yuan Jing froze. Wait. What was he thinking there? He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. Ah, maybe he had worked too much the last few days? Yeah, that must be it. He should just call it a day for now and go lie down for a while. Ah, this stupid assignment … he could still throw some of it to his Lieutenants. What were they for, after all?
He got up and reached out to turn off everything. The group had already split up to search for the nearest water source anyway. Most likely, nothing interesting —
“Ah Lei, say do you think they’ll just check the map and catalog when we’re done?” That was the voice of the Beta again. Continue reading

LWS V4C57 That Was Dangerous

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Nie Chang paused. This was actually the first part of the story. It seemed it wasn’t actually a novel but just a story with a few chapters? Well, that was good too. They could spend a while here in the park, reading the story and then maybe go and eat something before returning home. It would also be a nice memory.
Nie Chang clicked for the next chapter and continued to read.
[As much as Yuan Jing hated his new task he wouldn’t jeopardize his career. Thus he opened the screen again and had a look at the current status of the mission. Ah, it seemed the first cadets were already on their way to their assigned areas. Not too bad. They weren’t losing any time.
He opened the summaries of the groups and took a look at their data. Well, it was the usual: The best students would each open their own group and manage to have only Alphas as members while the students in the middle of the year’s ranking could only grit their teeth and take in those Beta from the bottom to fill up their numbers. There were no — Continue reading

LWS V4C56 To Explain Or Not To Explain?

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Su Yan lifted his hand to tug at Nie Chang’s sleeve again but held back at the last moment. Ugh. He definitely couldn’t interrupt him again. It hadn’t been that long since the last time, after all. Ah, but he wanted to tell him! It was so obvious now that that Kang Lei was actually the male lead! Hadn’t they discussed this before? He should tell him what he had figured out.
In the end, Su Yan was so occupied with his thoughts that he missed the next paragraphs. So he finally still tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve.
Nie Chang stopped reading and looked at his little darling that seemed less than happy. He had pursed his lips and furrowed his brows and was looking at him with reproach. Uh … It seemed he had done something horrible? Whatever it was? “What’s the matter, darling?”
“You’re too fast!”
“Too fast?” Nie Chang’s brows raised. Hadn’t he read at the same tempo the whole time? How come he was suddenly too fast?
“Yes. Start over from where Nangong Min grabbed Kang Lei’s arm.”
Nie Chang’s lips curved in a knowing smile. “Oh, that part, yes?” Continue reading