LWS V5C54 Knowing His Fault

In front of them, the last demonic cultivator finally fell to the ground. Coincidentally, it was the man that Xue Chang Fu had chosen for his previous plan. Yue Mu Gang looked at him with a dark expression and kicked him in the side.
This bastard! He had actually dared to touch Xue Chang Fu like that!
He continued to stare and finally stomped on that hand, the bones breaking with a loud crack. Ah, call him childish but just remembering that moment, his blood seemed to boil. He turned away forcefully, his expression still dark.
The Sect Master carefully retracted his head behind the table. Uh … maybe he should let Yue Mu Gang calm down first. He really seemed very angry. Mn, maybe he had overdone it a bit before? Ah, but what should he do then? Continue reading

LWS V5C53 The Damsel-in-Distress and the Hero

Yue Mu Gang pulled the Sect Master out of the way and ducked behind a table. The ball of energy smashed into the chair next to them, sending splinters flying through the air.
Xue Chang Fu’s eyes widened. Black energy? He looked at the cultivator. Fuck! He had just wanted to make Yue Mu Gang jealous. How come the guy he chose was a demonic cultivator?! He had only made that excuse up when they set off! They weren’t any demonic cultivators supposed to be around at all!
He furrowed his brows and lifted his hand to throw some spiritual energy back at the guy. His hand moved and then stopped. As for the energy …
Xue Chang Fu blinked and looked at his hand. Eh? What about his spiritual energy? He looked at Yue Mu Gang who looked back at him incredulously.
“How much did you drink?” Continue reading

LWS V5C52 He Bullied Me!

The cultivator stared at Yue Mu Gang before he burst out laughing. “What? You? Teach me a lesson?” He eyed Yue Mu Gang again and smirked. This guy might be wearing a gray robe but he was obviously together with the white-robed cultivator that had slipped onto his lap. They were obviously righteous cultivators. A righteous cultivator wasn’t anything he needed to fear. At least not if this was the extent of their cultivation. He grinned even wider when he took in Yue Mu Gang’s dark hair. “Before talking about whether or not you’re even able to teach me a lesson, I don’t think there’s a reason for you to get involved in this. The beauty ran over here by himself.”
Yue Mu Gang didn’t consider backing up. Yes, Xue Chang Fu had run over himself but that didn’t mean that he would tolerate this. Not just because he felt that Xue Chang Fu should be sitting on his lap instead but because this guy didn’t deserve him. “There are people that can’t be touched casually.” Wasn’t that why he had held back all the time? Because the Sect Master of the Jin Shan Sect was too lofty, someone with too great an image that he couldn’t be sullied by someone with his past? And now this guy dared to touch him like that! Continue reading

LWS V5C51 His Usual Troublesome Self

Saying that Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang emptied the four flasks together actually wasn’t accurate. In fact, Yue Mu Gang slowly sipped one of them while Xue Chang Fu downed one after the other.
Su Yan couldn’t help but look from one to the other, waiting for either of them to show signs of being drugged. Strangely enough, that didn’t happen.
When Yue Mu Gang reached the bottom of the flask and put it back onto the tray, he was still sporting the same unapproachable expression and hardly said a whole sentence when someone spoke to him. Continue reading

LWS V5C50 My Martial Uncle Told Me to Do It

While Nie Chang wondered how their future would turn out, Su Yan was working hard on making a future on earth possible. Hearing Xue Chang Fu mention drinks, he had immediately hurried over to the counter where one of the waiters was putting food on a tray and asked for four flasks of wine.
“Four flasks?” The waiter raised his brows but still pulled out another tray from below the counter and put the four flasks on it. Who was he to judge the guests’ habits?
He took the money Su Yan handed him and wanted to leave when he saw him pull out a small paper from his sleeve and unfold it, exposing a white powder. The waiter froze. Wait. Wasn’t that …
“You … What do you think you’re doing?” Continue reading

LWS V5C49 Where Did All Those Artifacts Come from?

Xue Chang Fu turned to the door with bloodshot eyes. Forget about Yue Mu Gang! He had tried to seduce him for several decades and still hadn’t made any progress. It wasn’t like he would magically forget about being so straitlaced for once and take him up on the offer. No, right now, it was much more important to find out about this ridiculous story and make sure his sect hadn’t suffered any losses!
Unfortunately, the two people who walked in were none other than Ziju An and his disciple. Both of them seemed to be in a happy mood while Xue Chang Fu’s temper rose. Fuck this! Don’t tell him it was true! His senior martial brother wouldn’t really have exchanged a level seven spirit artifact for a common tanghulu, would he?!
He anxiously waited for the two of them to come over and leaned over the table, almost grabbing onto Nie Chang’s sleeve. “Senior martial brother! Tell me that you didn’t exchange the Seal of Doom for a tanghulu!” Continue reading

LWS V5C48 If You Want to Put Your Tanghulu Somewhere …

When they were out of earshot, Su Yan tugged at his boyfriend’s sleeve. “Ah Chang, say didn’t the stall owner only wanted one spirit stone or ten copper coins from us. Why did you ask for so many?”
Nie Chang looked around and finally grabbed Su Yan’s hand when he made sure that nobody paid attention to them. “Well, I figured we would spend some more time in the city. What if there’s something else you like? Furthermore, that artifact was too valuable to give it away for just one spirit stone.”
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded and didn’t discuss any longer. Instead, he turned his attention back to the stalls and shops around them. Continue reading

LWS V5C47 Cultivators Were Strange These Days

Even if the stall owner had known how to answer, he wouldn’t have gotten the chance to say the words. With the Jin He City being so close to the grounds of the Jin Shan Sect, there naturally were a lot of cultivators on the streets. After hearing both the name ‘Seal of Doom’ and ‘Hairpin of Regeneration’, they couldn’t hold back their curiosity and came looking. One after the other, surprised cries rang out, drawing over even more people until a crowd had gathered around the stall.
Nie Chang’s expression had already long tensed. This certainly wasn’t what he had imagined! He just wanted to exchange something but it seemed everything he could take out of his spatial ring would be some priceless treasure that would make people gasp regardless of how unassuming it looked. Continue reading

LWS V5C46 An Elaborate Scam

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. ‘Seal of Doom’? Seriously? He really wondered if this was something his little darling had come up with or something the system provided based on Su Yan’s previous efforts. Well, if it was the system’s work, then he really had to congratulate it. It was doing a good job guessing just what kind of thing Su Yan would put into his novel. A ‘Seal of Doom’ was probably just like the ‘Chaos Cultivation’ he had thought of: Something that sounded cool but had no actual meaning.
The stall owner also rolled his eyes at the mention of this artifact. This was the scam they had thought of? As if anyone would offer a priceless mythical artifact in exchange for a tanghulu! This was so stupid he felt offended they even tried it!
Just when he wanted to call them out, another person got the drop on him. Continue reading

LWS V5C45 Would You Be Willing to Exchange?

Su Yan watched his boyfriend with rapt attention but when Nie Chang still didn’t move to buy the tanghulu after about a minute, he frowned and tugged at his sleeve. “What are you doing? Didn’t you want to get one for me?”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “Mn. I …” He coughed embarrassedly. “I’m trying to determine which one is the best. Since my little darling deserves only the best.”
Su Yan blinked and turned to look at the tanghulu. Indeed. If they had the chance to buy a tanghulu in a cultivation novel, then they had to make sure that they didn’t make a loss! They had to take the biggest one! No, the prettiest one. The tastiest …
Su Yan frowned at the tanghulus. Ah, Nie Chang was right! Just which one should they take? Continue reading