LWS Extra 1: C10 I’ll Tell Everyone about It

The bearded man carefully trimmed Xiao Bai’s fur, emphasizing the arc of his tail and the small ears. Su Yan’s eyes sparkled more and more the further the man worked. Ah, this was exactly the dog he had imagined! Their Xiao Bai was so fluffy! How cute!

He excitedly tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve, motioning at their dog. “Ah Chang, look at him!”

“I know, darling.” Nie Chang gave a wry smile. Was it normal for people to be this excited about their dog getting his fur trimmed? Well, compared to the shabby look from before, their Xiao Bai had indeed turned into a beautiful white puppy now. And Su Yan had wanted this dog very much. It was probably normal for him to react like this. Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C9 A White Furball

The man from the dog parlor stared at them, his mouth gaping open. He had probably never heard anybody calling him a criminal just because he had a beard.

Nie Chang facepalmed and shook his head at his little darling. “Ah Yan, don’t just believe everything they say on TV.”

Su Yan furrowed his brows and looked at his boyfriend with doubt. “But that was state TV, ah! Could that be wrong?” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C8 A Handsome Dog and Owner

Nie Chang stopped in front of the dog parlor that he remembered Su Yan had told him about back when he still worked at the railroad station. The parlor was rather well-known in the area around his repair shop so some customers had been talking about it previously while they were waiting.

“Alright, we’re there. Do you think we should put Xiao Bai on the leash before we go in?”

Su Yan threw his boyfriend a glare. “Why would you want to put him on a leash? He’s so well-behaved!” He hugged the dog and rubbed the shaggy fur again as if to console him.

Nie Chang sighed. “Well, he certainly is in the car but I’m a little afraid he might run away as soon as we go outside. You wouldn’t want him to get lost and not find back to us, would you?” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C7 A Few Suggestions

Nie Chang finally finished the shopping with a set of bright red bowls and paid. Afterward, he went to pick his darling and their new dog up and carried everything over to the car while Su Yan ran around him, trying to get away from the dog that was once again jumping after him happily, clawing at his legs.

Nie Chang watched the two of them with a smile and put everything into the trunk. “Alright, I’m done. We can get in and bring it home.”

Su Yan looked at him with pitiful eyes, asking him to take care of the dog.

Nie Chang sighed and crouched down, clapping his hands at the gray furball. “Come here!” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C6 Quick! Before It Starves!

Nie Chang wanted to speak up several times to alert his darling to things on the shelves next to them that they might need. Unfortunately, Su Yan with his single-track mind was just scanning the aisles for the pet toys. It didn’t seem like he wanted to stop for anything else since he didn’t slow down even once.

Nie Chang finally just gave a sigh and took out his phone, noting down everything he could think of that they’d need to buy later on. After they got a few toys for the dog, they could just follow the list. He’d better not ask Su Yan again what he thought they should buy next.

Finally, the two of them found the shelves with the toys. Su Yan’s face lit up and he rushed forward as if these toys were actually for him instead of the dog. Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C5 The Most Handsome Dog

Nie Chang waved at the woman from the shelter who happily waved back when the car rolled onto the street and left toward the inner city again. For a while, Nie Chang didn’t say anything and just concentrated on driving, every now and then glancing at the rear-view mirror to make sure that his little darling and their dog were still alright.

Well, it seemed like he didn’t have to worry about that. Su Yan still very happily patted the dog, cuddling it as if it was a long-lost friend. He didn’t even seem to remember that this very same dog had just licked his cheek, staining it with saliva and making him so uncomfortable. In this case, it was probably good that his little darling was so unfocused. Whatever happened with the dog, he would forget about it in no time and be back to happily getting along. Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C4 We Came to Pick up Our Dog

Nie Chang could only sigh indulgently at his little darling’s behavior. Well, Su Yan had wanted the dog so much and it was good if he was that thrilled. Then he at least wouldn’t have to worry about who would take care of the dog in the future.

In that manner, the two of them hurriedly ate and then left the house, jumping into the car and driving to a dog shelter on the outskirts of the city. Nie Chang turned off the engine and looked at his darling. “Ah Yan, I haven’t been here before either so I don’t know if they’ll have the dog you want. Let’s just go and take a look. If they don’t, we can still go somewhere else.” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C3 I Need a Favor

The next morning, Nie Chang was very lovingly kicked out of bed to make breakfast while a certain someone picked up his phone and started to read through the comments he had gotten since the previous evening.

Nie Chang listened in on his darling cheering when he saw a good comment and screaming bloody murder when he spotted a bad one. He shook his head indulgently and took out his own phone with one hand while he continued to make breakfast with the other. He clicked on the number and then waited for the other person to pick up.

“What’s the matter, boss? I haven’t overslept. It’s not time yet to open the store.”

Nie Chang smiled wryly. “Gone Gong, I need a favor.” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C2 Aren’t You Tired Yet?

Su Yan and Nie Chang finished their dinner in a much better mood now that the question of just what was missing from their life had been answered. As usual, they watched a movie together before Su Yan got back to writing the next chapters of his novel while Nie Chang went to earn money for them by not coding any timers.

Finally, they went to sleep together. At the very least, that was what Nie Chang thought. After he switched off the light and snuggled up to his boyfriend in bed, it only took about five minutes until Su Yan got restless.

“Ah Chang, what do you think how our dog is doing?” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C1 Missing Something

Author’s Note:

I’ve finished editing the last volume of Lovely Writing System so it’s time to start on the extras! I have two short ones planned and one that will be longer and more of a spin-off actually (featuring Li Ming, the security guy from volume 1, since I promised you a happily ever after for him as well 😉). I’ll be starting off with the shorter ones and will go for a chapter every two days since I’m currently preparing an unrelated short story as well that I want to finish this month.


Su Yan sat down on the chair in his newly-furnished writing room and stared at his desk in a dazed manner. He didn’t know why but he felt that something was wrong. What could it be?

He looked down at himself but he hadn’t lost anything when they went to visit his novel last weekend again. Well, even if they did, he could just go and get it back. Nothing was ever lost in his own novel. He was sure of that after playing around there for the past few months. But what was the issue then? Continue reading