LWS Extra 2: C23 Everything Is about the Dog

Just as Nie Chang had expected, they needed much more time in the garden than he had anticipated in the beginning. Not only did they fail to go for the balloon ride, but they were even too tired to go and watch a show when they eventually left.

Nie Chang looked at Su Yan and gave a smile. “I guess it’s better we go back to the hotel, have dinner with your parents, and then turn in early. What do you think?”

Su Yan blinked his eyes. “Why? Didn’t we still want to ride a balloon and see a show?”

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Alright, maybe he was the only one who was too tired. It really made him wonder. He wasn’t that much older than Su Yan, was he? Could one year make such a difference? He rubbed the back of his head and then took Su Yan’s hand. “Well … We did but it has gotten rather late. Aren’t you afraid that we’ll be too tired for the wedding tomorrow?”

“I’m not tired.”

“Not yet. But what if we go and do these things and then you’re very tired? Or what if I’m very tired? You can’t have the wedding without me, can you?”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “I guess that’s also true. But it sounded like such a nice idea …”

“I felt that the day was very good though. Is it really that bad if we don’t do these things? Actually, if you want to, we can still do that on our honeymoon. There’s time, after all.”

Su Yan’s eyes lit up when he heard that. “Alright! Let’s do that then. I guess when we don’t do anything else this evening, then we’ll have more time to call Xiao Bai as well. We should also talk with Old Lao so he knows that he needs to let Xiao Bai watch our wedding tomorrow.”

Nie Chang raised his brows. So his little darling really wanted to live stream their wedding for their dog? That … was a bit unexpected. He had actually hoped he would forget about it by the time the wedding day rolled around. Well, but since he had promised, that was what they would do.

Anyway, that way, Old Lao and Gong Gong would be able to see his wedding as well. They were his two closest friends after Su Yan so he had been a bit bummed out that they wouldn’t be able to be there on his special day. So this was a good compromise actually. He just hoped the dog would let them see anything.

While Nie Chang pondered the wedding, Su Yan had taken out his phone and was already calling his parents to find out where they would go to eat. After tasting Nie Chang’s food yesterday, he felt that it should be alright to eat some more western dishes. Anyway, they wouldn’t be here for long so he should make use of the opportunity and try some more things. After all, a good novelist had to be open to everything!

When Nie Chang looked over, Su Yan had already found out that his parents had found some nice, Italian restaurant not far from the hotel. Since he had no idea what else there was around, he had readily agreed to meet there. Anyway, they wouldn’t need to go far so this was in line with his plans to call Xiao Bai after getting back.

Thus, the first thing Mister and Madam Su got to hear when their son slid into the seat opposite them was “We have to hurry up! Ah Chang and I still want to call Xiao Bai later to make sure he can watch the wedding tomorrow.”

The two of them shared a look before they turned to Nie Chang who was sitting down next to his fiance with a neutral expression.

“He is supposed to watch the wedding?” Madam Su raised her brows.

Before Nie Chang got the chance to say anything, Su Yan nodded vigorously. “Of course! We can’t just exclude Xiao Bai just because he’s not allowed to fly, right? He’ll want to see us get married. If we could, I definitely would have gotten married back home so he could be there with us.”

Madam Su was normally used to her son’s antics but this … seemed to go a little far? “Xiao Yan, is that really your biggest worry about the wedding?”

“Mn? What do you mean? Is there something else I should be worried about?”

Mister Su gave Nie Chang a look that said ‘I’m more worried about the guy that wants to take my darling son off my hands’ but considering that his wife sat next to him, he kept that thought to himself and just nibbled at a piece of bread from the basket in the middle of the table.

Nie Chang ignored him and reached over to Su Yan, rubbing his back. “No, there’s no need to worry. I’ve planned everything and called them before we left for Vegas to make sure everything will go right.”

“Oh. That’s good then. I’m sure you did well.” He followed his father’s example and also picked up some bread. “Anyway, Xiao Bai seems to be doing pretty good. We already called him this morning. Luckily, Old Lao was willing to look after him. Well, that’s not a wonder, actually. Xiao Bai is so cute if somebody offered me to be able to watch him for two weeks, I’d definitely say yes without even thinking about it.”

Madam Su’s lips twitched. “I’m sure you wouldn’t think about it. And what’s this about this morning? You actually called your dog this morning?” She looked at Nie Chang with some shock. “Is this true? Did he do that?”

Nie Chang shrugged his shoulders. “He loves him very much.”

Madam Su tsked. “Xiao Yan, what were you thinking? Shouldn’t you be spending time with your boyfriend instead of your dog? You’re going to marry tomorrow but all I hear from you is about your pet. Don’t you think Ah Chang will feel neglected when he sees this?”

Su Yan gave her a piqued look. “How could that be? Ah Chang knows that he’s my most important person. Why would he compare himself to a dog? That’d be stupid.”

Nie Chang laughed and interlaced his fingers with Su Yan’s. “I love you too, darling.”

“Mn. That’s a given.”

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