LWS Extra 2: C24 Anything Else to Prepare?

By the time the four of them finished eating and returned to the hotel, it had once again turned too late for them to be able to reach Old Lao. Su Yan pouted, feeling that this wasn’t acceptable at all. How would they make sure that Xiao Bai would be able to witness their wedding tomorrow? They had to tell him beforehand so he wouldn’t be occupied with anything else!

Nie Chang sighed and opted to just write a message to both Old Lao and Gong Gong to make sure that at least one of them would think of it. Afterward, he called the wedding venue to make sure that they would be able to stream the event for the people left back in China.

When he finished, he pulled Su Yan into his arms, kissing his temple. “Alright, everything’s set. You don’t have any reason to worry anymore. The wedding will definitely work out perfectly — just as you imagine.”

Su Yan nodded happily and hugged him back. After a moment, he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes and look up at his boyfriend though. “How do you want to know what I imagine?”

Nie Chang raised his brows in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“You said that everything would be just as I imagine it. But you don’t even know how I imagine our wedding. So how would you know that it will really be like I imagine it?” After all, he had left everything to Nie Chang and hadn’t decided on a lot of things. He had only ever given his input if his boyfriend asked for it.

“Well, I might not know what you imagine exactly but I think that I know you well enough to make a good guess about that. So don’t worry about that.”

Su Yan looked at him and pursed his lips. “How could I not worry about that? It’s my wedding too. So what did you plan?”

Nie Chang leaned down and pecked his lips. “I won’t tell you. It’s a surprise.”

“Ah? Don’t you think I should know about it? What if I do something wrong?”

Nie Chang just smiled. “What could you do wrong? It’s just a wedding. You just have to be your normal self and when you’re asked if you want to marry me, you have to say yes. I have confidence in you that you’ll be able to pull that off, darling.”

Su Yan looked at his boyfriend, trying to figure out if he was being teased or not. “Really?”

Nie Chang nodded happily and brushed through Su Yan’s hair. “Really. Isn’t that how weddings normally go? And anyway, it’s only a small wedding. So don’t think too much. If something goes indeed wrong, I’ll just remind you of it.”

Su Yan continued to look at his boyfriend, wondering if he should give in just like that. Their wedding was important, ah! Nothing could be allowed to go wrong.

Nie Chang couldn’t help but look at him with some doubt. He wouldn’t really start to ask about the wedding now, would he? It was the evening before the wedding, ah! If he wanted to be involved, then shouldn’t he have done that sooner? Anyway, what if he really wasn’t satisfied with what he had come up with?

Nie Chang who had originally wanted to calm down his little darling couldn’t help but get worried himself. Yes, what if the wedding wasn’t like his darling wanted it to be? “Ah Yan, if it’s not the perfect wedding that you would’ve imagined, you won’t just say no, would you?”

Su Yan furrowed his brows and gave him a death glare. “Why would I say no?!”

Nie Chang raised his brows and hands in defense. “Fair enough. I just wanted to make sure.”

Su Yan still scoffed but he still accepted Nie Chang’s apology. Anyway, after he had said yes tomorrow, this wouldn’t be an issue anymore. “So, do we still have to prepare something?”

Nie Chang shook his head. “Nothing, really. Maybe we should hang out the suits to make sure they’re looking good tomorrow for the ceremony. Other than that, everything is already prepared.”

Su Yan nodded. Thankfully, he had a boyfriend who could take care of this type of thing. All these things one would have had to take care of were really too much for him. He didn’t even want to think about it. But thankfully, since he had Nie Chang, he didn’t need to worry. Well, otherwise, he probably would’ve asked his mother. And in the worst case, there would still be his father. Although he wasn’t sure if he would be able to trust his father if it was about his marriage with Nie Chang.

Su Yan pondered this question while Nie Chang went to take the suits out of the wardrobe and hung them outside, so there wouldn’t be any wrinkles on them. His little darling would definitely throw a tantrum tomorrow, otherwise.

Afterward, he changed his clothes and washed up, getting ready to go to bed. Even though everything was prepared for the wedding, he estimated that he wouldn’t be able to sleep very well tonight. After all, tomorrow was the day he had waited for for so long. How many years had it been since he fell in love with Su Yan? How many years had it been since they became adults and entered a relationship? All these years, this was what he had hoped for. Now, it would finally come true. That really was something that could keep a man awake at night.

When Su Yan saw his boyfriend getting ready, he also rushed to wash up and then jumped into bed next to his boyfriend. “Ah Chang, are you sure nothing will go wrong?”

Nie Chang shook his head and pulled his darling into his arms. “Nothing will go wrong. We’ll have a beautiful wedding tomorrow and after that, we’ll also have a beautiful life. There’s no way anything or anyone could change that.”

Su Yan nodded happily. “If somebody tries, I’ll hit them on the nose.”

Nie Chang couldn’t help but reach up to his own nose, rubbing it lightly. If Su Yan really tried, he was afraid the person would need to visit the hospital later on. His little darling was really good at breaking noses. “Well, as long as you don’t break my nose tomorrow, everything will be good.”

Su Yan looked up and his eyes went wide. Before Nie Chang had any time to process what was going on, he had already slid away from him and turned his back to him, grabbing onto the blanket tightly. “Don’t worry! I’ll keep my hands and feet far away from your nose!”

Nie Chang looked at him and smiled. He sidled up closer and hugged him from behind. “I’m not that afraid that something will happen. Let’s just go to sleep now and tomorrow, when we wake up, we’ll take our time to get ready and then go over to the venue. I promise you’ll love it!”

Su Yan nodded, once again wondering just what the wedding would be like. With that thought, he finally fell asleep.

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