An Inkling of Fate

One main story, a prequel, and several extras tell the tale of dragon king Qiu Ling, the gods’ crown prince Jing He, and the people they are surrounded by. Set in the three immortal realms and the mortal world, love will blossom and secrets will be uncovered while fate finds its own path.

Need a reminder? Then have a look at the compendium!

Do you have trouble remembering names? Then this Compendium might help. It contains relationship charts of the characters, organizations, places, and important objects. Explanations of settings like cultivation are included as well!
I sporadically update the compendium to reflect newly introduced information. Please note that this also means that the compendium might contain spoilers for volumes and stories you haven’t read yet.

Romancing the Son of Heaven

A prequel in 5 volumes

Once upon a time, it was love at first sight:
Falling in love at first sight is not enough when your feelings are unrequited. In this prequel to the Oh. My. Fate?! main series, dragon king Qiu Ling is trying his hardest to make crown prince Jing He fall in love with him.

Oh. My. Fate?!

The main series in 12 volumes

Every trueborn god descends to the mortal world for a trial that will test their character. When crown prince Jing He leaves the Nine Heavens, his fiance, dragon king Qiu Ling, gets involved more than he should. When Jing He’s trial changes beyond recognition, even their relationship might be strained.


Be a little extra:
Short stories centering around special occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s, or Christmas, as well as full-length novels about some of the many side characters of the Oh. My. Fate?! universe.