LBM C6 Important Things about Senior Martial Brother Mei (3): Does Your Owl Know?

Yun Bei Fen ran down the hill and stopped. He looked back up again and blinked his eyes before looking in the direction of his Master’s peak. He finally knew what he had to find out about senior martial brother Mei but … who could he ask for the answers? His first and second senior martial brother weren’t there and his third senior martial brother was busy with his owl. Ah, maybe third senior martial brother had already finished?
He ran over to his house and listened. This time nothing could be heard. Yun Bei Fen beamed and knocked on the door. Continue reading

LBM C6 Important Things about Senior Martial Brother Mei (2):We Have So Much in Common

When Yun Bei Fen arrived at Elder Rong’s peak, he found the martial sisters gathered on top of a hill, cheering. Yun Bei Fen tilted his head. It seemed senior martial sister Zhang was having a match again!
He hurried up the hill and wormed his way through the wall of senior martial sisters until he could see the two people fighting. This time senior martial sister Zhang was winning against one of her martial brothers who studied under the same Master. Yun Bei Fen pondered and finally remembered that this had to be the eighth disciple of Elder Rong. He seemed to be called Pu … or Bu … something. Continue reading

LBM C6 Important Things about Senior Martial Brother Mei (1): Nobody There

Yun Bei Fen sat in his room in his Master’s house and pondered with his brows drawn together. It hadn’t been long since he found out that he had to learn a lot about his senior martial brother if he wanted to like him. Unfortunately, he had yet to figure out just what he needed to know. Did it need to be something important? Or maybe some details about his everyday life would be enough?
Yun Bei Fen slumped down on the windowsill and looked at the hill where Mei Chao Bing lived. If it was just about his everyday life, then he knew a lot already. But as for other things … He didn’t know anything. Continue reading

LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (4): The Best Sword in the World

Yun Bei Fen blinked when he opened the door and saw his Master, as well as his three senior martial brothers in front of it. “Master. First senior martial brother. Second senior martial brother. Third senior martial brother.” He looked at all of them after each other, not understanding what was going on. “Why did you come?”
Baili Chao rubbed his little disciple’s head and smiled. “Ah, you see, Fen’er, you’ve been here for quite a while now. It’s time you learn how to use a sword.”
Yun Bei Fen beamed. “Like senior martial brother Mei?” Continue reading

LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (3): Presenting the Swords

Two weeks went by in a flash and Baili Chao finally went to knock on his disciples’ doors to call them to his house and have a look at the swords they came up with.
Seeing the weapon Zhi Guan presented, his heart calmed down and he nodded. “Very well, Zhi Guan! This really is a suitable weapon for Fen’er!”
Just as Zhi Guan had planned, the sword he made was shorter than a normal sword, only about as long as a man’s lower arm. The thin blade shimmered white and the edge glinted in the sun. It was sharp enough to easily injure someone even before Yun Bei Fen could control his weapon well, so even if he got into trouble, he would have a chance to ward his enemy off and flee or at least gain a little time. Mn, indeed very suitable for Fen’er! Continue reading

LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (2): Find the Most Suitable Sword

Baili Chao took a deep breath. “It’s good you’re that enthusiastic, Zhi Guan. As his seniors, you should take good care of Fen’er. In fact, I want all three of you to think about this matter and come up with an idea on what kind of sword to give to him.”
“Mn!” Zhi Guan nodded earnestly while the other two didn’t seem as thrilled.
Yan Hong Min still picked at the burnt spot on the table while Luo Lin examined his fingernails. Continue reading

LBM C5 Fen’er Needs a Sword (1): An Important Matter

Baili Chao cleared his throat and looked at his three eldest disciples awe-inspiringly. “Disciples, today, I called you together to discuss a very important matter!”
Zhi Guan straightened up, elated. “Is it the righteous path’ Sword Competition that is being held every ten years to exchange pointers and determine the strongest sword cultivator?”
Baili Chao frowned. “No, it’s still a year until then.”
Zhi Guan’s enthusiasm withered. If it wasn’t the Sword Competition, then why was he here? He’d much rather go and train his own sword arts.
While one was sad, another was happy. Hearing that it wasn’t something dull like the Sword Competition, Yan Hong Min perked up. “Could it be? Did the secret affair between Sect Master Zhang and Martial Aunt Xu finally get revealed?!”
“What?” Continue reading

LBM C4 Senior Martial Brother, How Do You Like Someone? (3): It’s My Pleasure to Make You Happy

While Yun Bei Fen had already found the answer he was looking for, Luo Lin couldn’t help but ponder the question once again. Saying that he wanted to be pretty for the person he liked wasn’t wrong but then again, he had also liked to be pretty before. After all, why wouldn’t he want those senior martial brothers to look at him with fervor? So what was it that was different now?
He turned around and rubbed the warm chest below him. “Ah Lei?”
“How do you like someone?”
The man opened his eyes and raised his brows, pulling Luo Lin closer. “Why is my fairy asking?”
Luo Lin lightly scratched his skin. “Ah, it’s nothing much. Just that Luo Lin’s junior martial brother asked him that question today. And Luo Lin didn’t know how to explain well. So what does Ah Lei think?” Continue reading

LBM C4 Senior Martial Brother, How Do You Like Someone? (2): If You Like It, Learn about It

Yun Bei Fen did as his third senior martial brother had said and went to see his first senior martial brother. Unsurprisingly, Zhi Guan was practicing his swordsmanship in the valley behind his house.
One stroke of his blade generated a gust of wind that shook the leaves off a tree before he danced among them. One. Two. Three … One after the other, the leaves were cut in two. Another strike whirled them up into the air again and the spectacle repeated until those dozen leaves had turned into thousands of pieces, floating to the grounds like snowflakes in winter.
Yun Bei Fen stared at his first senior martial brother with wide eyes. Woah! His first senior martial brother had to be the second-best cultivator in the whole cultivation world if he could do something like this! Continue reading

LBM C4 Senior Martial Brother, How Do You Like Someone? (1): A Difficult Question

Yun Bei Fen looked up at Luo Lin and blinked his eyes, watching as his senior martial brother combed his hair into a beautiful hairstyle that he had never seen before. “Senior martial brother, why are you doing that with your hair?”
Luo Lin smiled at his reflection in the bronze mirror and secured his hair with a sparkling, silver hairpin. “It’s because your senior martial brother has something very special planned today.”
“Something special?” Yun Bei Fen curiously tilted his head. “Like what?”
“Like meeting a special someone.” Luo Lin turned his head to this side and then that, examining his handiwork.
Just when Yun Bei Fen thought his senior martial brother had finished, he added a bright, red flower.
“Woah! You’re so pretty, senior martial brother!” Continue reading