LBM C3 Romance of the Sword

Yun Bei Fen was reassured now that the prophetic owl had spoken. It seemed nothing had happened to his senior martial brother Mei. In that case … he should go and ask his first senior martial brother what that ‘unromantic’ meant.
The little bunny skipped over the meadow and to a third house. On the free plain behind it, a person could be seen whirling about with a sword in hand. Yun Bei Fen ran over on his short legs and stared at the person unblinking.
Finally, the man stopped. He continued to hold his sword in front of him before slowly standing up and lowering it. He turned to Yun Bei Fen and looked at him wordlessly.
Yun Bei Fen rushed over and looked at his big senior martial brother with bright eyes. “First senior martial brother, I have a question!” Continue reading

LBM C2 The Prophetic Owl Knows It All

The next morning, a certain evil senior martial brother was lying in wait for his junior to get up. When the little bunny swayed out of its room with sleepy eyes and tumbled down the corridor, he followed him without lending a helping hand. His eyes were already lit up with glee. Certainly, his little junior would run and ask their eldest senior martial brother what that ‘unromantic’ was about! Ah, he couldn’t wait to see his senior’s face!
Unfortunately for him, his little junior didn’t live up to his expectations. Just like every morning, the little bunny scuttled out of their Master’s house and hurried up the hill behind it. Then he sat down in the grass and looked intently at another hill a little further in the west. Continue reading

LBM C1 A Not-So-Good Bedtime Story

Author’s Note: Here is a cute little extra of “Like a Ray in My Night” that I’ll be writing from now on 😁 It’s a slice-of-life episodical thing featuring Yun Bei Fen’s early days in the Teng Yong Sect so you’ll get to see more of Elder Baili, finally get to know Yun Bei Fen’s rumored senior martial brothers, and get some glimpses at a handsome young Mei Chao Bing. There won’t be an update schedule since it’s not a continuous story for the most part but I’ll drop an episode every now and then to make waiting for the next RMN chapter a little easier 😉

Yan Hong Min raised the cultivation manual he had brought as a cover for the story he was going to tell his little junior today and cleared his throat.
“Once upon a time, there was a little bunny that looked at the big moon every day. In the morning, it would get up and run out of the house to see if the moon was already up. In the evening, it wouldn’t go to sleep before it didn’t make sure that the moon hadn’t gone to sleep yet. Even in its sleep, the little bunny couldn’t help but dream of the big moon.
“‘Mn, senior martial brother of another Master,’ the little bunny would murmur before rolling to one side and ‘Mn, senior martial brother, your white robe …,’ would it murmur before rolling to the other. And when rolling onto its back, it would mur—” Continue reading