Want to Support Me?

One day, I want to become a full-time novelist. This is a dream that can’t be achieved without your help though. So here are some ways how you can help me get closer to my goal and thus get yourself closer to some more stories.

Want to support me but don’t have any money?

Don’t worry! There are some things you can do to help me without having to pay a single penny! Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Read and follow my stories on Tapas.
    Tapas pays its creators if their stories have a certain number of followers. This money comes from advertisements that are shown at the end of each chapter.
    So, just following and reading my story on Tapas will help me earn money!
  2. You like my stories? Then tell others about them!
    Recommend your favorites to your friends or share them on social media. The more people know about these stories the better! If you can, share the link from Tapas so that people can read where I’m being paid.
  3. Write a review for the stories you’ve read.
    All of my stories are listed on Goodreads and Amazon after I’ve published them as ebooks. Essentially, they’re still the same as the web novel versions so if you have read one of them, why not write a review telling people how you liked it? This way, other readers can see if they might like the story as well and might give it a try.
  4. Show me that you care.
    Nothing motivates more than seeing that people care about my stories. So regardless of where you read just show me where you are. Write a comment to tell me if you liked or disliked something or, if you’re more of a silent reader, just leave a like so I see that you were there. This won’t net me any income but it helps me to grow as an author because I can judge better where I need to improve.

Want to support me and have some money to spare?

You’re already reading on Tapas and have told all your friends about my stories but still want to support me further? Well, here are some things you can consider:

  1. Buy a copy of my stories on Amazon.
    After I finish writing a few volumes of a series, I edit and publish them on Amazon. So, if you buy an ebook to reread a story or acquire a paperback for your shelf, I’ll earn a percentage of the price.
  2. Become my patron.
    On Patreon, you can support me through a monthly subscription. You can choose between different tiers ranging from 1$ – 25$ and get early access to chapters, regular extras, specials or even ebook copies in return.
  3. Buy me a ko-fi.
    You don’t need a copy of my stories and don’t want to pay each month on patreon? Then maybe Ko-fi would suit you better. Through ko-fi you can make one-time payments to support creators without having to subscribe. On the downside, you won’t get the same benefits as on Patreon.

However you want to support me I’m thankful that you enjoy my stories so much. I hope that I’ll be able to bring many more to you in the future!