Announcement: OMF Revision – Upload #3

I’ve finished the revision of the first volume of Oh. My. Fate?! so I’ll start uploading the last batch of chapters starting tomorrow morning. I should finish with the upload this weekend. After I’m done, I’ll add a remark to the table of contents that the whole volume has been revised and delete the ‘°’ symbol that previously marked a revised chapter.

Afterward, I’ll start working on volume 2 and will go about it in the same way: The chapters will be posted daily on Tapas and ScribbleHub and when I’ve finished off a larger batch, I’ll announce it here and upload them together. I’ll also continue to indicate them the same way in the table of contents.

Announcement: End of LWS and RMN release rate

You might remember that I asked your opinion on what I should do after LWS ends. Well, I’ve counted the answers on all sites and the majority was for a higher release rate of RMN chapters. So that’s what I’ll be doing. 😁

Since I’m a few weeks ahead with the chapters on Patreon and time them to make things easier for myself (because I forget stuff so easily – just look at the poor Tapas people that had to suffer twice because I didn’t update on time), we’ll start with two chapters a week at 18th June. Updates will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (so 18th and 20th in that week). I’ll be raising the release rate to three chapters a while later (I’ll announce that when I decide on the actual date).

I won’t update daily for now (although that’s the ultimate goal) because I want to edit the last two LWS volumes first and plan some other stuff. (Here’s a hint: There might be a surprise for OMF readers soon!)

Why I Won’t Post RSH on Wattpad and Webnovel

Some time ago I’ve announced that I’ll be uploading the “Oh. My. Fate?!”-prequel “Romancing the Son of Heaven: The 69 Stratagems of Dragon King Qiu Ling” (that was previously an exclusive patreon extra) for everyone free-to-read.
The first chapter is already up on several sites and there’ll be one each Sunday from now on. You might have noticed though that I haven’t uploaded the chapter to either Wattpad or webnovel. This is because I have decided that I won’t be uploading this series (and most likely all my upcoming series) there.
I know that the readers from both sites will be sad about this but it is a decision I had to make. In this post, I’d like to explain why.

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OMF V6C84 Someone You’d Want to Meet

Qiu Ling sighed and shook his head. Why did he bother thinking about these things? It wouldn’t bring him even a single step further. Jing He had pulled him out of that darkness, yes. That gentle smile, that soothing voice, that perfectness that would make people never dare to question him and … the utter fakeness they both showed the world.
They had been similar and at the same time, completely different. His own life had been in shambles early on and to be honest, there had been cracks from the beginning. After all, what else was supposed to happen when both of his parents were in love with somebody else? And if one of those somebodies was hellbent on having his father killed?
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AHS C10 Only Your Beauty [Last Chapter]

The Mei Xin festival slowly reached its climax and the gods poured back onto the square in front of the Heavenly Emperor’s palace. It was finally time to crown the most beautiful person of the Nine Heavens.
The board displaying the ranking had been taken down three hours ago to make sure there was still some surprise to who the winner would be. Those who had voted early and then gone off to enjoy the festival hadn’t noticed the uproar around the fallen god. In fact, they didn’t even know yet that there was one in the capital. With so many people around, not even those standing close to Xiang Yu and Xin Lan noticed that there was a fallen god among them. They were all busy with themselves and their assumptions on who would get the crown this time.
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RSH Stratagem 2: Holding a Council of Love (4)

“Jing He!” On the other side of the capital, the Heavenly Emperor beamed as soon as he saw his son. He hurried toward him and gently took his hands. “Did you sleep well?”
“Mn. Thank you for your concern, father. How about you?”
“Ah, if my precious son worries about me this much, how couldn’t I sleep well?” Rong Su smiled brightly but his expression soon dimmed. “Although, I have to say that I’m a little worried. Have you thought about what I said yesterday?”
Jing He lowered his gaze. “Father is talking about the issue with Longjun?”
“Mn. Precisely that. Tch, I still can’t believe that he would dare to even think about it. Is my son someone he can covet this easily?!”
“Longjun … might come over later today.”
The Heavenly Emperor smiled again and patted Jing He’s hand. “You don’t have to worry about that. Father will make sure he can’t approach you.”
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OMF V6C83 Just as Lonely

Qiu Ling took a deep breath and his gaze cleared from the confusion that had been written there just a moment ago.
Jinde raised his brows but didn’t comment. Even he forgot sometimes but this child wasn’t as innocent and stupid as he wanted others to think. He had such a streak, yes, but it was hardly his whole personality. No, under that part of himself that he showed to the world, there was still the dark one that the troubles of the previous generation had created.
Qiu Ling forced himself to smile. “Well … That’s something we can discuss when Jing’er gets back. For now, we should solve this problem with cousin-in-law first.”
Jinde nodded. “As I said you could go and gather some materials, Xin Lan can come and get these lists. As for Bai Mu … you probably have speaks to talk to your lover about.”
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LWS V5C86 Leave It at That

Ten minutes later, Mister Su sat at the table in the kitchen and stared at Nie Chang hatefully. This guy! Even if he didn’t understand what his son had meant when he talked about a ‘second account’, he still wasn’t an idiot! If this guy was here in the morning, not wearing a shirt, and his son was lying in bed without clothes … then there had to be a reason. And the only reason he could come up with wasn’t anything he liked.
Nie Chang didn’t bother to explain anything either. If Mister Su didn’t understand what had happened the previous day … Ah, well, that was impossible. There had been a few hints too many to get it wrong.
Nie Chang just put an additional bowl of egg-fried rice on the table before he sat down. He smiled at Su Yan and picked up his chopsticks. “Isn’t it nice that your father came by?”
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OMF V1C127 Holding Hands with a Demon Hunter

Hong Bao didn’t run far. After all, she still had to keep an eye on the teahouse to see when the crown prince left so that she could go and poke him with that dagger! She needed to be vigilant and close by. Otherwise, she might miss the perfect opportunity. Thus, she made her way to a stall selling noodles on the opposite side of the road.
After sitting there for an hour and staring at the entrance of the teahouse in a trance, the boss finally couldn’t take it any longer. She trudged to Hong Bao’s table and propped her arms upon her hips. “Little girl, you can’t just sit here, hogging the table all to yourself and not ordering something! Now, do you want to eat something or not? If not, then get out of here for Heaven’s sake!”
Hong Bao shrunk her neck. Who could have known it would be such a big deal not to order something? “Then … I’ll take a bowl of noodles?”
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OMF V1C126 Revenge for an Old Story?

While Qiu Ling and Hong Bao had both run off to work on their plans, the God of War Qiang Yan was on his way back to his palace to come up with one of his own. His brows were currently locked in a tight frown.
Who would have thought that someone would be daring enough to try and sabotage his nephew’s trial? Whether it was that Yin Lin Lin or someone from the Scribe’s palace and regardless of why they had done this, if it was to inconvenience the Fate’s Scribe or to target Jing He directly, he wouldn’t let them get away with this. They had endangered Jing He’s life. Even if this wouldn’t have led to his death, it might have cost him his well-being. Something like that couldn’t be tolerated.
Now, he first had to find out who was behind this and what that person’s goals were. An ambitious scribe would certainly be preferable but if it was Yin Lin Lin and this was some kind of revenge …
He sighed. Matters involving Yin Lin Lin were always complicated. Never mind that her father had been the last God of War, back in her youth she had even been engaged with the Heavenly Emperor.
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OMF V1C124 Just Talk to My Mother-in-Law

Qiu Ling imagined how he hurried back to the Nine Heavens just in time to see his beloved open his eyes, how he pulled him into his arms and kissed him before finally taking him to the dragon realm so that they could get married. His gaze softened and he smiled. “Mn. That would be nice. Unfortunately …” He stretched and leaned back, propping himself up with his hands behind his back. “Unfortunately, it’s impossible.”
Hong Bao frowned. “It’s not!” What was this guy talking about? The Goddess of Love had told her that it was possible.
Qiu Ling shook his head. “Sure it is. Jing He told me that the trial will end when his mortal lifetime comes to an end. That means we’d need to kill him to end the trial. I can’t do that. Even though he’s in another body right now, that is still him. I wouldn’t do something like that. And you can’t do it either because I already know what you’re going to do and I wouldn’t allow you to kill him.”
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OMF V1C122 The Embodiment of Perfection

He leaped to his feet and pointed at her with a furious expression. “What are you saying, woman? Jing He is perfect in every way there is! Have you even seen him? He’s such a beauty! And he has such a good character too!
“Let me open your eyes for you, you stupid thing: Jing He looks like he’s been crafted by the Heavens themselves! He isn’t tall for a man but still taller than a woman. He’s slender with graceful charm. Even hugging his slim waist is a pleasure most people are unworthy of! Every limb of his is formed as if it was made to embody the word perfection. His skin is smooth and soft. Seeing that noble, creamy complexion of his, you can’t help but want to touch him. And his face … Ah …” Qiu Ling sighed.
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