Announcement: End of LWS and RMN release rate

You might remember that I asked your opinion on what I should do after LWS ends. Well, I’ve counted the answers on all sites and the majority was for a higher release rate of RMN chapters. So that’s what I’ll be doing. 😁

Since I’m a few weeks ahead with the chapters on Patreon and time them to make things easier for myself (because I forget stuff so easily – just look at the poor Tapas people that had to suffer twice because I didn’t update on time), we’ll start with two chapters a week at 18th June. Updates will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (so 18th and 20th in that week). I’ll be raising the release rate to three chapters a while later (I’ll announce that when I decide on the actual date).

I won’t update daily for now (although that’s the ultimate goal) because I want to edit the last two LWS volumes first and plan some other stuff. (Here’s a hint: There might be a surprise for OMF readers soon!)

Why I Won’t Post RSH on Wattpad and Webnovel

Some time ago I’ve announced that I’ll be uploading the “Oh. My. Fate?!”-prequel “Romancing the Son of Heaven: The 69 Stratagems of Dragon King Qiu Ling” (that was previously an exclusive patreon extra) for everyone free-to-read.
The first chapter is already up on several sites and there’ll be one each Sunday from now on. You might have noticed though that I haven’t uploaded the chapter to either Wattpad or webnovel. This is because I have decided that I won’t be uploading this series (and most likely all my upcoming series) there.
I know that the readers from both sites will be sad about this but it is a decision I had to make. In this post, I’d like to explain why.

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AHS C3 You’re Stupid. I’m the Prettiest!

Meanwhile, in a dimly lit chamber in the demon realm, a man in an inky black robe stood in front of the dressing table he had fetched from a certain demon king’s room. He gloomily stared at the bronze mirror leaning against a casket with jewelry.
Mn … What should he do? Attending a festival … he had never done that. Not like this, at least. Not in the capital of the Nine Heavens …
He touched the mark between his brows, searching for information on that festival. Apparently, it was celebrated every year and in a grand way too. It was … a festival for lovers? Continue reading

LWS V5C80 Very Early in the Morning

Su Yan pretended … for another twenty seconds. After that, he only clung to Nie Chang’s shoulder, trying very hard not to sound like Xue Chang Fu. He had to save some dignity! He definitely couldn’t let Nie Chang think he was anything like that bastard.
Nie Chang certainly wasn’t thinking about that. In fact, he was quite happy not to think at this moment. With Su Yan not interrupting every ten seconds, the mood he had wanted to set all the time finally set in, making them forget everything around them. For a short while, there were only the two of them and the heat their bodies generated. They both panted and sweat ran down their skin but they didn’t care.
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RSH Stratagem 2: Holding a Council of Love (3)

The next day came soon enough and with the light of dawn enveloping the Nine Heavens, the guards at the gates of the capital were greeted with the sight of a handsome man dressed in black. The man smiled while his hands couldn’t help but straighten his sleeves and comb through his hair. The guards were creeped out.
Qiu Ling hadn’t any thoughts to spare for them though. Ah! He had flown to the Nine Heavens. What if the wind had tussled his hair? What if there was some wrinkle in his robes that he had overlooked? He couldn’t appear before his beloved like that! It was too late to make sure, though.
One of the guards had finally calmed his nerves and stepped forward, cupping his fists. “Longjun … What might bring you here?”
“I’m here to see my beloved!”
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OMF V6C76 A Present for a Friend

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Did you come to talk to Longjun?”
“I came to find that Bai Mu who saved you from the secret realm.”
Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. How come Xin Lan was also looking for Bai Mu? “He is in the restaurant down the road. Longjun is also there but he should leave soon.”
“Meaning I should hurry up because you’re worried I would do something unforgivable?”
Leng Jin Yu looked up at the sky. Ah, the resentment from his previous life … it seemed it hadn’t carried on only on his side. He turned back to Xin Lan and forced himself to smile. “Not that. But Bai Mu is being pursued by the Chun Feng Sect. He is very careful.”
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AHS C2 My Husband Is the Most Beautiful

Jing He and his father weren’t the only ones getting ready for the festival. Well, maybe they were. In a small house in the mortal realm, Jinde turned around on the bed, his golden hair flowing over the edge. “Husband …” He bent his legs and smoothed out his robe. “Husband!”
From the corridor, a sigh could be heard. “What happened?” Leng Jin Yu walked in with one bucket of water in each hand. He glanced at Jinde before going over to the tub behind the folding screen and pouring the water in. Mn, that should be enough. He put the buckets down at the side of the room and went to the bed. “I’ve finished.”
One slender leg stretched over and the big toe brushed his leg. “You were saying …?” Continue reading

LWS V5C79 You’re Bad at This

Nie Chang laughed despite himself. In fact, once he started he couldn’t even stop. He doubled over and put his forehead against Su Yan’s shoulder, his body shaking with laughter until tears welled up.
“What … What are you laughing at?!” Su Yan slapped his boyfriend’s shoulder but Nie Chang still didn’t stop. “I’m saying the truth! You can try it yourself if you want and see if it feels better for you!”
“I’m … I’m sorry … darling.” Nie Chang said so but he still continued to laugh. Ah, he wasn’t doing this on purpose! He just couldn’t get over it. Why did his darling have to be so blunt? Everyone would have to laugh in this situation! Continue reading

OMF V6C75 Why Hadn’t He Thought of That Sooner?

Qiu Ling deflated. Unfortunately, everything he brought up was rejected right away. Was this guy even giving him a chance?! He harrumphed but still continued to ponder. This was his cousin-in-law, the prized son of Jing He’s one and only uncle. He couldn’t let him be unhappy! Jing He’s family was his family. And naturally, he would take good care of his family.
He pursed his lips. He did understand that they couldn’t stay in the human realm and that the demon realm was too dangerous. But what was the problem with the Nine Heavens? There should be some way around ascending. After all, Bai Mu’s father was the God of War! Couldn’t he just allow them? Continue reading

LWS V5C78 This Feels Like …

Nie Chang blinked and opened his mouth but no sound came out. What?
“Didn’t you hear me?!” Su Yan anxiously tugged at Nie Chang’s wrist. “I don’t want my nest to creak! Just put all of it on there!”
Unfortunately, his boyfriend still hadn’t gotten over this newest shock. He had always thought he understood Su Yan very well after all these years of being best friends but … since they had gotten together he felt more and more often that he hadn’t seen the true depth of Su Yan’s quirkiness yet.
“What is it? Can’t you see?” Su Yan hurriedly spread his legs and rolled as far up as he could. “Is this better? Can you see now? Or do I need to spread them more? Do you want to stuff something under it?” Continue reading

AHS C1: The Fairest of Them All

Jing He sat in front of his dressing table and refused to look at the mirror. Who knew what he would see if he did? He folded his hands in his lap and examined his nails instead, letting the two men behind him do whatever they wanted with his hair. Mn, his nails seemed a little dull. He should polish them when those two left.
Behind him, the Heavenly Emperor Rong Su glared at the person next to him. “What are you doing? That doesn’t suit him at all!”
Qiu Ling glared back. “Even if it wouldn’t suit him, my beloved would still be the most beautiful person around! And how can you say this doesn’t suit him? He looks beautiful!”
“He looks beautiful because he always looks beautiful! You said so yourself!”
“Hmph.” Qiu Ling turned to the side and continued to comb his half of Jing He’s hair.
The Heavenly Emperor wasn’t willing to let things go this easily though. “You don’t appreciate him enough!” Continue reading

Oh. My. Fate?! Special: A Hairy Situation

On Tapas, Inksgiving is just around the corner so I felt that it’s time for another special. With Jing He’s inky-black hair in mind, I started to prepare a not-so-serious OMF story for you: A Hairy Situation!

Yan Su Su_Oh My Fate_Hairy Special_A Hairy Situation

This story is a ‘what if’ taking place after the end of the series. So just in case everyone lives until the last chapter and ends up with whom you think they should (*cough* Xiang Yu *cough*), this is what a festival would look like where everyone strives to be the fairest!

The first chapter will be up in a bit! I hope you’ll have fun reading 😊