▼ May I translate your stories into another language?

I’m honored you like my stories enough to want to translate them. Unfortunately, I’ll have to say No to this. There are a few reasons for that:

First of all, some of my projects are contracted so a translation being made and posted anywhere would violate those contracts, possibly getting me into legal trouble.

Secondly, some projects aren’t finished yet. This means that I’ll not only add chapters in the future, but I’ll also revise and edit the old chapters up until the publication of the ebook and paperback version. If someone translated them now, this would lead to different versions being circulated which might confuse other readers.

Third, I am currently working on making official translations possible. Fan translations undermine this possibility. Please see the next question for further information.

Last but not least, I’m trying to make a living as a writer and every translation into a language other than English that I’m not publishing myself will make a percentage of readers not read the original story (or the official translations) and minimize my readership. This means that I’ll earn less and have to work more in my other job or, in other words: I won’t be able to write as much, effectively slowing down the release rate of all my stories which likely isn’t what you’d like to see.

▼ Is there a chance your stories will ever be available in my language?

Yes, there actually is! In fact, I am currently working on making official translations possible. Right now, a few of my short stories have been translated into German and the first novel will follow soon. If things work out well, translations into other languages will be added over time.

The catch is: This is only possible if there are no prior fan translations. The reason behind this is that translations are expensive and I will have to rely on the income generated by one story to finance the translation of the next one. Fan translations will make this impossible since the official translations will not generate as much, thus making it impossible for me to continue.

▼ I have seen there’s an ebook/paperback issue of Lovely Writing System. Will there be one for your other projects as well?

Yes, there will but it might take a while. I only publish ebooks/paperbacks after I have revised and/or edited a story at least once. Sometimes there’ll even be extra revisions if the project is longer (like Oh. My. Fate?!) since I want to make sure that there are as few mistakes as possible.

Please note that a paperback version also depends on the length of the project since they need to have a certain amount of pages to be able to be printed. This means that I am unable to publish short stories and novellas as stand-alone paperbacks. I’ll publish them as collections instead but it’ll take some time to gather enough stories.

▼ How long is Oh. My. Fate?! going to be?

I’m not that good at judging the length of my stories so accidents may happen but I have planned for 11 volumes of “Oh. My. Fate?!” The revised version has one volume more since I’ve added lots of chapters so it’ll be 12 volumes if you’re reading that one.

▼ Why are there several ebook/paperback volumes of “Oh. My. Fate?!”s first volume “Mortal Child”? Are they all the same?

No, the ebooks/paperbacks are different parts of the volume. The reason for this is the following: I want to have paperback versions available as one option to read all my novels since I personally love shelving books that I really like. Unfortunately, the length of a novel sometimes makes this difficult.
Paperbacks in large formats are often difficult to hold so I like using a more handy format that works best with stories between 60.000 to 80.000 words. 95.000 words is more or less the upper limit of what I can put into a book without having to cram things in and making it less readable.
The “Oh. My. Fate?!” novels are, unfortunately in this regard, much longer than that. The revised version of “Mortal Child”, for example, is about 185.000 words and future volumes will likely be even longer.
Thus I decided to split the volumes into three different parts and publish them with a one month break in-between (so I’ll have time to do a round of additional editing for each part and format them). After the whole volume is finished, I will also publish an ebook version containing all three parts since the ebook is not sensitive to length.

▼ Is it true that there will be more extras like Romancing the Son of Heaven? What will they be about and when will you write them?

Yes, that’s true. 😊 So far, I’ve planned a sequel for Xiang Yu and Xin Lan, as well as the prequel detailing the relationship of Jinde and Chun Yin. Both of them will have to wait until Oh. My. Fate?! and Romancing the Heaven are done. After that, I’ll likely write them in the same fashion: With Xiang Yu and Xin Lan’s story as the new main series and the story of Jinde and Chun Yin as the accompanying extra on the side since that one will also go into the past of Xin Lan and Jinde.
I also want to write down the story of Tian and Xing but I don’t have any concrete plans as of yet since it’ll already take a long time to finish everything else.