LWS Extra 2: C6 What Is It?

More than ten hours later, the plane finally touched down. Nie Chang heaved a sigh of relief and rubbed his eyes, wondering if he would really be able to live through the rest of the day.

After sleeping for a few hours on the flight, Su Yan had been very energetic, either talking nonstop or asking him to read him a story — one of his favorite pastime activities since the system had made him ‘read’ those novels back then. Apparently, he felt that his boyfriend had a good voice?

Anyway, as a qualified boyfriend, Nie Chang hadn’t found it in himself to refuse him even on the plane. So despite the fact that he was also dead-tired because his little darling had kept him awake last night, he continued to do as his darling said to make sure that he would feel comfortable on the flight and not start the trip in a bad mood. As a result … Nie Chang could hardly keep his eyes open. Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C5 Too Noisy!

Su Yan made himself comfortable in his seat, letting his boyfriend put a pillow behind his neck before leaning his head on his shoulder and closing his eyes. Ah, this wasn’t too bad. He could probably live through the many hours on the plane like this.

He took a deep breath and tried to drift off into sleep. After all, even though he was comfortable now, there wasn’t anything to do. His notebook had been packed up and Xiao Bai was at home. Ah, Xiao Bai …

A person in the row behind them coughed, startling Su Yan awake. He furrowed his brows and raised his head from Nie Chang’s shoulder, glaring behind him. Couldn’t people be a bit more considerate?! Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C4 Not Acceptable!

Nie Chang and Su Yan finally sat down in their seats, heaving a sigh of relief. Nie Chang rushed to buckle Su Yan’s seatbelt and gave him a smile. “We made —”

“Why are you so late?” A head popped out from the row in front of them and a pair of eyes narrowed, staring at Nie Chang indignantly as if they wanted to say that all of this was his fault.

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Excuse him but Su Yan had been the one that almost made them miss the flight. And that should be obvious. He couldn’t say that though. “Father-in-law, what —”

“Who’s your father-in-law!” Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C3 Happiest Man on Earth

Nie Chang took a deep breath in preparation for the upcoming battle. If he had learned anything in the many years with Su Yan, then it was that he had to be fast at coaxing him back to happiness or things would turn out even worse.

He gave a very careful smile that shouldn’t be able to incite any more anger and then went over to his darling, looking out for any signs of further trouble incoming. He didn’t need to think twice to figure out just what his little darling’s problem was. Obviously, he hadn’t appreciated the favor he had just been shown enough. So he needed to make sure that Su Yan knew that everything was alright. Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C2 Happy to Marry You

Su Yan had just dialed Old Lao’s number when Nie Chang pointed to the corner of the street.

“Look! Old Lao is already here. So no need to worry anymore.”

Su Yan furrowed his brows and threw the phone away, almost gluing himself to the window. “Ah Chang, let’s stop if he’s here!”

Nie Chang had to resist the urge to step down on the accelerator. With some effort, he kept his voice normal when he replied. “Darling, we don’t have time to stop. Anyway, I already gave him the key so he can let himself in.” Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C1 I’ll Be Responsible for Climate Change

“Xiao Bai!” Su Yan clung to the white Samoyed with tears in his eyes.

The dog waved his tail in response, woofing happily and putting his paws on Su Yan’s shoulders.

Nie Chang rubbed his forehead in exasperation. It had been two years since they adopted Xiao Bai and sometimes, he questioned whether adopting the big, white dog that he had promised Su Yan had really been a good idea. Between this heap of fluff and him … it was hard to say who was more important to Su Yan right now. At the very least, his little darling had never clung to him this way.

“Ah Yan, it’s just one week. And I’m sure that Old Lao will take care of him very well. When we come back you can spend the whole day with Xiao Bai.” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C10 I’ll Tell Everyone about It

The bearded man carefully trimmed Xiao Bai’s fur, emphasizing the arc of his tail and the small ears. Su Yan’s eyes sparkled more and more the further the man worked. Ah, this was exactly the dog he had imagined! Their Xiao Bai was so fluffy! How cute!

He excitedly tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve, motioning at their dog. “Ah Chang, look at him!”

“I know, darling.” Nie Chang gave a wry smile. Was it normal for people to be this excited about their dog getting his fur trimmed? Well, compared to the shabby look from before, their Xiao Bai had indeed turned into a beautiful white puppy now. And Su Yan had wanted this dog very much. It was probably normal for him to react like this. Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C9 A White Furball

The man from the dog parlor stared at them, his mouth gaping open. He had probably never heard anybody calling him a criminal just because he had a beard.

Nie Chang facepalmed and shook his head at his little darling. “Ah Yan, don’t just believe everything they say on TV.”

Su Yan furrowed his brows and looked at his boyfriend with doubt. “But that was state TV, ah! Could that be wrong?” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C8 A Handsome Dog and Owner

Nie Chang stopped in front of the dog parlor that he remembered Su Yan had told him about back when he still worked at the railroad station. The parlor was rather well-known in the area around his repair shop so some customers had been talking about it previously while they were waiting.

“Alright, we’re there. Do you think we should put Xiao Bai on the leash before we go in?”

Su Yan threw his boyfriend a glare. “Why would you want to put him on a leash? He’s so well-behaved!” He hugged the dog and rubbed the shaggy fur again as if to console him.

Nie Chang sighed. “Well, he certainly is in the car but I’m a little afraid he might run away as soon as we go outside. You wouldn’t want him to get lost and not find back to us, would you?” Continue reading

LWS Extra 1: C7 A Few Suggestions

Nie Chang finally finished the shopping with a set of bright red bowls and paid. Afterward, he went to pick his darling and their new dog up and carried everything over to the car while Su Yan ran around him, trying to get away from the dog that was once again jumping after him happily, clawing at his legs.

Nie Chang watched the two of them with a smile and put everything into the trunk. “Alright, I’m done. We can get in and bring it home.”

Su Yan looked at him with pitiful eyes, asking him to take care of the dog.

Nie Chang sighed and crouched down, clapping his hands at the gray furball. “Come here!” Continue reading