LWS V5C14 I Could Try to Straighten It

“Ow!” Nie Chang held his nose but his painful groan was tuned out by someone’s angry clamor.
“Ew! What the hell did you just do?! How gross! Who is kissing other people’s feet?!”
Nie Chang crouched on the ground with tears in his eyes. Ah … Yes, he was asking himself the same question right now! He should have known his darling would react like this!
Su Yan was still fuming but when he saw that his boyfriend didn’t get up, he stopped scolding him. He hesitated but finally called out. “Ah … Ah Chang? You … Are you alright?” Continue reading

LWS V5C13 Being Generous

Su Yan beamed and puffed out his chest. “Well, that’s a matter of course!”
“Mn, it really is.” Nie Chang agreed readily and pulled his little darling closer, kissing him again. He didn’t forget to glance at the system while he was at it.
As if the system had noticed his gaze and wanted to cooperate, it collapsed the explanation of the Sweet Kiss and showed the progress of their kissing task again. It was at nine out of ten types of kisses.
Nie Chang chuckled and motioned at it. “Ah, look at that! It seems the system is just a little slow inside your novel. It finally updated the ninth type.”
“Ah?” Su Yan turned around and stared at the mirror, his eyes lighting up. “So it counted after all!” He hugged his boyfriend and gave him a kiss as thanks for telling him. “Thankfully, you took a look again or I really would have missed it and asked you to stop doing that stupid task.” Continue reading

LWS V5C12 I Love Every Part of You!

Unfortunately for Su Yan, he was standing on his toes and had placed the mirror onto the table that didn’t even reach his knees. Looking from his boyfriend’s shoulder onto the list was almost impossible. Well, most likely it was completely impossible but he still hoped that he would somehow pull it off. With his lips still pursed, he leaned further back, holding onto his boyfriend’s shoulders so he wouldn’t lose his balance. His lips touched on Nie Chang’s earlobe.
Nie Chang couldn’t help but grin teasingly. “If you bite it, that might just count as a kiss.”
“Mn?” Su Yan wanted to say something but his lips were still pursed just in case he needed to use them again. So he only raised his brows to get his question across.
Nie Chang clearly understood what Su Yan wanted but he wouldn’t try and explain it himself. No, no, there was still the system for that dangerous task. He would only capitalize on the great sides of this experience task. Continue reading

LWS V5C11 Too Indecisive!

Su Yan swiveled around and stared at his boyfriend unblinking, clearly asking him to hurriedly perform the last two types with him so they could get the experience points and return home.
Nie Chang looked away. If he started to explain, his little darling would certainly get embarrassed and then pretend to be angry to cover it up. If he didn’t explain and just kissed him, then … there wouldn’t be any need to cover something up. Su Yan would be angry without question if he did that again. So for now … he could only pretend he didn’t see him looking and come up with something else. Continue reading

LWS V5C10 Two Types of Kisses

Nie Chang raised his brows? “Experience tasks?”
“Yes, yes! Don’t you remember? When I leveled up earlier, the system said I would get some experience statistics so everything we do together will give me experience points! Ah, how could I forget about this?!” Su Yan who had almost been crying right now started laughing.
Getting back home would be so easy! There had been a lot of things they hadn’t experienced yet. They would just need to go through the list and then he would reach the next level and they could go home. And the system had even promised that he would get more experience points the more important the milestone was for their relationship so there should be some that would get him a lot of experience. Maybe doing two or three of those would be enough to advance. Continue reading

LWS V5C9 Another Task

Su Yan’s expression fell. So they might be trapped here for several days? This wasn’t good! He wanted to go home! He wanted to eat Nie Chang’s food and sleep in his own bed and call his mother and continue writing his story … He didn’t want to be trapped here for who-knew-how-long!
He looked at his boyfriend pitifully, asking to be consoled.
Nie Chang’s bad conscience stirred. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so harsh? He could just have pretended that Su Yan would reach the next level soon and that they would be able to return at the drop of a hat. That way Su Yan probably wouldn’t have thought about it. Now he was going to be depressed because he knew. Well, as long as he didn’t find a way to console him, that was. Continue reading

LWS V5C8 Getting to Rank 5?

The system didn’t react to Su Yan’s accusation, making a certain someone even angrier in return. Nie Chang hurriedly grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him into his arms before he could do something that might strand them in the novel forever.
“Alright, alright. The system didn’t treat you nicely. But let’s not forget why we’re here, yes?”
“We’re here because the dumb thing didn’t warn us and just threw us into my novel!” Su Yan pouted. He really wanted to scratch that stupid mirror!
“That’s true. You’re naturally right, darling. But we still need the system to get back, right? So wait with your revenge until we’re on earth again, alright?”
Su Yan took back the hands that had tried to grab onto the mirror. Alright. He could accept that reason. He wasn’t happy with it but he could wait at least that long. “Then you talk to it. I don’t want to speak with the stupid thing. Hmph.” Continue reading

LWS V5C7 Too Biased

“Ah Yan, over here.”
Su Yan stopped with the third scroll in his hand and turned back to his boyfriend. “What is it? If it’s not important, then let’s talk about it later. We should really concentrate on finding the system.” Just when he wanted to turn back, Nie Chang cleared his throat. “What?”
“Darling, I’ve already found it.”
“Hah? No way!” Su Yan let go of the scroll and ran over, looking at what Nie Chang had in his hand. This looked like … the super-special mirror he had created? Su Yan frowned. “Ah Chang, this isn’t the time for jokes. I don’t expect you to find the system in just a minute. There’s no need to pretend.” Continue reading

LWS V5C6 How to Get Back?

Su Yan stared at his boyfriend before he freaked out. He grabbed Nie Chang by the lapel of the robe and shook him. “Ah Chang! What should we do now? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a novel! Wouldn’t that mean I won’t see my mother ever again?! And what about our house?! And our dog?! And won’t Old Lao and Gong Gong worry about you?!”
Nie Chang tried to grab his little darling’s hands and make him stop with shaking him. Unfortunately, Su Yan had already gotten so much into his panic that he didn’t even think of stopping. Continue reading

LWS V5C5 I Told You So

Xue Chang Fu frowned even more. “What? Don’t tell me you already stopped caring about him. Xiao Hai, let me tell you, you might be my favorite martial nephew but I won’t be courteous if you try to steal Yue Fu Gang from me.”
Now it was on Su Yan to frown. “Why would I try to steal Elder Yue from you?”
Xue Chang Fu stood up and straightened his shoulders, looking at him with a surprisingly condescending look. “You should rather ask why you wouldn’t. Such a strong man like him. Wouldn’t you be an idiot if you went after some random cultivator instead of him?”
“You … You’re shameless!” Continue reading