Content Warnings

Oh. My. Fate?!

  • abuse (as one of the story’s core themes; especially mental)
  • mentions of suicide, mentions of attempted suicide (in a serious manner), attempted suicide (subconscious while asleep)
  • death (including murder, mentions of death of children)
  • inferences to self-harm (a character starving themselves, a character seeking out self-harming behavior, further mentions of the topic)
  • incestuous feelings of one character
  • kidnapping (one instance in combination with extortion)
  • mentions of miscarriages, a miscarriage-similar incidence resulting in the loss of an unborn child (no traditional pregnancy)

Romancing the Son of Heaven

  • abuse (as one of the story’s core themes; especially mental)
  • mentions of self-harm

Finders Keepers

  • slavery
  • attempted rape

The Onion-Cutting Ninja’s Secret Crush

  • stalking (mostly cyber-stalking)

The Seat of My Heart

  • mentions of rape in combination with extortion
  • incestuous feelings (no incestuous actions)

Second Male Lead to One, Male Lead to Another

  • manipulation (in a relationship through lies)
  • mentions of a sexual relationship of an underage character (above the Chinese age of consent, 14) with an adult character (19)

Lovely Writing System

  • physical abuse (one instance)
  • homophobia (no slurs are being used)
  • stalking, cyber-stalking

Short Stories:

  • In “It Still Tastes Best at Home”: mentions of abuse
  • In the collection “Choosing You”: mentions of death, grief, illness, homophobia (no slurs being used), slavery, stalking
    • These warnings concern the stories: “A Whisper in the Night”, “The Next Natural Step”, “To Treasure Every Day”, “Ten Pieces of Gold”, “Walk Alone”, “Lonely Hut”

The following stories do not contain triggering content:

  • Short stories:
    • Just Hold My Hand, Just Listen to Your Heart, Sweet, Sweet Love, It‘s Not a Business Trip If I‘m with You, Moving with a Bunch of Memories
    • Stories in the collection “Sons of Nature”
    • The 24 Stories in the collection “Choosing You” that were not mentioned above under the “short stories” headline
  • Madam Yan‘s Matchmaking Pavilion for Men
  • Like a Feather Tickling My Heart