OMF V6C139 You Sure Move Fast

Xiang Yu didn’t pay any attention to Xin Lan at all. He just ignored him and focused on Jinde instead.

Jinde laughed. “I really don’t know what you misunderstood. I never was interested. There was only ever my husband for me.”

Xiang Yu pondered and finally nodded. That was much more reasonable. He had seen just how well his husband treated him. It was expected for him to fall in love with such a man and stay with him forever. Naturally, he wouldn’t want somebody like that fake dragon instead. “You’re really lucky to have found a husband like that.”

Jinde reached over and patted the fallen god’s head once again. He couldn’t help but think of a little animal when he saw him like this. Unfortunately, it was as if this little animal had been abandoned by its owner, making it look gloomy most of the time even though it was actually supposed to run around freely and happily bring its findings back to the person it liked to ask for praise. “I’m sure you will also find a good husband one day.” Continue reading

OMF V6C138 A Piece of the High Heavens

Xin Lan wasn’t too happy with this revelation either. “Some mud from the Da He River? Are you being serious? That is all?” In this was what he had exchanged several years of his life for?

Xiang Yu ignored the person next to him and instead focused on the one standing in front of him. Why would he care about the one that was scowling at him if there was a person smiling right there? He unwittingly inched a little closer to Jinde. “It’s not only that. Naturally, being in the High Heavens would be best for you but … I figured you wouldn’t want to go there if your partner has to stay here. So I brought you this from the High Heavens.

“You should let the water flow into the pond or lake and bury the earth underground. With time, the energy from the High Heavens will seep into the place and change it. It’s better if the place isn’t too big though. Because that way it won’t be diluted as much. Then if you absorb the energy from there, your soul will slowly be healed.” Continue reading

OMF V6C137 The Secret Recipe for Healing His Soul?

Xiang Yu nodded with satisfaction. Good. With this oath, that fake dragon wouldn’t be able to try anything funny. He was on the safe side now. “Then let’s go save that man.” He turned around and wanted to go but Xin Lan grabbed him by the back of his robe and pulled him back. “Not so fast.”

Xiang Yu lashed out at him and jumped back when Xin Lan let go. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Xin Lan smirked. “Actually, that’s what I’d like to ask you. Never mind that oath. I’ve sworn it and I will keep my word. If you managed to heal His Majesty, then I will accompany you on this trial. What I’d like to know though is what you expect me to do.”

Xiang Yu furrowed his brows, making the mark between his brows ripple as if it had a life of its own. “What do you mean? Didn’t I say to accompany me?” Continue reading

RMN C39 A Thousand Questions

Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing trained until late in the evening. They lay down at the side of the clearing afterward, once again huddled closely together for the night. They didn’t leave there for the next few days either and instead continued to train until Mei Chao Bing was sure that Yun Bei Fen was able to sense the spiritual energy in his surroundings from the moment he woke up without impairing his other senses. Only then did he suggest to continue on their way toward the border region.

He didn’t feel that he had done enough to make sure that Yun Bei Fen would be alright but it was already much better than a few days ago. At the very least, his little bunny would be able to notice a smaller threat before it arrived. For now, that had to be enough. He’d just let him slowly gain more experience while they traveled.

Thus Yun Bei Fen once again happily tagged along with Mei Chao Bing. After a few more days of being a couple, he was much less nervous and eagerly clung to Mei Chao Bing’s sleeve, tugging at it whenever he saw something interesting. Continue reading

OMF V6C136 Do You Want Me to Swear an Oath?

Qiang Yan left the dragon king’s palace and rushed to the edge of the capital, preparing to return to the Nine Heavens. Halfway out of the city, he couldn’t help but notice two figures standing in an alley. He wanted to hurry past at first. This was the dragon realm, after all, why should he care what happened? This was nothing he should get involved in. Then, he noticed the silvery-white hair and a mask on one of the men’s face though. He slowed down and took another look. Sure enough, that was Senior Xin Lan. What was he doing here?

Qiang Yan shook his head. No, this wasn’t strange at all. Senior Xin Lan was a dragon, after all. Even though it was said that he liked to stay by himself, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t be in the dragon realm. Actually, it was to be expected that he would be here every now and then. Qiang Yan finally turned away and continued on his way, not caring any further what was happening below.

As for the two people in that alley … Their conversation wasn’t that harmonious. Continue reading

OMF V6C135 Willing to Forgive

Bai Mu looked at Qiang Yan’s face, searching for a hint of what he really thought. The only thing he found was a trace of awkwardness that seemed to grow more obvious the longer he waited with his answer. Bai Mu barely held back a laugh. It seemed this father of his was rather worried that he wouldn’t take the suggestion well. Mn, that wasn’t too unexpected with how they had only met for the first time today. He should probably release him from his worry. “I guess I’m rather curious to see what kind of person is able to make the dragon king go crazy for him like this.”

Qiang Yan heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed he had thought too much. Bai Mu didn’t mind at all. “That’s good then. If you want to meet my sister …” He stopped and once again looked at Bai Mu with a mixture of anticipation and awkwardness. Heavens, this whole conversation required more of his energy than fighting for three days! Being a father really wasn’t easy.

Bai Mu wanted to nod but then he hesitated. “Your sister should be in the Nine Heavens, shouldn’t she? Then Nie Huang …” Continue reading

RMN C38 Stooping That Low

Yun Bei Fen clung to Mei Chao Bing’s shoulders, took a deep breath and cracked his eyes open. He could do this! He definitely wouldn’t disappoint senior martial brother Mei! It couldn’t be that hard. He had managed to cultivate until he established his foundation, after all. He knew about spiritual energy and could even take it in. This was just distinguishing the levels of the spiritual energy like Mei Chao Bing had explained to him. Nothing more! He could definitely do that!

Yun Bei Fen focused on the person in front of him, ignoring everything else around them. He could see light around Mei Chao Bing as if he was shining from inside. Senior martial brother Mei had already formed his core several years ago so the energy he gave off was very strong. If he could sense spiritual energy of that level … he should be safe in the border region, shouldn’t he? If somebody even stronger came, then there was no way for him to flee or fight anyway. Not that his chances to escape would be very high if his opponent was of the core formation stage.

Yun Bei Fen looked around but he was only blinded by all the energy around them again. He groaned and hurriedly hid in Mei Chao Bing’s arms again. Continue reading

OMF V6C134 Getting Ahead of Himself?

Bai Mu couldn’t help but raise his brows. If he ever remembered that they were here? “Qiu Ling promised that he would help Nie Huang find a way to acquire spirit veins. You wouldn’t want to say that he isn’t dependable, would you?” If that was the truth, then things were troublesome. As grateful as he was for Qiu Ling to give them a place to stay where they wouldn’t need to worry about the demon hunters of the Chun Feng Sect, the most important was still to enable Nie Huang to cultivate. If she couldn’t do that …

Qiang Yan winced. Great. He had actually managed to dig up such a sensitive matter and make his son worry. He rubbed his brow and sighed. “Well, it’s not that easy to say. Qiu Ling is …” He shook his head, not knowing what exactly to say to describe this person. “On one hand, he just does whatever he wants to. He doesn’t really care for rules or customs or anything like that. Sometimes I’m honestly considering whether he’s really sane or not. But then again …” He couldn’t help but think of the way Jing He had looked when he talked about him or, well, maybe not talked about him but at least thought of him. “I guess he does have a dependable side too. He can make somebody feel secure I guess. It’s just a question of who does he show that side to.” Continue reading

OMF V2C45 A Rare Treasure

In the room below, Jing Yi looked up and saw something sparkling lie on his windowsill. He got up and curiously walked over, opening the window and taking the two things lying there. Turning them around in all directions, it seemed they were meant to … put on his hands?

He tried it out and the things fit perfectly. Jing Yi’s face lit up. It seemed senior martial brother Wu had already found something he could use for washing his robe! He didn’t understand why he hadn’t come in and just put them on the windowsill after a knock but he didn’t mind too much. Maybe senior martial brother Wu had been very busy. He was a hero, after all. Maybe somebody had needed him to save them! He couldn’t expect him to help him all day.

Thus Jing Yi closed the window again and turned to the bucket. He couldn’t wait to try these things out! With this, washing that dirty robe shouldn’t be a problem anymore. He sat down next to the bucket and reached it. None of the water managed to seep through the gloves and when he took his hands out again, the metal was still as shiny as before. None of the dirt was able to stick to it. Continue reading

OMF V2C44 Only He Was Allowed to Help!

When Wu Min Huan returned from outside, Jing Yi had already exchanged his robe for the clean one and was squatting in front of the bucket with the water, intently staring at the dirty robe inside.

Wu Min Huan raised his brows, closed the door behind him and went to squat down next to Jing Yi. He looked at the robe that was submerged in the water and then glanced at the boy. “What’s the matter, Jing Yi? Didn’t you want to wash it?”

Jing Yi nodded his head. He had already stopped crying and his face looked a lot better. His expression was still rather pitiful though. “I wanted to but it’s dirty. How am I supposed to wash it if it’s dirty?” He looked back at the robe and frowned. He couldn’t just … touch it, could he? Continue reading