Announcement: Upcoming (Staggered) Hiatus

Unfortunately, I have to announce an upcoming hiatus for several of my projects. Since about two weeks ago, I have been battling some severe health issues. As I still had an emergency stockpile, I was able to continue updating most projects while writing a couple of chapters here and there to make up for the ones missing. Regrettably, the issues have not abated yet and I was advised to stop working as a hospital stay might be necessary otherwise. As such, I won’t be able to write new chapters for the time being.

Since I had different stockpiles and am ahead with releases on Patreon to varying degrees, the hiatus will hit the projects at the following dates:

  • Second Male Lead: April 9th
  • Oh. My. Fate?!: April 10th
  • Like a Ray in My Night: May 12th

My project “Husband, Let’s Meet IRL” will not be impacted as it has already been finished on Patreon. Neither will “Romancing the Son of Heaven” since we are far ahead because of the once-a-week schedule and I should recover long before the date those chapters run out. This schedule is tentative, depending on how soon I get better or (fingers crossed it won’t) if my state worsens since chapters are not scheduled ahead but always updated manually the same day.

Unfortunately, I can not say how long this hiatus will last. It might be a few days (hopefully), another two weeks (more likely), or even longer than that. I am trying to do as much as I can to get back on my feet but the issues are tricky to deal with so it is hard to give any kind of prediction.

I am very sorry about this and I hope I will be able to return with better news soon.

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