LWS Extra 2: C30 Partners for Life [Final Part]

Back at the gazebo, the celebrant motioned at the camera drone for Su Yan when he was looking around in confusion. She managed to keep a straight face while doing so even though both Su Yan’s parents and Nie Chang couldn’t help but grin. They really couldn’t say that this was unexpected for him to do.

Inwardly, Nie Chang congratulated himself that he had told the officiant on the phone to make the speech and everything short. Even though he would have loved to have a longer wedding, with Su Yan’s short attention span, that likely wouldn’t go well.

The wedding officiant cleared her throat to call everybody back to attention and then started with her speech. “Today, we’ve come here for these two people to promise their lives to each other. And when I say ‘their lives’ then — as both the couple and all their friends certainly know — I mean exactly that: These two have known each other for almost as long as they’ve lived and I am sure that the rest of their lives will also be spent together.

“With this much time spent together, the two of you have gotten to know each other well. You have grown together in the truest sense, you have gone through good and bad times, and made many important choices together. You have always been a support for each other as it should be in a healthy relationship and after so much time together, you will be able to work through any difficulties that might arise in your time together so that you may go forward side-by-side.

“Now, let’s make this official.” The celebrant turned to Nie Chang, giving him a professional smile. “Nie Chang, do you take Su Yan to be your husband, to love him and cherish him in good times and in bad times for as long as long as you both live?”

Nie Chang gazed at Su Yan’s eyes and smiled. “I do.”

Su Yan smiled back, swinging his hands from side to side.

The officiant turned to him next. “Su Yan, do you take Nie Chang to be your husband, to love him and cherish him in good times and in bad times for as long as long as you both live?”

“I do!” Su Yan already wanted to tiptoe and kiss his boyfriend but his mother reached out from behind and grabbed the back of his jacket, pulling him back onto his feet.

“Slow down! You’ll get your chance after you’re officially married.”

The wedding officiant’s lips twitched this time but she still kept her task in mind. “Now, please exchange the rings as a sign of your promise to each other.”

Su Yan blinked his eyes and looked at Nie Chang with panic. Where were the rings?! He didn’t know anything about any rings!

Thankfully, just when he wanted to speak up, his father stepped forward and held a small jewel case in front of them.

Nie Chang nodded. “Thank you.”

Mister Su actually reached out and patted his shoulder. Well, there was nothing he could do. He would have to live with the fact that he had been relegated to second place in his son’s life. Ah, it was a pity …

Nie Chang took the ring and carefully put it on Su Yan’s finger. He couldn’t help but give him a small smile. “These rings are from my father’s family. I … I never got the chance to tell him I was gay before he died but I feel that he would have accepted it. I truly believe in that. So … I hope that these two rings can stand as a sign of acceptance from a part of my family as well and that they’ll hopefully bring us luck.”

Su Yan looked at him and then the ring at his finger. It was a simple one with only some slight engraving on the outside. It hardly showed any signs of ever being worn. Well, it figured. Nie Chang’s father had only been married for a few years but for those years, he had been incredibly happy with his wife.

Su Yan nodded. He would have liked to say something in return but his throat constricted and he was afraid he’d have to cry so he rather kept quiet. He turned to his father and gave him a smile, happy, that he had finally accepted Nie Chang even though he had been so much against them in the past. He took the second ring and put it on Nie Chang’s finger, squeezing his hand to comfort him at least a little.

The wedding officiant nodded and gave them a moment longer before she continued. “With the vows and rings exchanged, by the authority granted to me by the province, I hereby pronounce you partners for life. You may kiss now.” She couldn’t help but look at Su Yan when she said so.

Needless to say, Su Yan didn’t need to be told twice. He stepped forward and cupped Nie Chang’s cheeks, giving him a deep kiss.

Nie Chang raised his brows in surprise but a moment later, he pulled Su Yan closer and deepened the kiss.

Mister Su slunk back to his place and sighed. His wife patted his shoulder and the three people waited while the audience back in the repair shop cheered.

Eventually, both Su Yan and Nie Chang pulled back, looking at each other happily.

The wedding officiant once again cleared her throat. “With that, I present you to your friends and family as a married couple for the first time.”

Su Yan couldn’t help but turn to glance at the camera, making the people back in the store giggle.

“This is so typically Su Yan. Although I do have to say, I’m super surprised at his boyfriend. Originally, when they got together, I thought this wouldn’t work out because they weren’t going about it the right way.” Zhi Bao Yu shook her head just thinking about it.

Old Lao glanced at her. “That’s not his boyfriend anymore. That’s his ‘partner for life’ now.”

They laughed again while the couple in question already left the wedding venue, preparing to go on their honeymoon next. Anyway, there were still one and a half weeks left before they needed to return to Shanghai. But that time was solely for them and nobody else would get even a single second of that time.

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