Short Stories

It’s Not a Business Trip If I’m with You

Yan Su Su_It's Not a Business Trip If I'm with You

When CEO Feng Yan Wei has to go on a business trip, he convinces his lover to come along. With their secret affair at risk of being found out, Yu Chuang Hua can hardly relax though. Now, it’s on Feng Yan Wei to find a way to calm him down and give their relationship a new direction.

A cute short story about a secret love affair.

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Sweet Sweet Love

yan su su_sweet sweet loveDuanmu Hai happens upon a little cafe and falls in love with their waiter Feng Huan at first sight. Whether it’s stumbling through an awkward first conversation or ordering almost every cake on the menu, he doesn’t mind at all as long as can take the sweetie pie home at the end.

A short story about sweet-flavored love at first sight.

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It Still Tastes Best at Home

Yan Su Su_It Still Tastes Best at Home


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