Short Stories & Collections

Sons of Nature (Collection)

A short story collection about love, the seasons, and nature’s mystical inhabitants.

Choosing You (Collection)

A Collection of 30 Gay Romance Short Stories all centering around partners meeting or affirming their choice for each other.

The Days to Come

Two years have gone by since Shen Qiu lost whom he thought to be the love of his life. Despite not being alone anymore — or maybe also because of that — the anniversary hits him hard. But having had a similar experience, Ye Rong is there to help him through this day and look forward to those yet to come.

A love-filled story about grief.

Just Listen to Your Heart

When his husband Sang Yu returns from war unscathed, Ru Shen is relieved. But at the same time, his old insecurities well up and disturb their passionate reunion, even threatening to end their relationship altogether.
Three words from Sang Yu would suffice to turn things around but he feels unable to say them. Now, he will need to explain the doubts and insight he kept to himself for years to make sure that his most important person will stay with him.

A story for aromanticism spectrum awareness week.

Just Hold My Hand

To help his family rise from the ashes, Duan Fang will have to marry into an influential family. He wouldn’t mind if only Young Master Li proposed to him. But Li Hong has his own reservations about getting married and he might not dare to bring up what he deems to be his shortcoming in front of the person he holds dear.

A story for asexuality awareness week.

Also available in German: Diese Kurzgeschichte ist unter dem Titel “Halt einfach meine Hand” auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.

Moving with a Bunch of Memories

Lu Han Ming and Yi Cai fell in love when they began their studies in university. Now that they’ve gotten their degrees, they’re preparing to move abroad together. Packing up everything they own sure brings back memories.

A nostalgic short story about old memories and new beginnings.

Also available in German: Diese Kurzgeschichte ist unter dem Titel “Ein Umzug voller Erinnerungen” auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.

It Still Tastes Best at Home

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they say. Fan Cheng managed to find his way into Zhu Bing An’s heart without entering the kitchen even once but half a year into their relationship he can’t help but wonder how long he’ll be able to hold onto that place. Maybe a special home-cooked meal could help secure his position? Unfortunately, his talent in the kitchen ends at cooking plain rice or a bowl of noodles. Should he still try to give Zhu Bing An a sweet surprise?

A sweet and sour short story about relationships.

It’s Not a Business Trip If I’m with You

When CEO Feng Yan Wei has to go on a business trip, he convinces his lover to come along. With their secret affair at risk of being found out, Yu Chuang Hua can hardly relax though. Now, it’s on Feng Yan Wei to find a way to calm him down and give their relationship a new direction.

A cute short story about a secret love affair.

Also available in German: Diese Kurzgeschichte ist unter dem Titel “Business Trip mit Benefits” auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.

Sweet Sweet Love

Duanmu Hai happens upon a little cafe and falls in love with their waiter Feng Huan at first sight. Whether it’s stumbling through an awkward first conversation or ordering almost every cake on the menu, he doesn’t mind at all as long as can take the sweetie pie home at the end.

A short story about sweet-flavored love at first sight.

Also available in German:  Diese Kurzgeschichte ist unter dem Titel “Kaffee, Kuchen, Kellnerküsse” auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.