RMN C22 The Time to Wait Is Over

“Mn? What was that? I’m afraid I didn’t catch that, junior martial brother Yun.” Mei Chao Bing smiled happily and moved a little closer. Ah, it was a pity that Elder Baili was there too or he could have flown even closer to him.
Yun Bei Fen nervously tugged at his Master’s robe. What should he do? Senior martial brother Mei was looking at him!
Seeing his disciple in such an unsightly state, Baili Chao nudged him in the side. “What are you doing? Did it throw you for a loop? Your senior martial brother is talking to you!”
Yun Bei Fen flushed even more but he didn’t forget to give his Master a reproachful look. How could he scold him in front of senior martial brother Mei? Wouldn’t he think he was an idiot now? Continue reading

RMN C21 No Room to Maneuver

Mei Chao Bing didn’t waste even a single thought on the Sect Master’s feelings. No, his thoughts had already flown out to where Yun Bei Fen was. They would finally meet again. And it would be a real meeting, not the kind like before where they were in the same room and saw each other but still couldn’t say even one word to the other. No, this time, it would be different.
He stepped onto his sword and soared into the sky, speeding away from the Teng Yong Sect as fast as he could so his body could catch up to his thoughts. If he hurried, he might be able to meet Yun Bei Fen and his Master on the way. Then they could spend their time together until they reached the border region.
As someone who had reached the Nascent Soul Stage, Mei Chao Bing wasn’t slow and with nobody around, he didn’t have to hold back. He flew as fast as he could and finally, two figures emerged on the horizon. Continue reading

RMN C20 Promise to Protect Him

While Yang Wu Huang and Baili Chao haggled over Yun Bei Fen, Mei Chao Bing was called in to see Sect Master Zhang.
“Sect Master.”
“Mei Chao Bing.” Zhang Guan Yu smiled with a hint of embarrassment. “Please sit down. I’d like to talk to you about the upcoming mission.”
Mei Chao Bing nodded and took a seat opposite the Sect Master, looking at the man silently.
Zhang Guan Yu cleared his throat. “Well, you probably figured out that I’d like you to go on this mission as well since I called you over for the announcement. I know this might seem a bit … derogating for you considering you’ve already reached the Nascent Soul Stage.” Continue reading

RMN C19 I’ll Teach Him How to Fly

Both flying swords took a short dive at those words. Come again? Nobody knew for sure if he would be in a group with Mei Chao Bing. And even if … Who said Mei Chao Bing would win against everyone? Originally, he might have been a talent that formed his core early on but after his Master’s betrayal and without access to the sect’s resources his cultivation had stagnated, giving the other disciples the time to finally catch up to him.
Yang Wu Huang was sure that he wouldn’t lose to him in a fight. Not now and definitely not in the future. After all, he still had the backing of his Master and the sect while Mei Chao Bing … Well, he had gotten what the disciple of a traitor deserved. There was no way for him to ever recover from this setback. And if he did find a way … then Yang Wu Huang didn’t mind barring it for him. Continue reading

RMN C18 Why Would I Need to Worry?

Baili Chao left the Sect Master’s study in a complicated mood. His disciple, the savior of the Teng Yong Sect? Heavens! And he had still joked about his name having to do with the Black Warrior back when he took him in. Was fate playing a joke on him?
When he reached the hall he found Yun Bei Fen leaning against the wall with a dreamy expression, his gaze still trained on the white-clad man a couple of meters away. With the clearing around Mei Chao Bing, it was especially obvious. Thankfully, the disciples that were still there were discussing the mission and only peeked at the little beauty every now and then, none of them even thinking about at whom he might be peeking at.
Baili Chao shook his head and went over to fetch his disciple. Ah, if he told Yun Bei Fen that Sect Master Zhang wanted him to marry Mei Chao Bing to evade a disaster, he would be ecstatic. Well, ecstatic and probably indignant that the Sect Master would think Mei Chao Bing could become a problem. Mn, it was still better not to bring it up. Continue reading

RMN C17 A Turning Point for the Teng Yong Sect

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Yun Bei Fen forced himself to calm down and listen to Sect Master Zhang when he got the confirmation of his Master. He had to make sure he understood everything clearly. He definitely couldn’t leave senior martial brother Mei with a bad impression!
The mission turned out to be quite simple to understand anyway. Basically, they would just travel to the border region and set up camp there. After that, it would be their responsibility to patrol the area daily and eliminate every heretic practitioner they happened upon. If they managed to extract information regarding the demonic sects’ plans from them, it would be even better. Continue reading

RMN C16 An Old Rival

Yun Bei Fen looked at his Master for help who rolled his eyes in return.
This was what happened if you only ever paid attention to one person in the sect! You can’t even remember the head disciples of the other Elders. If this was the disciple of somebody else, I would look down on them!
Well, since this was his cute little disciple he naturally couldn’t stand back and watch him humiliate himself. He stepped forward to remind the brat in front of them that he was still there too. “Yang Wu Huang, how nice of you to come over and offer Fen’er some advice.”
“Ah, Elder Baili.” Yang Wu Huang hurriedly cupped his fists. “This one came over to greet you and your disciple. I heard that junior martial brother Yun was in closed-door cultivation for a long time. He has probably attained the next level. If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.” Continue reading

RMN C15 A Beautiful Young Man

Baili Chao took a moment to process what Yun Bei Fen had said and suppressed another sigh. Ah, this boy! He might look like a young man now but he was obviously still a child at heart!
“You. Is that the only reason you delved into cultivation like that for the past years?”
Yun Bei Fen wanted to nod but reconsidered at the last moment and shook his head. “Of course not! I’ve taken all of Master’s teachings to heart. Cultivating earnestly is repaying all of Master’s kindness!” Continue reading

RMN C14 Come Out Here Now!

Baili Chao had enough once and for all. He stood in the courtyard of Yun Bei Fen’s house, arms akimbo, and stared at the door that hadn’t budged in the past few years.
“Yun. Bei. Fen. You come out here right now!”
From inside another bout of silence answered him as if Yun Bei Fen was really very, very absorbed in his cultivation.
Baili Chao frowned. “Don’t think I wouldn’t know that you’re hiding from Mei Chao Bing in there! I don’t care what happened between the two of you but you’ll come out this instance!” Continue reading

RMN C13 Become Strong Enough to Love Him

Mei Chao Bing stood in front of Yun Bei Fen’s house in a daze. Keep his distance from him? But … he had just found out about Yun Bei Fen’s feelings. He had just found out … about his own feelings.
He furrowed his brows. He didn’t want to. Everything inside of him screamed for him to just ignore what the Elder had said. But deep down there was also a rational voice whispering that Elder Baili wasn’t wrong.
Mei Chao Bing turned away from the house and looked into the distance. This Teng Yong Sect, he had always seen it as his home. He could hardly remember where he had lived before or who his parents were. They were just names to him. His Master, the other Elders, and the disciples were much more real to him. Continue reading