LWS Extra 2: C25 Too Cold!

The first one to wake up the next morning was indeed Nie Chang. His heart thumped heavily and he had to take a deep breath to calm himself down. Only a few more hours and he would finally marry the love of his life.

He glanced over to the person that had snuggled up to him and was clinging to his chest as if his life depended on it, more than half of the blanket wrapped around him. Seeing this familiar scene, Nie Chang chuckled. He leaned closer and kissed Su Yan’s head.

In response, a paw emerged from that cocoon and tried to swat the troublemaker away before it receded beneath the blanket again.

Ah, Su Yan was just too cute when still asleep. Well, he was always cute but he was especially adorable in the morning. Seeing that … Nie Chang couldn’t help but want to tease him.

He leaned down again, giving him another kiss. His darling scrunched up his brows but didn’t try to swat again. Most likely, his hand had already gotten too cold from the first time. Instead, he rubbed his head against Nie Chang’s chest and pulled more of the blanket around him as if that could protect him against whatever was troubling him.

Nie Chang wrested a hand out of some fold of that blanket where Su Yan had somehow trapped it and ruffled his darling’s hair. In return, Su Yan slapped his chest with the blanket still wrapped around his hands and gave a displeased groan.

Nie Chang laughed but finally stopped bothering him. He carefully crept out of bed, wrapped the blanket tighter around Su Yan and then picked up his suit. Looking at it, his heart once again beat faster. He took a deep breath and then went to wash up and change.

When he returned … his darling was still lying in bed, the whole blanket wrapped around him and one of the pillows in his arms as if he had tried to replace his boyfriend with it.

Nie Chang walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. He watched him for a moment before he reached out and brushed his hair aside, leaning down again and kissing his cheek. “Time to wake up, darling.”

Su Yan grumbled something and hid further inside the blanket.

“It’s our wedding day, remember?”

The lump below the blanket seemed to pause.

“Ah, who should I marry if you don’t get up in time?”

This time, the blanket was pulled down with a whoosh and a pair of angry eyes peered at him. “You wouldn’t dare to do that!”

Nie Chang smiled and leaned down again, kissing the tip of Su Yan’s nose. “Let’s not speak about whether or not I would dare. I wouldn’t even want to. So how about getting up and ready now? I want to see you in your suit.”

Su Yan pursed his lips but he looked especially pleased with that. “You already saw me in it back at home. Didn’t we even take the wedding photos in them?”

“We did. But it’s not the same. After all, you could have still run away that day. But today, you’re going to become mine. How can I not want to take another look?”

Su Yan used that as his cue to sidle up closer to his boyfriend. “Alright, alright. I won’t make things difficult for you then. Is the bathroom warm yet?”

“That’s what you actually wanted to know, isn’t it?” Nie Chang laughed and nodded. “I went to shower before you and had the water run extra warm so it should be exactly to your taste.”

“Then the suit …”

“I’ll bring it over for you.”

Su Yan grinned. “I know why I’m going to marry you.”

“Because you love me so much?”

“Mn.” Su Yan nodded with a mischievous grin. Most likely, that wasn’t what he had just thought.

Nie Chang shook his head with a smile and then went to bring Su Yan’s suit over to the bathroom. “Alright. There’s really nothing else I could prepare for you. You’ll have to run inside by yourself.”

Su Yan grumbled again. “Why is the suite so big? I’ll be cold by the time I get there. We should have taken something smaller.”

Nie Chang went back and pulled his darling up to his feet, wrapping the blanket around him. “I remember asking you whether you wanted a normal room or a suite. Didn’t you glare at me then, chastising me how I could even ask and that this was the only wedding the two of us would ever have so we could only take the best of everything?”

“I did. But who could know it’d be so cold in America?”

“I know, I know. It has nothing to do with you. Now, into the bathroom with you.” He finally just picked Su Yan up from the ground and carried him over. If they discussed this any longer, then his little darling would never get ready and they would be the first couple to ever miss their wedding over a reason as simple as ‘It was too cold to get out of bed’. As hilarious as that might sound, he wouldn’t accept it!

Nie Chang put his boyfriend down right inside the door and then pulled the blanket off his shoulders. “Hurry up!” With that, he closed the door right in Su Yan’s face and brought the blanket back to the bed. He could still hear Su Yan grumbling from the bathroom while he did so.

Half an hour later, the bathroom door opened again.

Nie Chang who had been waiting in the living room looked up and his gaze softened. “You look beautiful, darling.”

Su Yan straightened up and raised his chin like a peacock displaying its plumes. “I’m the most beautiful person in the world, right?”

“Mn. You definitely are. And I’m not saying that because I’m unbelievably biased.” He got up and walked over, pulling Su Yan into his arms and kissing his lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Su Yan glanced at the suit Nie Chang was wearing and pulled at the fly. “And you’re handsome as well.”

“I guess you wouldn’t marry me otherwise.”

“No, I think I could live with it if you weren’t. After all, I’m handsome enough for two! It’s all my mother’s good genes.”

Nie Chang laughed. “Alright, let’s go and tell her that. I’m sure mother-in-law will be thrilled to hear that.”

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