LWS Extra 2: C14 His Boyfriend Needed to Know

The Sus didn’t have any trouble finding a Chinese restaurant. Su Yan was in for a surprise though: He had expected that going to such a restaurant would be just like eating at one of the roadside stalls at home. But when they sat down, he had to find out that the waiter was actually a blond American dude who didn’t speak even a single word Chinese and only looked at him blankly when he tried to order in his native language.

Su Yan stared at the man with wide eyes while his father sighed and then ordered for all three of them. The waiter couldn’t help but look at this person once again before he finally nodded and then rushed off, going to get their dishes.

Su Yan turned to his mother who also didn’t understand anything with an expression asking for pity. “He didn’t speak Chinese.” Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C13 Lucky in Love, Unlucky at Cards

With the stranger’s help, Su Yan and his mother were finally able to use the slot machine. As for the result of their gambling … There wasn’t much to say about it. The chances of making a profit were low with this kind of thing. Even though Madam Su let her son play around for a while, If they tallied the money they had paid and what they had gotten back, they still would have lost some in the end.

Su Yan naturally didn’t count that closely whether or not he won something but the fact that there was no huge amount of coins being thrown out and no announcement of any kind of jackpot that he had won still made him feel dejected. He had wanted to earn some money for their wedding, ah! How could it be that he only lost money and didn’t gain anything? This was unfair! Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C12 Deeply Hidden Secrets

Mister Su rushed into the casino, looking around wildly. He definitely couldn’t let his poor son suffer any longer! He had to find that bastard who dared to make a move on him and give him a piece of his mind!

He looked around and his expression darkened when he saw a stranger stand in front of his son and wife. Hmph. So there he was! At least he had the guts not to run away when someone his size came over!

Mister Su stormed over, making the other man tense up. He raised his hand, pointing at the man’s nose but before he could start scolding him, his wife grabbed his arm.

“Guanting, ask him what he said first.” Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C11 Getting Reinforcements

“What?” The man stared at him in a daze. That had been English right now, hadn’t it? But why did he still not understand what this guy was saying?

Su Yan furrowed his brows, not at all happy with that reaction. “Boyfriend,” he insisted, raising his chin. That was right! He already had a boyfriend. So even if this man was looking any better, he still wouldn’t consider him. So he should better stop hitting on him!

Madam Su looked from her son to the other man and felt that something hadn’t worked too well in that conversation. It would probably be better to get somebody who really spoke English to help them out. Continue reading

ADS C5 Let’s Do This Again

Jinde raised his brows and turned to look at his husband. Leng Jin Yu could only sigh.

“It’s some kind of warning these things give off if they are forcibly opened.”

“Whoops. You should have said so sooner.” Jinde laughed and then grabbed Leng Jin Yu’s arm, pulling him out of the store and down the street. “I guess we’ll have to run then. Ah, who would have thought I’d ever be a fugitive in my life? It’s really such a steep fall if you consider I was a king once.”

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. “You do realize that these humans won’t be able to see us as long as we use our spiritual energy, right? So there’s no need to —” Continue reading

ADS C4 A Qualified Lover

For a while, Leng Jin Yu conscientiously read an assortment of history books and compendiums about all kinds of subjects like the inventions, geography, and animal kingdom of this world, taking note of all the differences there were between this world and the one they came from. The people that came and went had already all left the place, the doors not opening again for a long time. Even the lights had been dimmed so that Leng Jin Yu had to take out a starlight shell from his spatial ring and put it down next to them so they could continue to read.

Just when he was pondering the political systems that seemed to exist in different forms in different countries of this world, bright laughter interrupted him. Continue reading

ADS C3 Gaining Knowledge

The two of them strolled down the street, observing the people around them and taking note of the streets and buildings.

When Leng Jin Yu watched the way that one of the doors next to them seemed to open on its own, he caught Jinde moving his hand to toss back his hair. His claws were clearly showing, making Leng Jin Yu raise his brows. “What are you doing?”

Jinde narrowed his eyes and shook his head to make his hair fall to the front again just to toss it back once more. “I’m not sure what it is. But I’ve seen them do it a lot.” He nodded over at a young couple. The woman was hanging onto the man’s arm, jabbering about something while she constantly flipped her hair back in the way that Jinde had done just now. The most noticeable was probably that she didn’t have normal nails but something that looked like claws instead. Continue reading

ADS C2 Very Tempting

The two of them slowly left the alley where they had arrived and stepped onto the broader path in front of it that was made of big stone slabs. They watched the humans walk past them and their expressions turned grave.

“I’m not sure we’ll be able to fit in here.” Jinde furrowed his golden brows and tried to figure out just what the usual appearance of these people was supposed to be. In the end, he wasn’t too sure.

Some of them had very short hair that barely came up to the length of a finger’s width while others still wore their hair down to their hips. Their closing was just as puzzling: Some of it bore a slight resemblance to the robes they were used to while others were only wearing a pair of pants and a short garment on the upper bodies, making it seem as if they were walking around in their underwear. Continue reading

LWS Extra 2: C10 Boyfriend!

Madam Su really wanted to wash her hands off this but unfortunately, her son was looking at her with big eyes, clearly expecting her to clear up his confusion. She flushed red and then waved at the machine. “Isn’t it obvious? You have to press these buttons and pull the lever.”

Su Yan nodded as if he had just been enlightened, making Madam Su wince. He would really believe everything he was being told, wouldn’t he Who had raised this child? Maybe she should have been more stringent in her parenting?

Looking at her son’s curious expression as he bent over the buttons, she could only sigh. Never mind. Who could be strict with this child? Just look at her husband! Because he had tried, Su Yan had decisively moved out and only relented after his father gave in, even accepting Nie Chang. Obviously, the child had already been spoiled rotten and couldn’t be taught anymore. Continue reading

ADS C1 Choose a Lower Realm!

Author’s Note:

It’s finally time for the new Oh. My. Fate?! Special that I announced a few days ago: A Different Sky! I hope you’ll like it 😉


Jinde glanced at his husband and his lips curved into a charming smile. “So? Which one do you think we should choose, my dear?”

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. Looking at the star map in front of him, he could barely remember why he had agreed to visit one of the lower realms to ‘have fun’ as Jinde had put it. Most likely, somebody had fluttered their beautiful eyelashes at him and pretended to be pitiful for having to stay in this human realm all the time?

Leng Jin Yu sighed. “There are three thousand lower realms. I’ve hardly been to a handful. How do you want me to choose?” Continue reading