LWS Extra 2: C28 Let’s Get Married

Su Yan looked from one person to the other while his fiance talked with the man in the suit. Just what was going on? He managed to hold on for a while but then he had to tug at Nie Chang’s sleeve.

His fiance looked over and gave him a smile, patting his back in a reassuring manner as if everything was alright. Su Yan frowned at him in response. This was so irresponsible! How could his fiance not explain to him? This was his wedding too, ah!

Before he could complain, Nie Chang leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Just a moment. We’ll be going over in a minute. He was just making sure of a few details again so that we wouldn’t have any regrets.”

Su Yan side-eyed the man in the suit before he looked at his boyfriend again. “Does he want us to change the location?”

Nie Chang blinked his eyes and then shook his head. “No. Why would he do that?”

Su Yan instantly deflated. So they would really get married in an ugly house. He should have been more involved in planning this wedding. Now, he’d have to live with it. This was such a bummer!

Nie Chang didn’t quite understand what was going on but seeing that this was their wedding, he also didn’t feel good about not bringing it up. If anything went wrong and Su Yan didn’t have nice memories of this day, that would really be an eternal regret. “What’s the matter, darling? You’re not happy?”

Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at the house again but he still couldn’t say it in the end. Anyway, it was his own fault for not speaking up sooner and taking a look at the location. If he told Nie Chang now that he didn’t like it, wouldn’t his boyfriend have a bad wedding? He also didn’t want that. Nie Chang had put in so much time, he should value this more.

Although he really had to question Nie Chang’s taste. Well, maybe all of Nie Chang’s good taste had run out after he got such a handsome boyfriend such as him. That was entirely possible.

Su Yan just clasped his boyfriend’s hand and shook it. “No, nothing’s the matter. When are we finally going to go in? Or could it be that you don’t want to get married anymore today?”

Nie Chang laughed and then turned back to the man, nodding at him and saying some more things that Su Yan didn’t quite understand.

The man happily motioned to the side.

Su Yan’s eyes widened. Wait. He was pointing to the side? Did this mean that they would not enter the building? Could it be that they would really get married in a house in the second line?

But then why had this man come out of the house? He couldn’t figure it out so he just tagged along with Nie Chang when he followed the man. Anyway, maybe he should have some more trust in his boyfriend.

In this manner, the five people went around the middle part of the building that was slightly protruding and finally entered through a door behind it.

Su Yan couldn’t help but curiously look around, his expression slowly getting better. It seemed … This place wasn’t as bad as he had thought. Even though the outside was really ugly, the place was quite nice inside. There was a wooden floor that shone warmly in the sun falling through the ceiling-high windows on the other side and a garden could be seen outside.

Su Yan looked up at his boyfriend who gave a smile in return. Ah, it seemed he had been too hasty. Obviously, Nie Chang had planned much better than he had given him credit for.

Su Yan unwittingly walked faster until Nie Chang pulled him back.

“What are you running around like that for? It’s not like we’ll be late for our own wedding.”

Su Yan grumbled but still slowed down again. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Aren’t you looking forward to our wedding at all?”

Nie Chang squeezed his hand and leaned down again, giving him another kiss on the cheek. “Of course I do. I’ve been looking forward to this for way too long. So … You should give me some more time to savor this moment and walk slowly.”

Su Yan scoffed but still inched closer to his boyfriend, snuggling up to his side. Well, taking their sweet time on their wedding day also sounded quite nice.

In this manner, the four of them were led through the corridor and to another door that led outside into the garden behind the building.

Su Yan was giddy with excitement at this point in time, his eyes sparkling in anticipation. It seemed that he had thought too much before. Obviously, their wedding would be the most beautiful thing ever.

The man in the suit turned around to them and nodded at Nie Chang, opening the door for them and motioning outside. He once again said something that Nie Chang gave a short answer to before he let Madam and Mister Su go outside first, while the couple stayed back.

Nie Chang turned to Su Yan and took both his hands, looking into his eyes. “Let’s get married, shall we?”

Su Yan smiled happily and gave his fiance a quick hug before he stepped back and nodded. “Let’s get married.”

With that, the two of them turned and walked outside hand in hand. From somewhere close by, music sounded and Su Yan finally saw the actual wedding venue when they walked down the path together, making his breath catch in his throat for a moment.

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