OMF V5C87 I’m Here with You

Leng Jin Yu bent down and gently kissed the spot where he had bitten Jinde yesterday. “I’ll be careful.”
“Mn.” Jinde nodded even though he didn’t care that much. His experience with Chun Yin hadn’t been gentle either but he had still liked it. To a dragon, there wasn’t too much of a difference. Still, as long as Leng Jin Yu liked it better that way, he would let him do so.
Leng Jin Yu looked up, his gaze interlocking with Jinde’s. He cupped his cheek, his other hand holding his waist and finally, their bodies connected.
Both Jinde and Leng Jin Yu took a shaky breath and had to close their eyes for a moment.
When Leng Jin Yu opened his eyes he saw Jinde frown slightly. “Is everything alright? Is it too much? Am I … Am I hurting you?” Continue reading

OMF V5C86 Still Talking So Much

Leng Jin Yu held onto those soft hands before they could do anything else. His lips once again found Jinde’s and he sealed his protest with a kiss.
Jinde tried to speak up and wrest his hands away from Leng Jin Yu’s grip but his lover had made sure to hold onto them tightly. Jinde harrumphed. Did Leng Jin Yu honestly think he wouldn’t be able to do anything without his hands? Let’s see how he liked this then!
A slender leg moved upward and a dainty foot found its way below the fabric of the pants that had somehow managed to stay around Leng Jin Yu’s feet. A shoe came off first and landed on the floor with a dull thud.
Leng Jin Yu had already been frozen stiff above Jinde, all his muscles tensed. His grip on those hands tightened for a moment before slowly loosening. Alright, he had lost. There was no way to restrain Jinde. Continue reading

OMF V5C85 You Should Reciprocate

Leng Jin Yu felt like he was going crazy when Jinde’s leg rubbed against his. Ah, this was really going too far! Even if he didn’t mind sleeping with him, shouldn’t he still hold back a little when teasing him? He was still injured! They couldn’t leave all reason behind and let this go overboard.
Even though he thought so, he was unable to actually follow through with it. Before he could think further his body had reacted on instinct. Jinde’s outer robe was pushed off on the other side too, his thigh grabbed securely and pressed up against Leng Jin Yu’s hip.
Jinde gave a muffled groan and pulled his head closer, deepening their kiss.
“Mn …” The second layer of his robe followed the first one and Leng Jin Yu’s hands slid across the innermost layer. Ah, it was indeed just as thin as he had thought. It was hardly thick enough to cover his skin. Well, it was still too much. He reached up and pulled the lapel of the last layer further down, exposing Jinde’s clavicle. Continue reading

OMF V5C84 A Beautiful Robe

The two dragons somewhere in the wilderness weren’t the only ones who were about to have a heart-to-heart talk. In the Yun Zou Sect, Leng Jin Yu and his dragon were about to do the same.
Jinde clung to Leng Jin Yu’s neck and hummed while his lover left the study and walked to Jinde’s room with determination written in his features. Jinde stayed well behaved. He didn’t touch him in any other way than encircling his neck and even held back from kissing him. Now, things were up to his lover.
Leng Jin Yu had no idea what Jinde was plotting. He silently carried him into the room and put him down on the edge of the bed as gently as he could. Continue reading

OMF V5C83 Everything Is Clear

“Se … Senior Xin!” Fu Min looked up from Fu Heng’s shoulder with reddened eyes.
Xin Lan sighed. He didn’t want to spend even more time on this troublesome thing. “Look, I don’t like you. So why don’t you just try to treasure what you already have?”
Both Fu Min’s and Fu Heng’s hands shook. Wasn’t this a little too direct?
Fu Min cleared his throat. “That … That’s not it. I just … You might not remember but you saved my life once.”
“Mn.” Xin Lan indeed couldn’t remember but if he had done so, then it had been for his Master. If he wanted him to save someone, then he would naturally do so.
“So if there’s anything I can do … I still haven’t repaid you.” He pursed his lips and continued to cling to Fu Heng. Continue reading

OMF V5C82 Even More Vulnerable

The fallen god whirled around, his black robe fluttering around him, and dashed in front of Xin Lan, his fingers curling around his throat. “Look at you! Don’t you feel ashamed?”
Xin Lan frowned. He didn’t have time for this. He had to free those two and return to Jin Ling’s side before he could make trouble. His Master wasn’t safe as long as Jin Ling ran to the Yun Zou Sect all the time.
He reached up and grabbed the fallen god’s wrist in return. “This has nothing to do with you.”
“Nothing to do with me?” The fallen god paused but his grasp didn’t loosen in the slightest. “Then what does it have to do with you?” He pulled Xin Lan forward and turned to face the cell. “Look at that! They could be such a lovely couple. But here you are, trying to break them up. Why would you?” Continue reading

OMF V1C33 It’s Hard to Make Him Fall in Love

Never before in his life had the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao felt frustrated because the passage of time was different in the mortal and immortal realms. But on this day he dearly wished that Heaven would just send lightning, aligning both realms and giving him a little more time to finish his task.
But however much he wished for it something like that wouldn’t happen. His lips tightened into a straight line Shun Tao took a cookie and bit into it.
Mn. Hong Bao’s cookies were the only good thing about this whole mess. Continue reading

OMF V1C30 Trick Him!

Jing Yi hurried back to the shrub where he had hidden when his father took him to the forest. He sat down and looked around as if waiting for the old man to appear.
Qiu Ling observed him from behind, sighed and transformed once again. His perfect plan had been thwarted. He had to get it back on track! And … he had to tell Jing Yi that waiting in the forest like this wouldn’t be of help if he was looking for a person. Who knew if a normal passer-by would still be there after a whole day?
“Oh!” Qiu Ling stopped hiding his presence and like the day before, he bent down and peered into the shrub. “What’s in there today? A little animal?” Continue reading

OMF V1C23 Spice Things Up

“Your … Your Majesty.” Shun Tao gulped again and slowly lifted his head. He didn’t even spare a glance at the man next to the Heavenly Emperor and instead focused all his attention on that serious face.
Oh no, it’s over. He knows. Or even if he doesn’t know, he will soon.
Shun Tao lightly coughed and stood up from the ground, switching into a proper bow. Cold sweat grazed his brow. “Fate’s scribe, Shun Tao, greets His Majesty, Tianjun.”
“Mn.” The Heavenly Emperor motioned for him to get up, then nodded towards the courtyard. “Fate’s scribe, what are you doing here?” His lips still twitched, trying to raise into a grin. But, ah, he should try to uphold his mighty image. Continue reading

OMF V1C20 Duping a Child

Qiu Ling lifted his hand, his magic surged and his robes once again seemed to change form. This time they didn’t look like the robes of a Daoist cultivator though. Instead, they seemed like the clothes the ordinary people in the countryside wore because they were convenient to move around in. If one didn’t look at the face, Qiu Ling might have been one of the men from the surrounding villages. Well, and one should also ignore the fact that there wasn’t even a single speck of dust on his clothes which certainly wasn’t normal.
After the trouble from the last time, Qiu Ling considered these problems. He couldn’t do anything about the dirt since his beloved hated it but with another wave of his hand, he changed the rest of his appearance. His long hair turned as white as snow and his body aged until his face was scrunched up in wrinkles. Continue reading