OMF V7C51 Not Feeling Well

Elder Gongxi wasn’t happy when the Yang Huo Sect’s disciple had finished reporting what happened outside. He tightened his lips and looked towards the front door. “The Yun Zou Sect sure is going all out to make us leave. They won’t get their way with this though. I hope you all remember your tasks for today.”

The disciples nodded, making the Elder break into a bright smile. “Well, then let’s go and give these two a surprise they won’t forget that fast. I’m really interested to see how that Qiu Ling’s face will look when he finds out that we’re a step ahead of him.”

The disciples exchanged glances and chuckled. With what the Elder was planning, they could imagine that that guy would be livid. But what could he do? They were still the honored guests of the Yun Zou Sect. Even if he wanted to complain, he would have nowhere to run to. After all, the Grandmaster might be able to show some favoritism to his disciple but he couldn’t be too blatant. Otherwise, the whole Yun Zou Sect would suffer from it. Especially now that all of the other first-tier sects and even some of the second-tier sects were here. Continue reading

OMF V7C50 He Asked the Right Person

The two of them leisurely walked over to the courtyard where the Yang Huo Sect had been accommodated, only to be met with the not-so-happy face of the disciple that had greeted them yesterday.

The young man fumed, even his shoulders shaking in anger while he tried to hide his clenched fists under his sleeves. “The Yun Zou Sect sure is sincere challenging us to a duel and then not turning up!”

Jing Yi’s face showed a hint of embarrassment while Qiu Ling just lazily raised his brows at the other man. “What do you mean not showing up? Aren’t we here now? If I remember correctly, I just said tomorrow morning. Which is now. How can you say I didn’t show up for the duel?” Continue reading

OMF V7C49 He Should Have That Much Insight

The two of them continued to stay in bed, hugging and enjoying each other’s company. Qiu Ling didn’t waste even a single thought on the people of the Yang Huo Sect. What fight? What stupid task? It was much more important to spend time with his beloved!

Jing Yi remembered that there was something they had to do today but he didn’t bother to remind Qiu Ling. Even though he knew that it was important to keep the disciples and Elder occupied, he couldn’t resist using this time that he finally had alone with Qiu Ling to further their feelings. And hadn’t Qiu Ling said yesterday that the Sect Master had to have another plan for the night? Maybe that plan could be used for another few hours … Continue reading

OMF V7C48 Good Morning

Jing Yi snuggled up against Qiu Ling’s chest, letting his lover hug him. This was probably his best bet for surpassing Jing He. As far as he remembered, that person wasn’t willing to be too close to Qiu Ling physically. He would always keep a distance of at least one step between them, refuse to kiss him or even hold his hands. He would never show the slightest amount of skin either, always wrapping his body up in several layers of clothes, making sure that not even his wrists would be exposed by accident.

Even if Jing He was perfect in all regards, this point had to have been a problem between him and Qiu Ling considering how direct his lover was. In that case, this was his chance. As long as he was able to use this one thing where he was better than him, then there was a chance to occupy Jing He’s spot in Qiu Ling’s heart. He just needed this chance. Everything else could be figured out afterward. Continue reading

OMF V7C47 His Chance to Shine Brighter

Jing Yi didn’t ask any further when Qiu Ling didn’t continue to explain either. The two of them sat in front of the bamboo hut for a while until Qiu Ling gave a smile and got up, pulling Jing Yi to his feet as well.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go and sleep for now. I can still show you how to fly another day. Since you’re back and we won’t be leaving the Yun Zou Sect any time soon, we’re not in a hurry.”

Jing Yi nodded. “You’re right. Then let’s go to sleep.” He stepped closer and held Qiu Ling’s hand, following him into the building like that. Ah, maybe they didn’t have as much of a history as Jing He and Qiu Ling had but right now, he was the one spending time with Qiu Ling. That gave him all the advantage he needed. Continue reading

OMF V7C46 Maybe We Can Agree on Some Things

Jing Yi bit his lower lip and chastised himself. What was he thinking? Never mind that this person was his previous life’s self, he was also the person that meant the most to Qiu Ling. Wishing for his death … That wasn’t what he should do. No, he should be able to take this. He should be able to take what had been between Qiu Ling and Jing He and move on from this. If he wasn’t … Didn’t that say more about him than Jing He?

He peeked at Qiu Ling But his lover was still smiling, fondly remembering the times back then. Obviously, he had been very happy even though it had taken a lot of time to make Jing He give in to him.

Jing Yi rubbed his brow. Come to think of it, he and Jing He had reacted pretty similarly. Jing He had taken ten years to accept Qiu Ling before he gave in and he had also taken his sweet time to accept his proposal. Continue reading

OMF V7C45 Which One Was Real?

Jing Yi couldn’t help but bite his lower lip again. He had thought that if Qiu Ling had been attracted to Jing He’s appearance only, that maybe his feelings hadn’t been all that deep in the beginning. He had hoped that that meant that his own chances were better than he had dared to believe previously. But now it turned out that their relationship had actually been that profound from the very beginning.

Regardless of what attracted Qiu Ling, he had felt a deep connection with Jing He and it had meant even more to him. That was something he would never be able to best. Even if he was able to make Qiu Ling feel the same, he would still only ever be the second person. That first position had long been given to Jing He. Continue reading

OMF V7C44 He Reassured Me

“He was … pretty withdrawn, wasn’t he?” Actually, he would’ve used another word to describe Jing He’s behavior but he felt that it wouldn’t be appropriate in front of Qiu Ling. He really didn’t want to make him think that there was another area where he was inferior to him.

Qiu Ling nodded his head. “To a certain degree, yes. I guess it’s understandable from his situation. If you always need to show only your best side to the people around you, that must be exhausting. He was good at pretending but I guess even though he didn’t have the energy to pretend all the time. It would’ve tired him out.”

Jing Yi’s gaze flickered. Tired him out … Could that be the reason? Was that why his soul had started to become unstable? After all, that person in the demon realm had told him that this had started even before Jing He had engraved his soul. Was it really just because of his relationship with Qiu Ling or could it be that there was more to it? Continue reading

OMF V7C43 A Different Kind of Beauty

Qiu Ling didn’t answer immediately. Even if he wanted to blurt out an answer to reassure Jing Yi, he didn’t know how. He couldn’t say that he didn’t want Jing He back. After all, Jing He would remember everything after he woke up. Even though it would be a long time until then, he couldn’t risk making him miserable by then. At the same time, he couldn’t say that he wanted him back either. Because if he did, that would be the same as telling Jing Yi to go and die.

It was the same problem that had already troubled him since the day he found out what Jing Yi’s ascension would mean for Jing He. Just that now, it was even more troublesome because one of the two people was in front of him. Continue reading

OMF V7C42 The Question He Feared the Most

The two of them returned to Jing Yi’s bamboo house, the mood between them still subtle. Qiu Ling couldn’t help but feel his guilty conscience raise its head. Despite what he had decided to do, he was unable to treat Jing Yi like before. The thought of Jing He was always lingering in the back of his head, reminding him over and over again that each friendly gesture he showed Jing Yi, might hurt Jing He in the future. But at the same time, he would hurt Jing Yi each time he held back.

Qiu Ling stopped in front of the door and pulled Jing Yi back into his arms. “Didn’t you want me to teach you how to fly?”

Jing Yi blinked and then glanced up. Qiu Ling still seemed … slightly awkward. “Qiu Ling …” Continue reading