LWS V5C38 I Forgot

While the two men at the table stared at each other to figure the other out, Xue Chang Fu dragged Su Yan as far away as he could without making too obvious that he wasn’t going to get them drinks at all.
Su Yan wondered why they were still walking after passing two waiters though. “Uh …” He wanted to ask but suddenly found himself faced with a difficult problem: How was he supposed to address this person? Martial uncle? This was his Master’s junior martial brother, after all. But he was also the Sect Master and everyone besides Ziju An called him Sect Master or Sect Master Xue so maybe it would be best if he also called him Sect Master? Continue reading

LWS V5C37 Secretly in Love

Seeing that his victim didn’t reject the idea Xue Chang Fu smiled mischievously and slipped closer, wrapping tightly around his arm. “We have to make sure that it’s very believable! How about I cling to you while senior martial brother advises Xiao Hai a bit on his cultivation?”
“I don’t think it needs that to be believable.”
Xue Chang Fu still leaned closer and rubbed the Elders chest. “So you think we look a lot like a couple even without being this close?”
Yue Mu Gang glanced at him without speaking and naturally, the Sect Master didn’t let go and instead snuggled up to him even closer. Continue reading

LWS V5C36 You’re My Lover

Su Yan took the bracelet from his boyfriend and rubbed the engraving only to be left with nothing. He stared at the empty spot and frowned. What was this? Could it be the system had only wanted to show him the new task? What about his current progress, ah! He wanted to know just how many tasks they still needed to do.
He frowned at it and rubbed again but the bracelet stayed the way it was before. Stupid thing! It was clearly bullying him! What kind of behavior was that for a system? He pursed his lips and looked at Nie Chang for comfort.
Unfortunately, there was nothing his boyfriend could do besides looking helpless. After all, there were still two cultivators in front of them, even though Xue Chang Fu seemed to have stopped paying attention to them and was already harassing Elder Yue again. “You can take a look when we go back. Let’s finish this mission first.” Continue reading

LWS V5C35 Help the Sect Master Find Happiness

The place where they finally arrived made Su Yan’s mood drop. This wasn’t a shady place at all! It was well-lit with nice, wooden furniture that just seemed a little old and a diligent boss that ran around taking orders and serving customers with a happy smile. Unfortunately, this also wasn’t the type of high-class place that any young masters would frequent. No, it was just a normal inn. How was anything interesting supposed to happen here?!
Su Yan slowed down and hid his wrist with the bracelet behind his other sleeve. He’d really like to know what kind of excuse the system could come up with for creating such a shitty place. Wouldn’t it have been better to let him use the special dimension to make it? Then this wouldn’t have happened! His inn would have been many times better than this kind of normal place. Continue reading

LWS V5C34 Too Late to Regret

Hearing the word ‘inn’ Su Yan couldn’t help but feel excited. Considering that they were currently in the world of a xianxia-novel there were only two ways this could turn out: This would either be some shady place where dubious deals would be sealed or some upbeat restaurant where they would be approached by some young master who asked them to get lost because they were sitting at his table only for him to be slapped in the face later on. Even though demonic cultivators were involved that should rather frequent shady places, he still felt that the second option sounded much more likely.
Su Yan happily tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve to tell him what he had found out but his boyfriend shook his head. Su Yan frowned. This wasn’t fun at all! Shouldn’t he have gotten some more benefits from the system? Like being able to talk mind-to-mind with Nie Chang? Then they wouldn’t need to care about whether or not others were around.
Ah! Speaking of which … Su Yan tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve again and pointed at his hand. Wasn’t he supposed to hand over the system? Why hadn’t he done so? He wanted to see their progress! Continue reading

LWS V5C33 Tell Us More about that Mission

After following Xue Chang Fu into the city and through several busy streets, Su Yan couldn’t take it any longer. He hurried up and tugged at the Sect master’s sleeve. “Where are we going?”
Three pairs of eyes landed on him, making Su Yan tense. What? Hadn’t he just asked where they were going?
Xue Chang Fu tightened his lips. This stupid child! Don’t tell him he was still holding a grudge for what he had said yesterday about Yue Mu Gang being better than the guy he had fallen in love with? Even if he was, that was no reason to casually give their plan away! After all, wasn’t he also supposed to get something out of it?!
While the Sect Master stared at him, failing to hide his displeasure, Yue Mu Gang raised his brows. “That’s an interesting question. I thought your senior martial brother and his disciple knew more about this ‘special mission’ than me but it seems the Sect Master is the only one who’s in the know.” Continue reading

LWS V5C32 Where to Keep the System?

Nie Chang slowed down the flying sword and rummaged through his spatial ring. Concentrating his spiritual energy on two things at the same time wasn’t anything he had tried before and the sword below their feet swayed from side to side as a result.
Su Yan gave a yelp and hugged Nie Chang even tighter. “Will we crash?!”
Nie Chang stopped trying to move forward and the flying sword stabilized somewhat. He once again patted Su Yan’s hands. “Don’t worry. I was looking through the spatial ring and didn’t pay close enough attention. Let’s stay here for a moment while I find something that can be used to communicate with the system.”
“Can’t we do that in the Jin He City?”
“Do you want to rummage around and then talk to an inanimate object calling out ‘system, system’ all the time while Elder Yue and the Sect master watch you?”
Su Yan froze. Uh … It seemed he didn’t? “I don’t like staying in the air either. Can’t you find something faster?” Continue reading

LWS V5C31 Leaving for the Jin He City

With Nie Chang learning how to use a flying sword and Su Yan trying to put theory into practice, time passed quietly and the late afternoon finally arrived. With it, Xue Chang Fu dragged Yue Mu Gang over and happily stormed the Grandmaster’s palace.
“Senior martial brother! Xiao Hai! Are you ready? It’s time to go pl—” He coughed. “Time to go on our special mission in the Jin He City!” He pretended to crane his neck to look around for them but instead glanced at Yue Mu Gang’s face. Ah, it seemed the cranky old man hadn’t noticed his slip up. Continue reading

LWS V5C30 The Snail, the Qin, and the Cow

Su Yan ran three steps before halting abruptly. Ah! He couldn’t just go back, could he? Never mind that Nie Chang might still be cultivating, that just wasn’t how Dou Fang Hai behaved. Nie Chang, uh, no, his Master had said that they couldn’t act out of character so he should do whatever Dou Fang Hai would do!
He ran back and looked around until his gaze finally landed on the tuft of grass he had almost dug out. “Hehe. Perfect!” He crouched down and this time he used his hands to dig the rest of the plant out. He happily examined the grass. It didn’t look different from a normal tuft of grass at all. There was even a little snail sitting on one of the stalks. Ah, this was perfect! Continue reading

LWS V5C29 A New Type of Spiritual Energy

Su Yan didn’t notice that he was being followed by a strange pair of cultivators. By now, he had already reached the forest halfway down the mountain. Well, calling it a forest was probably an overstatement. In fact, it was a small grove at most. He didn’t care though. This was a grove in a cultivation sect, ah! And even one on the peak of the strongest person in the sect. He was bound to find some kind of treasure that he could show Nie Chang!
Ah, maybe he would also find something that could help him figure out what this ‘chaos constitution’ was.
Su Yan pursed his lips while continuing down the path leading through the grove. Actually, this shouldn’t be too difficult. He was the one who had come up with the story and created the characters. He should also be able to think of some meaning for Dou Fang Hai’s constitution. Continue reading