LWS Extra 2: C26 Not Curious at All

Needless to say, Madam Su was already thrilled when she saw the two of them walk out of the room. She had seen the wedding photos before but it couldn’t compare to seeing them in reality at all.

“Heavens! You two look gorgeous!” She hurried over and first gripped her child by the hands, making him spin around for her while nodding her head excitedly. “Who did you say chose the suits?”

Su Yan pursed his lips and looked accusingly at his boyfriend.

Nie Chang just laughed and pulled him back to his side. “What are you saying, mother-in-law? Naturally, Ah Yan and I chose them together. Ah Yan had the idea to wear matching suits and I suggested to get red accessories for good luck. I think our joint effort turned out really well, didn’t it?”

Madam Su nodded her head and patted his shoulder. “Very good. Well, you’re both handsome guys so I wasn’t worried about that. Anyway, should we grab something to eat before the ceremony?” She side-eyed her son while saying that. This bear child always got cranky when he wasn’t fed enough and after being spoiled by Nie Chang since they had gotten together, it had probably only gotten worse. She didn’t want him to throw a tantrum at the wedding ceremony so she felt that it was better to eat something before they went over. “Do we still have the time?”

Nie Chang nodded and leaned down to give his darling a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t worry about that. I already arranged it so we would get some food on the way. We just need to go to the reception to get it.”

Madam Su pinched her son’s cheek. “You hear that? Your fiance is thinking so much on your behalf. You can be really happy that you’re about to marry such a good catch!”

Su Yan rubbed his cheek when she let go and then snuggled up closer to his boyfriend. “There’s no need to tell me, mom. Obviously, I’m very lucky. I’ll marry the best man in the world.”

Mister Su stood next to his wife, fuming while he stared at the person who had taken the position of ‘best man in the world’ from him. Hmph, he really couldn’t understand but Su Yan liked about this guy. Obviously, he was much better than him!

The other three people ignored his bad expression and they made their way over to the elevator, going down to the reception to get the basket with food that Nie Chang had let them prepare before they headed out of the hotel.

Su Yan couldn’t help but look around curiously. He hadn’t gotten involved in the preparations much so he had absolutely no idea what he was getting into. He did trust that Nie Chang wouldn’t mess things up but he really couldn’t help but wonder what was about to happen. He glanced up at his boyfriend and wanted to ask but Nie Chang just leaned down again and pecked his lips.

“You look incredibly curious, darling.”

Su Yan pursed his lips and scoffed. “I’m not. I’m absolutely not curious.”

“No? Then we should probably take our time to go there. Maybe you’ll get a little more curious until then.”

Su Yan already wanted to retort when a car held in front of them and the driver’s door opened. The person that got out was a young woman in a nice suit. She smiled and then went over to them, opening the door to the rear bench seat.

Su Yan blinked his eyes and then turned to his boyfriend, not understanding what was going on. Why was this random woman walking over?

Nie Chang smiled and turned to Su Yan’s parents, motioning at the car. “After you.”

Madam Su beamed and dragged her husband with her, getting into the seats.

Su Yan still looked at his boyfriend, utterly bewildered. “What’s going on?”

Nie Chang handed him the basket and once again nodded at the car. “Don’t you want to get in?”

Su Yan still didn’t understand but he figured that he might get answers faster if he did as he was told and then just pestered his boyfriend inside.

Nie Chang smiled and then turned to the woman, exchanging a few words before he also got inside and sat down next to his darling.

Su Yan didn’t even wait for him to make himself comfortable before he took his arm and shook him. “What’s going on?”

“Naturally, I wouldn’t want you to have to walk to the wedding venue. So I got a car to pick us up. This also allows us to eat a few snacks on the way.” With that, he took the basket from him and opened it, letting Su Yan take a look so he could decide what he wanted to eat.

Su Yan couldn’t help but reach in, picking up some pastries. “Never mind that, why is it a woman?” Weren’t drivers supposed to be men? They always were in the movies!

Nie Chang just smiled and handed the basket over to Madam and Mister Su. “Well, originally, I didn’t care about that but after what happened the other day in the casino, I was afraid you might think somebody was hitting on you while we are on the way to our wedding. I wouldn’t want that to happen so I called and asked them to send a woman instead.”

Su Yan nibbled at his pastry while deep in thought. So his boyfriend had actually worried so much to make everything perfect for them. That was really a show of what a good boyfriend he was!

Nie Chang reached over and held his hand below the pastry. “Don’t forget you’re wearing a white suit, darling. If you get anything on there, it might leave a stain.”

Su Yan looked down and pursed his lips. “How am I supposed to do that? Pastries crumble when you eat them.”

Nie Chang sighed and took a napkin out of the basket, putting it on Su Yan’s lap. “That should do the trick, shouldn’t it?”

Su Yan looked at it and nodded. “I guess so. What about you? You should eat something so you won’t fall over during the ceremony. Otherwise, who am I going to marry? That woman?” He motioned to the driver’s seat and looked at his boyfriend as if he was an idiot. Please! He was gay. Why would he want to marry a woman?!

Nie Chang laughed and finally also picked up a pastry for himself. To be honest, he wasn’t sure if you would be able to eat it though. Right now, he was starting to get so nervous that he could hardly swallow at all. Ah, thankfully, he would only get married once in his life.

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