LWS Extra 2: C27 Ugly House

The car slowly rolled through the streets, getting closer and closer to the wedding location. Thanks to the pastries, Su Yan was distracted and didn’t ask Nie Chang about the wedding any further. Seeing him so well-behaved, Madam Su was happy. She turned to her son-in-law, only to find him looking a bit out of sorts. Her lips twitched. It couldn’t be that he would start making trouble now, could it?

She pondered the likelihood of that happening but finally shook her head at herself. Nie Chang had been in love with Su Yan for so many years, he would definitely not get cold feet on his wedding day. Most likely, he was just nervous. She smiled and reached over, patting his knee to get his attention. “Only a few more hours, then you can finally take my son home as your official spouse.”

Nie Chang looked up, thankful that she was trying to distract him a bit. Ah, his mother-in-law really supported him the most. “Thank you. I’m really happy that it’s finally happening. I’ve waited for this for a long time.”

Madam Su nodded. “I’m also happy about it. Su Yan is also lucky to have a fiance like you. You make a nice couple.”

Mister Su scoffed at that and crossed his arms. If he could, he would still change Su Yan’s boyfriend to somebody else. Unfortunately, he liked this guy so there was nothing he could do.

Madam Su reached over and slapped her husband’s arm while she still smiled at Nie Chang. “Xiao Yan didn’t say anything about the ceremony. I guess you planned everything?”

Nie Chang nodded. “I did. I hope Ah Yan will like it.” He looked over and then reached out, gently taking Su Yan’s hand and interlacing his fingers with him.

His brows twitched when he did so. Even though Su Yan had indeed taken care not to get any crumbs on his suit, his hands were a different matter. There were crumbs and stains from the icing on them. Sometimes … he really felt as if he wasn’t taking care of his boyfriend but of a three-year-old instead.

Madam Su also saw her son’s hands and couldn’t help but laugh. “I really hope you’ll have enough time to go and wash them when we arrive. Otherwise, Nie Chang might have trouble sliding that ring onto your finger.”

Su Yan looked at his hands and then at his boyfriend, his brows furrowing. “Why did you take pastries with frosting if you knew we’d be wearing white?”

Nie Chang felt better when he saw Su Yan acting so normal. Yes, actually, there was no need to be nervous. They had already been a couple for so long. Yes, they would get married but that wouldn’t change much between them. It was just making it a bit more official. Nothing more, nothing less.

“I thought you’d like them. Weren’t they tasty?”

Su Yan’s expression smoothed out. “They were.”

“Then they were the right ones.” He leaned over and kissed Su Yan’s lips that had the same frosting stains as his fingers. He couldn’t help but give them a lick, making Mister Su’s expression on the other side derail. Su Yan just pursed his lips and kissed him back.

“When are we going to arrive?”

Just when he asked, the car finally stopped for good. Nie Chang grinned and then motioned outside. “Right now.”

The driver got out and opened the door for them and Nie Chang pulled Su Yan out of the car.

Su Yan blinked his eyes and looked at the place in front of them. It seemed to be some kind of private club with a huge outdoor area. He turned to Nie Chang, silently asking if this was the place they’d get married at.

Nie Chang nodded and took his hand again. “Yep, that’s the place.”

Su Yan eyed it suspiciously. This … didn’t look that special? He would have expected more from the place his boyfriend chose. Actually, even though the building was big, it was quite ugly. Just gray and with windows that weren’t much bigger than the ones in their house. Was this really the right place?

He looked at Nie Chang suspiciously. Most likely, it wasn’t actually this house but the one behind it, wasn’t it? And when they went over, Nie Chang would try to surprise him so he wasn’t admitting to it right now. Yes, that had to be it.

Having found his explanation, Su Yan happily swung his hand, dragging Nie Chang’s along. When his boyfriend looked over, he gave him a happy smile. He definitely couldn’t ruin his surprise!

His parents also got out of the car and the woman bid her farewell, driving off again. Nie Chang looked at his darling and his family and then pulled him along, going straight to the entrance of the ‘ugly house’.

Su Yan’s eyes went wide. It couldn’t be that this was really where they would marry, could it?! He didn’t believe it but everything looked like it. Nie Chang was walking straight to the entrance, not hesitating at all. If he wasn’t intent on making a turn right in front of the door, they would really go into that building.

Su Yan bit his lower lip, trying to decide what he should do. He hadn’t helped planning o he didn’t know what was supposed to come. And anyway, everything was booked and paid. They couldn’t go anywhere else even if they wanted to. It seemed … he would need to live with it.

Su Yan looked at his boyfriend accusingly. Had Nie Chang not checked properly before? Had he been duped when booking here? It really was a pity. Now they’d have to marry in an ugly house.

Before he could sigh out loud, the door of the ugly house opened and a man in a suit came out, giving them a smile. He nodded at both of them and then turned to Nie Chang, asking him something in English.

Su Yan blinked his eyes and stared at his boyfriend. What was this guy saying? Was there no room in the ugly house? Would they go somewhere else? Unwittingly, there was a hopeful glimmer in his eyes. Yes, he really, really wanted a nice location for his wedding.

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