Growing up, the only relationships I ever saw in- and outside of media were heterosexual ones. So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the first novel I wrote in 2012 featured two het-couples as the leads. What is a surprise is that, looking back now, one of the most interesting relationships of that story – namely that of the villain-who-is-actually-a-good-guy – wasn’t.

Maybe I should have realized something at that point. But it took several more years of slogging my way through het-romance novels and ending up with one or two too many relationships where I felt that the dynamic between the couple was just off somehow, before I slowly dared to try something new. I planned some gay and lesbian romances but couldn’t find anything to really commit to until, finally, in 2018, Oh. My. Fate?! was born.

Since then I have tried my hand at several different tropes and settings: From a modern system story, to several cultivation series, pseudo-historic romance stories, a gaming novel, an apocalyptic comedy short story, and some tragedies, there is a bit of everything. Sometimes, these stories end up linked – a habit that has carried over from my times of writing het romances – like when the main character of Lovely Writing System trashes Oh. My. Fate?! for being nonsense or is really the one who comes up with the idea to Like a Ray in My Night.

Since fall 2019 – when my apparently-not-so-straight-after-all ass finally had her coming out – I am putting special emphasis on stories with asexual and aromantic leads, making sure to write at least two of them per year.

With the start of Corona in early 2020 – right at the time when I had finished my graduate studies – I decided to screw job-searching and became a part-time gay romance author / part-time freelance copywriter instead. I have about a million ideas that I still want to turn into novels so I reckon I’ll be doing this for more than just the foreseeable future. Definitely expect to see some of my other favorite novel themes like rebirth, the entertainment industry, the hero’s journey, or meddlesome gods get applied soon!