OMF V1C30 Trick Him!

Jing Yi hurried back to the shrub where he had hidden when his father took him to the forest. He sat down and looked around as if waiting for the old man to appear.
Qiu Ling observed him from behind, sighed and transformed once again. His perfect plan had been thwarted. He had to get it back on track! And … he had to tell Jing Yi that waiting in the forest like this wouldn’t be of help if he was looking for a person. Who knew if a normal passer-by would still be there after a whole day?
“Oh!” Qiu Ling stopped hiding his presence and like the day before, he bent down and peered into the shrub. “What’s in there today? A little animal?” Continue reading

RMN C11 Frightened the Little Rabbit Away

Mei Chao Bing’s hands lifted involuntarily as if hugging this little rabbit to his chest was the normal thing to do. He stopped himself though and his hands remained awkwardly hanging in the air while a certain someone clung to him.
His lips parted. He should say something, shouldn’t he? But what was he to say? Why had his little junior even come? And why was he so flustered? His fingers tugged into Mei Chao Bing’s robe and his frantic heartbeat couldn’t be missed. Something was up.
Well, the first thing should be to calm him down …
Mei Chao Bing hesitated but finally, one of his hands landed on Yun Bei Fen’s head and gently patted him. “There, there. You’re looking as if the sky would come crashing down any moment now. What got you so flustered?” Continue reading

OMF V1C23 Spice Things Up

“Your … Your Majesty.” Shun Tao gulped again and slowly lifted his head. He didn’t even spare a glance at the man next to the Heavenly Emperor and instead focused all his attention on that serious face.
Oh no, it’s over. He knows. Or even if he doesn’t know, he will soon.
Shun Tao lightly coughed and stood up from the ground, switching into a proper bow. Cold sweat grazed his brow. “Fate’s scribe, Shun Tao, greets His Majesty, Tianjun.”
“Mn.” The Heavenly Emperor motioned for him to get up, then nodded towards the courtyard. “Fate’s scribe, what are you doing here?” His lips still twitched, trying to raise into a grin. But, ah, he should try to uphold his mighty image. Continue reading

OMF V1C20 Duping a Child

Qiu Ling lifted his hand, his magic surged and his robes once again seemed to change form. This time they didn’t look like the robes of a Daoist cultivator though. Instead, they seemed like the clothes the ordinary people in the countryside wore because they were convenient to move around in. If one didn’t look at the face, Qiu Ling might have been one of the men from the surrounding villages. Well, and one should also ignore the fact that there wasn’t even a single speck of dust on his clothes which certainly wasn’t normal.
After the trouble from the last time, Qiu Ling considered these problems. He couldn’t do anything about the dirt since his beloved hated it but with another wave of his hand, he changed the rest of his appearance. His long hair turned as white as snow and his body aged until his face was scrunched up in wrinkles. Continue reading

OMF V5C81 Some Convoluted Plan?

At the same time, the fallen god in the demon realm curled up his lips. It could hardly be called a smile though. There was no expression in his dark eyes and nothing else but the angle at which the corners of his lips were raised changed.
“How pitiful you are. Imprisoned in the demon realm.” He raised his hand and his fingers curled around the bars of the cell. “How about I liberate you?”
Fu Heng gritted his teeth and pulled Fu Min closer to his chest, incessantly stroking his hair as if that alone might suffice to make sure nothing would happen. He knew that there was no hope though.
This was a fallen god. You couldn’t beat them, you couldn’t argue with them, you couldn’t appeal to them. After all, most of them had already lost their sanity when they fell.
In fact, staying silent would be the best choice. That way they at least wouldn’t aggravate him. He might kill them fast, without letting them suffer too much. Continue reading

OMF V5C80 Evil Charm

Jinde’s expression twisted and he burrowed deeper into Leng Jin Yu’s arms. Ah, that day … it had been the worst day of his life. Before that time he had always been able to find some kind of excuse, some kind of explanation that could make him feel better.
Leng Jin Yu pulled him up against his chest and gently stroked his back. “I’m sorry. The things I did in my past life …” He sighed and shook his head. What use was there in apologizing? All of that was long done. Whatever he said it wouldn’t change anything about the pain Jinde had suffered.
“It’s not your fault. Nothing ever was. From the very beginning, we were played. That woman … she was from the demons. Or more precisely she was one of the wives of the demon king.”
Leng Jin Yu frowned. “Then how could —” Continue reading

LWS V4C62 You Can Skip That

Nie Chang stopped reading and looked at Su Yan. “Do you really want me to read this?”
Su Yan frowned. “Ah Chang, why does my system have such bad taste?”
“Well …” Nie Chang smiled wryly. Whether it was bad or not was probably in the eye of the beholder. A lot of people liked the kind of BL novel that included lots of smut. Gosh, if things really were as he thought, then there were certainly readers who were either rooting for Kang Lei or Yuan Jing to free the poor Beta from the influence of that so-called poisonous plant through some papapa. Actually, there might even be a small percentage of readers that wouldn’t mind if both of them helped him dispel the effects together.
Unfortunately, nothing of this could be said to his little darling. He needed another explanation. “Maybe it’s not about taste but about education, after all.”
“How is that education? It probably just likes birds!” Continue reading

OMF V1C14 Those Filthy Humans

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“Ah, that must be your son, Madam Zhong. May I?” Qiu Ling pretended to be surprised as if he hadn’t expected Zhong Jing Yi to be there. Well, he only threw Madam Zhong a careless glance and took a step forward without waiting for her approval though. He definitely couldn’t leave his poor beloved in the hands of that man! He had to get him back!
The villagers hurriedly parted to make way for him. After all, this was a mighty Daoist Immortal! Their village couldn’t bear to offend such a person.
Mister Pan who had went to fetch Jing Yi hadn’t been there when Qiu Ling appeared and showed his might. Confused, he glanced from one side to the other and then at the man at the other side. “Er … What happened?” Continue reading

LWS V4C61 The Best Time of Your Life

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Su Yan opened his eyes and looked at his boyfriend thoughtfully. It seemed Nie Chang was really knowledgeable about everything. His prediction was completely right! This novel wasn’t good at all! Maybe they should skip to the end, after all? Unfortunately for him, his boyfriend already continued to read.
[Kang Lei chuckled. “Oh? I always thought you only had eyes for that Major Yuan of yours. But it seems you’ve realized he isn’t all that after you’ve seen him for yourself. It’s just as I told you: All hype about nothing. He’s just some guy that got a little lucky. You definitely won’t regret deciding on me.”
The Major Yuan that was badmouthed by someone who was attempting a mission under his supervision frowned even more than before but not because of Kang Lei’s disregard of him. Rather he was afraid that a few minutes might be too long, after all. Continue reading

OMF V5C79 That Last Mistake

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“You remember Xin Lan, don’t you?”
“Mn. He seems to have a high status in your race and … he said you saved him once.”
Jinde nodded. “That’s true. I found him heavily injured. Without me, he probably would have died that day. I didn’t even think about it. I just took him home and cared for him until he was better. There was no intention behind it.
“But Xin Lan refused to leave after that. He was always pretty obstinate, maybe even more so then Chun Yin. He had decided that he wanted to repay me so he stayed. Whatever I wanted to have done he would be the first to jump at it. If I didn’t have any task for him, he would go out of his way to find one. He often returned badly injured and I had to patch him up again but he never complained. He just handed me whatever he had gotten in return for those wounds.” Continue reading