OMF V6C11 Let’s Contact Them Later

Xiang Yong reacted immediately. “Yi Zan, what may I do for you?”
“The Son of Heaven was abducted by the demon king. His Majesty has followed them and is likely fighting in the demon realm alone.”
There was only a slight pause before Xiang Yong reacted. “I’ll gather our warriors and lead them over. You and Qiang Wei …”
“We’ll continue to guard His Highness’ immortal body. Qiang Wei is trying to reach Fu Min.”
“Alright. I’ll leave that to you.”
The transmission was cut as fast as it had been established and Yi Zan turned to Qiang Wei. His friend obviously had more trouble than him. His transmission stone pulsed with white light, a sure sign that he was imbuing spiritual energy but no connection was established.
Yi Zan walked over and frowned. “Could it be he is in the demon realm and already knows?”
“Maybe. Then he could have joined His Majesty in the fight already.”
Yi Zan shook his head. “He should have been with Fu Heng. Wouldn’t he rather let him join the fight while he informs us? He should know that the three of them aren’t enough to contend against a whole army. Not even with His Majesty around.”
“That’s true. Let me try to reach Fu Heng instead.”
In the human realm, not far from the Yun Zou Sect, another transmission stone started giving off light just after the first one had stopped. Fu Min clung to his husband’s shoulders and looked at the thing that peaked halfway out of the robe he had flung aside earlier.
“Ah, Fu Heng, that … your … mn …”
Fu Heng very conscientiously pretended to have neither seen nor heard anything and just continued. This wasn’t the stone His Majesty had given him so it should be alright to ignore it for a while. He sealed those lips with another kiss and brushed that blond hair out of the way, his hands stroking his partner’s torso.
Fu Min forgot about the transmission stone just as fast. His arms circled Fu Heng’s neck and he managed to wrap his legs around Fu Heng’s waist, sticking to him as close as possible.
The two dragons in Jing He’s palace exchanged a glance. Yi Zan also took out his transmission stone and tried to reach Fu Min again.
With both of their transmission stones glowing, Fu Min had trouble to ignore it. “Fu Heng …”
“They can wait.”
Fu Min wanted to protest but his husband had already leaned down again, his lips wandering across his throat while his hips …
“Mn!” Fu Min hugged him tighter and reached over to Fu Heng’s robe, pushing it onto the transmission stone so it wouldn’t interrupt them again. They could still contact the others later and make up some story why they hadn’t been able to react before that.
Fu Heng smirked when he saw his partner behave like that. He ran his hands down his sides and picked up his pace.
Fu Min moaned and his feet rubbed the back of Fu Heng’s leg.
Fu Heng shuddered. He hugged his lover to his chest and kissed him again, whispering his name. “Fu Min … I love you. You can’t believe how happy I am. I —”
Fu Min cupped his husband’s cheeks and pulled his head up, frowning at him. “How come you’re so talkative today? Aren’t you mincing your words, normally?”
Fu Heng didn’t care that he was being scolded. He bent down and kissed his lover’s lips. “That love has to go somewhere.” His lips moved to the side and his hands started roaming again.
Fu Min grinned. “I don’t think that’s the way to have it go somewhere.” His own hands slid down on Fu Heng’s back and he tightened his legs around Fu Heng’s waist. “How about concentrating on that instead?”
Fu Heng snorted and kissed Fu Min’s cheek before falling silent and doing what his lover wanted. Mn, after following him around for so long and seeing how he pretended to like Xiang Yong instead … he still had a hard time to believe that this person was finally his. He might as well make sure.
Fu Min groaned, almost regretting a little that he had teased his husband so much. As soon as his brows furrowed, Fu Heng slowed down though.
“Are you alright? Should I stop?”
“Stop, my ass! Continue!”
Fu Heng nodded and did as he was told until they finally both lay in the grass, heavily panting. Fu Heng pulled his lover into his arms and kissed his cheek, humming in a low tone.
Fu Min looked at him and snorted. “Take a look at your face! Thankfully, we’re outside. If the others saw …”
“They can see all they want.”
“They can’t.” Fu Min grinned and snuggled up to his husband, poking his chest with a finger. “You’re my husband. How dare they try and see?” He looked up at Fu Heng’s face through his lashes. Seeing the indulgent look in them, he seriously wondered how he had been able to miss for so long just how smitten Fu Heng was with him. “You know we could have had this much sooner if you just told me.”
“Weren’t you always gushing about how great Xiang —”
Fu Min clasped a hand over his husband’s mouth. “Sh! Don’t talk about other men after doing it with me. I’ll think you want to reconsider this marriage.”
Fu Heng smiled. “My soul is already yours.”
Fu Min nodded but he didn’t look as happy as before. “Sorry about that. Even though … we’re a couple now, that shouldn’t have happened. If something happens to me …”
“If something happened to you, I wouldn’t want to live anyway. So let’s forget about it. Do you want to contact the others now or …”
Fu Min sighed and hugged Fu Heng’s waist. “Let’s sleep a bit first. I would be embarrassed if they heard what we just did.”
Fu Heng smiled. “You think your voice sounds like it?”
Fu Min poked his husband’s waist. “You don’t think it does? It’s a seductive voice! Those single dogs won’t be able to take it.”
“Mn.” A certain someone went back to mincing his words again but he still stroked his lover’s hair and finally pulled over his outer robe to cover them when their sweat slowly dried.

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