RMN C18 Why Would I Need to Worry?

Baili Chao left the Sect Master’s study in a complicated mood. His disciple, the savior of the Teng Yong Sect? Heavens! And he had still joked about his name having to do with the Black Warrior back when he took him in. Was fate playing a joke on him?
When he reached the hall he found Yun Bei Fen leaning against the wall with a dreamy expression, his gaze still trained on the white-clad man a couple of meters away. With the clearing around Mei Chao Bing, it was especially obvious. Thankfully, the disciples that were still there were discussing the mission and only peeked at the little beauty every now and then, none of them even thinking about at whom he might be peeking at.
Baili Chao shook his head and went over to fetch his disciple. Ah, if he told Yun Bei Fen that Sect Master Zhang wanted him to marry Mei Chao Bing to evade a disaster, he would be ecstatic. Well, ecstatic and probably indignant that the Sect Master would think Mei Chao Bing could become a problem. Mn, it was still better not to bring it up.
Yun Bei Fen sighed happily when they left the Sect Master’s palace. Mn, he had seen senior martial brother Mei again. And ah, patrolling … Didn’t this mean that he would be able to see Mei Chao Bing very, very often in the future? Didn’t this mean that he would be able to spend the whole time with him when they patrolled? How great! Such a patrol would probably take a long time so he’d be able to look at him for a few hours every day at the very least, wouldn’t he?
Baili Chao shook his head when he saw his disciple with that dreamy expression again. Ah, youth … He really couldn’t wait for his Fen’er to grow into a responsible young man who wouldn’t only think of that one senior martial brother of his. Regardless of whether they married or not.
“Fen’er, do you still need something from your house?” He waited but didn’t get an answer. Baili Chao sighed and reached over, grabbing the boy by the shoulder and making him halt.
“Huh?” Yun Bei Fen came out of his daze and looked around. Where were they? “Master … What are we doing here?”
“I asked if you needed to take something with you.”
“Take something with me?” Yun Bei Fen blinked. “No, why should I?”
Baili Chao’s lips twitched. He could vividly imagine how things were looking in his disciple’s head. He probably didn’t take the mission itself seriously and just thought about how he’d be spending time with that Mei Chao Bing. Well, it might be good for him to experience how hard such a mission would be without proper preparation. He’d let him struggle a bit to teach him a lesson and then make sure he was sufficiently equipped for the rest of the mission.
“Well, then let’s go.” He took out his sword, stepped onto it and pulled Yun Bei Fen over before having it raise into the air.
Before they could speed off into the distance somebody interrupted them though. “Elder Baili, junior martial brother Yun.” Yang Wu Huang faced them with a bright smile. “You are also heading over to the border region right away?”
Baili Chao’s brows drew closer together. This Yang Wu Huang … It probably wasn’t a coincidence that they had met here, was it? Don’t tell him he really intended to go after his disciple? He didn’t know for sure yet but his impression of this Yang Wu Huang didn’t get any better. “It’s an important mission. We can’t lose any time. So … we should be on our way.” He manipulated his spiritual energy and the sword set off.
Yang Wu Huang didn’t stay behind though. He followed the two of them with that amicable smile still on his lips. “Elder Baili is certainly right. This mission requires us to do our utmost. Ah, Elder Baili will probably be very busy in the border region. After all, you won’t only be in charge of your own disciple and not everyone is as obedient as junior martial brother Yun.” He turned to Yun Bei Fen and his lips and eyes curved even further. “Junior martial brother Yun doesn’t know how to use a flying sword yet?”
Baili Chao frowned even more. Sure enough, he had intentions to win his disciple over. Hmph. As if he’d let him! He would just let him talk for a while and then find a reason to keep him away from his disciple. It was bad enough that his Fen’er was always drooling over that Mei Chao Bing and might even need to marry him for the sake of the sect. He definitely wouldn’t let another senior martial brother come and contend with him for the second spot in his disciple’s heart!
Yun Bei Fen had no idea what was going on inside his Master’s head and just truthfully shook his head. It hadn’t been long since he established his foundation. Before that, it was impossible to use a flying sword and even after establishing his foundation he had stayed in his house for his secluded cultivation. There was no way his Master could have taught him how to do it.
Yang Wu Huang sighed. “Ah, junior martial brother Yun is still young. It’s no wonder you don’t know how to use a flying sword yet. But that will be very inconvenient in this mission. What will you do when you are faced with heretic practitioners stronger than you? Fighting won’t be an option but like this, you can’t even flee.”
Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes, confusion was written in them. He looked at his Master for some clue if maybe he had misunderstood something but he only found Baili Chao to look especially grim. Even more confused he turned back to Yang Wu Huang. “Why would I need to flee? Senior martial brother Mei will be there with me. He certainly won’t lose against those heretic practitioners.”

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