LWS V5C20 Wouldn’t He Look Pathetic?

Su Yan’s disappointment turned into happiness in a matter of seconds. “Cultivate?!” Right! Why hadn’t he thought of this! They were now in his novel which took place in a cultivation world so, naturally, they would also be able to cultivate! Ah, he had completely forgotten about that because of the conversation with Xue Chang Fu and the experience stats. “Then what do we try first? Flying on a sword?”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. “I think that might be a little too difficult for now. Let’s try cultivating first. Just sit down, try to sense spiritual energy and then take it in. It’d already be great if we could achieve that.”
“Mn!” Su Yan nodded happily, not even bothering to ask what that had to do with the experience stats and how it would bring them home. As long as he could become a cultivator for a while, it was certainly worth it!
Since Ziju An’s study had spiritual artifacts that could help with cultivation lying around everywhere, the two of them just sat down where they were and closed their eyes. Su Yan even made the effort to get into the lotus position in case it would make his cultivation speed faster. If he could live like a cultivator for a few days, he wanted to be a good cultivator, after all.
Unfortunately, things turned out to be more difficult than he had thought they would. Sitting in the right position and closing your eyes obviously wasn’t enough to become a great cultivator. The only thing Su Yan sensed … was darkness. And maybe it was even wrong to say he sensed it. It was just that there was only darkness around him since his eyes were closed.
Su Yan’s brows twitched. Why was cultivating this difficult? Shouldn’t he be able to sense the spiritual energy now? Why was there nothing to see? Su Yan furrowed his brow and reached over, tugging at his boyfriend’s sleeve. “Ah Chang, do you see something already?”
Nie Chang sighed. Why had he thought that they would be able to cultivate for a while? Obviously, his little darling wasn’t someone who could keep quiet and concentrate on nothing for a long time. “Mh, not yet. It probably takes a while.”
Su Yan’s eyes opened and he turned around to his boyfriend. “But Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai already were cultivators. Shouldn’t it be really easy?”
Nie Chang kept quiet for a moment. “Maybe we need to get used to it first? After all, even if we use their bodies, we’re not them.”
“Hm.” Su Yan wasn’t that convinced. He wanted to ask further but the profile of his boyfriend distracted him. Uh, well, it was probably wrong to think of it like this. Right now, Nie Chang still looked like Ziju An. He had a hair full of white hair, equally white brows and lashes and his face was also a bit more elegant and refined than Nie Chang’s real face. The resemblance was still quite big.
So this was how his boyfriend would look if they were real cultivators … He had to say he really had good eyesight. Such a handsome man! Thankfully, he had already become his boyfriend or he really would have missed out.
Su Yan smiled happily and continued to look at his boyfriend. Ah, cultivating together wasn’t bad. If they had to stay here longer, they should probably do this more often. Although he had to say that he liked Nie Chang’s original hair color a bit more than this white. It was certainly very cool in a novel but he didn’t want to have such an ethereal-looking boyfriend. Wouldn’t he look pathetic next to him then?
Nie Chang really wanted to ignore the stare that was directed at him and wait things out but just when he thought Su Yan had finally gone back to trying to sense the spiritual energy, his little darling started to rummage about.
Nie Chang cracked one eye open to make sure Su Yan wasn’t doing anything harmful. It seemed he didn’t need to worry. His little darling was indeed not doing anything harmful. He had gotten up though and was currently searching around in Ziju An’s study as if looking for something. Nie Chang pondered if he should offer his help but he finally closed his eyes again and pretended he hadn’t noticed anything. Who knew what his little darling was trying to do? If he didn’t help, Su Yan might give up on his own.
Naturally, that wouldn’t happen so fast. Su Yan continued to search for several minutes and finally turned to Nie Chang when he couldn’t find what he was looking for. “Ah Chang, I’m sure I put a special magic mirror in Ziju An’s study. Why can’t I find it now?”
Nie Chang opened his eyes, reached forward and picked up the mirror that stood on the table.
Su Yan blinked. “No, I’m searching for a mirror. Not the system.”
“The system is in the mirror.”
Su Yan blinked again. Huh? Oh. It seemed what Nie Chang said was true. They had used the mirror to have a look at the system. His cheeks flushed but he still hurried over to take the mirror from Nie Chang. He still had to take a look at his face, after all.
Su Yan shook the thing. “System! Let me take a look at the mirror!”
The system kept quiet but still disappeared from the surface of the mirror. Su Yan hurriedly took a look.
Then he lowered the mirror again and pursed his lips. This wasn’t nice at all! How come his boyfriend was so handsome while he looked so ordinary? Had Dou Fang Hai not concentrated on cultivation at all?! When they got back, he would certainly change that troublemaker into a decent child that would awe the whole cultivation world with his endless talent and hardworking attitude! No way would he stay ugly while his boyfriend was so beautiful.

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