LWS V5C18 Wasn’t It Normal to Try Different Positions?

Nie Chang finally cleared his throat. “Uhm, we’ve just arrived today, no need to be hasty. How about we try to find you something to eat first and then see what we can do?”
Su Yan looked at the mirror with a complicated gaze before turning to Nie Chang. He really wanted to accept but … “Didn’t we want to fulfill the tasks as soon as possible so we could return home?”
Nie Chang nodded. “That’s also true.”
The two of them turned back to the mirror, looking at the list strangely. Actually, there wasn’t much to see. The upcoming milestones were the same that Su Yan had seen before. It was just that … the ten types of kisses had been exchanged. As for what they had been exchanged … Neither Su Yan nor Nie Chang wanted to think too deeply about it.
In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain fujoshi angrily chomped her chips. These two, seriously! They had known each other for so many years and had even been together for almost a week. What was there still to be embarrassed about?! Wasn’t it normal to have sex and then try a few different positions?!
Never mind that Su Yan, that clueless shou, would have some trouble adjusting but couldn’t at least Nie Chang as the gong play his role well and take advantage of the situation?!
She reached into the bag again and pulled out another handful of chips. Honestly, those two were already stuck in a novel and wanted to return home. Did they really need some more incentive? It was so easy! They just had to turn to each other again and one of them had to propose to do it. Considering that the system would judge completing a milestone that would be important to the plot of a bl novel as more important they might be able to return already!
Wouldn’t that be the perfect conclusion for her own novel?! Ah, she could imagine it: How Su Yan and Nie Chang, driven by their desire to return to their very own love nest on planet 32847, rolled around in the sheets of Ziju An’s study several times, not only sexually awakening the little shou but also letting him gain enough insight to finish the overall task of the system. Then in a very moving epilogue, she could describe how Su Yan’s second novel became an instant success and he and Nie Chang moved in together, living happily ever after while having some papapa every day and night.
This was the type of conclusion her readers would love! So why couldn’t the person she had chosen to receive the system and his boyfriend live up to her expectations? This was unfair! As a fellow bl author shouldn’t Su Yan be ashamed of himself for setting her up like this?!
Shen Lu bit down on the chips with a sour expression. Maybe she should once again help them to come to the right realization?
She reached out to tip on her personal terminal to see if there was anything in the settings of the system she could use to speed things up a little on their end. She really didn’t want to wait too long.
“Ah, Shen Lu, how is your project coming along?” Her boss’ head suddenly popped up next to her, scaring her to death.
Shen Lu froze before turning toward him mechanically and forcing a smile onto her lips. “Boss! It … It’s going great!”
“Really? No new problems came up?” Her boss eyed the bracelet holding her personal terminal and asked with his brows drawn together. “You know you can ask if something comes up.”
“Oh … Thanks, boss, but there’s no need. Actually, I just took a look to see whether there was any progress and, well, it’s going really great. Honestly, this project is almost developing on its own.”
Her boss raised his brows. “What do you mean with that? Don’t they all develop on their own?”
Shen Lu tensed. “Uh … Sure they do! But you know we still have to go over everything and make sure we don’t miss anything. Just in case. And sometimes we won’t be able to extract the plot easily and need to adjust things. But with this project, I often feel that there isn’t a need to keep an eye on it. It’s developing so well and extracting the plot is such a simple matter I almost feel as if you gave me a surprise vacation, boss.”
Her boss nodded, finally satisfied. “It’s good if it’s like this. You can already look if there’s another promising person to assign a system to if it’s so relaxing.”
“Of course, boss! I’ll keep my eyes open, boss!” Shen Lu sent him off with a very fake, cheerful smile and only dared to heave a sigh of relief when he had vanished around the corner.
She grabbed into her bag of chips to calm down, only for her expression to derail once again. Shit! There were no chips left! She flung the empty bag into the recycler below her table with her left hand and opened the drawer on the other side with her right hand. Her fingers slipped into the dark space, trying to grab onto the corner of a bag of chips. Her hand disappeared in the drawer, then her lower arm, and finally … the tips of her fingers collided with the backside of the drawer.
“Damn! Fucking Shit!” There weren’t any chips there either.
Shen Lu pulled her arm out of the drawer and closed it with a bang. Great, just great! Her day was becoming worse and worse.
She turned to the person next to her. As usual, he had a pair of big headphones on his ears, rocking his upper body while staring at his personal terminal that he carried in a ring, not noticing her at all.
Shen Lu leaned over and silently pulled his drawer open. Her fingers slipped inside, pulled something out, and closed the drawer again. Finally, she turned away from him to cover up her theft. This might not be as good as her chips but she would still take his chocolate over nothing. Now, as for the issue with Su Yan and Nie Chang … It seemed it was too dangerous to do anything right now. She had to wait for a better opportunity or hope that Nie Chang would finally make his move.

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