OMF V6C9 Maybe He Could Outrun a Dragon?

Jing Yi covered his face with his hands. He regretted it now. When he saw those things in the secret realm, he shouldn’t have been so hasty to judge. And even if it had been true and there had been a Tian, how had he been able to waver so fast? That shouldn’t have happened.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Qiu Ling. It’s all my fault. If not for me being so indecisive …” He sighed again and lowered his hands, staring at the wall on the other side of the room.
“When I get out of here … Let’s continue where we left off. Let’s not wait any longer. Let’s just … get married like you always wanted and spend the rest of our lives together.”
Jing Yi smiled to himself and pulled his knees up to his chest again.
Qiu Ling had seen how that guy took him away so he should be able to find out where he had taken him. He could follow them and take him back then. For his fiance, that wouldn’t be too hard. It might just take a bit of time to figure out where exactly he was.
“I should find something useful to do for the time being.” Jing Yi closed his eyes, intending to cultivate when he remembered that he was in the demon realm right now. They certainly wouldn’t have spirit—
Uh? Jing Yi perked up and opened his eyes. Was he imagining things? He closed his eyes again, sat down in a proper lotus position and sensed the spiritual energy again. It was … indeed there. In fact, there wasn’t just a bit, there was a whole lot of it! This was even better than the secret realm.
His brows furrowed. Just how could this be? Shouldn’t the demon realm be devoid of spiritual energy? Or maybe even rich in demonic or dark energy or something? Wasn’t that what Shao Hai had told him back when they were children? Then why …
Could it be that Jin Ling hadn’t brought him to the demon realm at all? Had he managed to throw Qiu Ling off on the way and figured it might be better to hide him somewhere else? After all, if a demon took him away, then searching in the demon realm would be the obvious thing to do.
Jing Yi opened his eyes again. He couldn’t concentrate like this. What if this was indeed true? Then he couldn’t just wait for Qiu Ling to find him. No, he would need to go and do something himself then. But nothing had changed about his circumstances so there was nothing he could do.
Jing Yi sighed and closed his eyes. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe this was the demon realm after all. Shao Hai had told him these things when they were young and hadn’t learned anything in the Yun Zou Sect yet. It could be he had been wrong. Who knew?
Since he didn’t know and couldn’t do anything else, he might as well cultivate. With such a dense amount of spiritual energy, he might get a lot closer to the fourth level and thus to ascending some day. And then … he could follow Qiu Ling to his realm and indeed stay with him forever. Ah, thinking of it like this it might not be too bad to stay in the demon realm for a while.
While Jing Yi cultivated to pass his time until Qiu Ling came and saved him, his fiance was already making his way through the demon realm. Well, ‘making’ his way was probably the wrong way to put it. A certain someone was currently halfway to Jin Ling’s palace, killing his way through a horde of demons that still dared to try and stop him.
He hadn’t even taken out his sword and was just using his claws to rip them apart. These bastards shouldn’t think that he would show any mercy. He had hated them before already. They had destroyed his family, his life, and now they had even dared to take his beloved! He wouldn’t forgive them! He would kill every last of them that crossed his path.
He grabbed the next one by the shoulder and pulled, twisting off an arm and throwing it away. The demon screeched but Qiu Ling didn’t even twitch. His claws slashed the demon’s chest open and he pushed the corpse to the ground.
His eyes touched upon the rows in front of him and he growled. These bastards. He wouldn’t mind killing each and every one of them but … there were so many. When he was finished with them, that bastard might already have done something to his beloved. He couldn’t risk that. He had to go and save him now.
Qiu Ling grabbed one of the demons by the throat and pulled him over until they were face to face. “You. Go and tell your stupid king that he better shouldn’t think of hurting my beloved. If my Jing He even looks like one of his hairs is out of place, then I will raze the whole fucking demon realm to the ground. Do you understand?”
The demon just stared back at him blankly. Was this … the rumored dragon king?
Qiu Ling tsked and threw him to the ground, kicking his butt. “Go! Tell him he should prepare to hand my beloved over if he doesn’t want more of his subjects to die here.”
The demon hurriedly got up and ran away, his gaze traveling past the bodies on the ground. So … did this mean he wouldn’t die? That was too good to be true, wasn’t it?
Still, since he had gotten the chance to open up some distance between himself and that lunatic, he would gladly do so. Maybe he could outrun a dragon if he just started early enough?

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