LWS V5C19 Darling, Let’s Cultivate Together!

Thanks to Shen Lu’s failure of intervening with the system once more, Su Yan and Nie Chang still stood there and were faced with the same list of tasks.
Even though Su Yan wanted to agree with Nie Chang and just do something else but … he also wanted to go home. And sooner or later they had to do these tasks anyway, hadn’t they? “How about … just taking that shower together?”
Nie Chang sighed. “I doubt you there are showers in this world.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Well … Nobody said it had to be a shower. We could just use a waterfall with spiritual water or something.”
Nie Chang glanced at him. Excuse him for being skeptical but wasn’t this the person that had refused to come out of bed before because the weather in August was too cold, even requiring his boyfriend to climb below the blanket and forcefully put some clothes onto his body before he could be dragged out of bed? And if he remembered correctly, then a certain person always adjusted the water to be at least lukewarm if not even outrageously hot. “Darling … Do you think someone will make the effort to heat the water up for you?”
Su Yan looked back at him and blinked. It took a few seconds until understanding dawned in his eyes. “You mean … the water will be cold?!”
Nie Chang nodded gravely. “Very, very cold.”
Su Yan grasped his arm and looked pitifully at him. “Then … let’s not take the shower?”
“Alright.” Nie Chang very sensibly nodded at this suggestion. He hadn’t been the one to ask for that shower in the first place.
Su Yan stared at the system again. If they didn’t take the shower together, what should they do then? It still wasn’t Friday so they couldn’t just go and have sex, could they?
Su Yan pondered the issue but finally felt that it wasn’t the time yet. They had already agreed on Friday. He shouldn’t try to change things now. That would just make it awkward.
But then what? The call was out of the question. Besides the other things he had read before, there was also a task of having ten dates. They had been on three dates already if going shopping, visiting his parents, and going to a park all counted. So they would need another seven to fulfill this task. Even if they went out once a day and dates in this world counted, they would still need a full week to finish the task! That was way too long. By then, people would already have found out that they had vanished and they would get into trouble.
So was there nothing they could do? Why were there only so few milestones?
Su Yan pursed his lips and stared at the system with dissatisfaction. “System, aren’t there any other milestones? It can’t be that that is all that will happen in a relationship, can it?”
[There is a multitude of different milestones that can be achieved in a relationship. Only the most common of them will be displayed in the ‘upcoming milestones’ list.]
The system fell silent after giving that information while Su Yan and Nie Chang quietly exchanged a glance.
Finally, Su Yan kicked the table. “This stupid system! Why didn’t it say so from the beginning?! Now we’ve thought about the stupid milestones from that list the whole time while we could have considered other possible milestones already.”
Nie Chang hurriedly dragged his little darling a few steps away and patted his back to calm him down. “Don’t worry about it. It hasn’t been that long since we arrived and finished the first milestone. We can just slowly start thinking about it now. Do you have any idea what another milestone could be?”
Su Yan looked at him blankly. “How would I know? Weren’t you the one who went after me first? You should know more about these things than I!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. He probably should have expected this. He took a deep breath and pondered. A milestone of their relationship … That should be something that changed the way they interacted with each other or maybe how they viewed the other person. Something that brought them closer together or that they looked forward to.
Other than the things on the list, moving together had already been a plan they had but it seemed just living together in Ziju An’s palace wouldn’t count. They would need to move in together like an ordinary couple and that would likely be impossible here in this world.
Mn, maybe having their first argument would count? That seemed to be something that made couples become closer when they managed to resolve the conflict. Unfortunately … Was there really something they could argue about? They had come the closest to that when Su Yan went to that bar and got drugged by that despicable Ling Dong Hai. But even then he hadn’t been able to keep being angry for long. As for normal days … Ah, he was too spineless for that! But what could he do? He wouldn’t be able to take it if Su Yan really got angry at him and ignored him!
Was there nothing else?
Nie Chang stared at the list in the mirror. If those were the most common milestones, then the ones they had to find by themselves wouldn’t be as obvious. But they also shouldn’t be something too obscure. After all, this wasn’t like a puzzle they had to solve. It would be things that could be achieved even by just being a couple every day. They only had the problem that they needed the experience points fast.
Next to him, Su Yan furrowed his brow and tugged at his sleeve. “Ah Chang, did you still not come up with anything?”
Nie Chang turned to him and paused. Wait! This wasn’t just any kind of system! It was a system that was supposed to help Su Yan write so … who said the milestones had to be something normal?
Nie Chang grinned and put an arm around Su Yan’s shoulders. “How can you scold your Master like this? As a good disciple, shouldn’t you know your place?”
Su Yan wanted to erupt but Nie Chang put a finger against his lips.
“Darling, let’s cultivate together.”

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