LWS Extra 2: C21 It’ll Be Fun!

With just a little bit of urging from Nie Chang to make sure they would leave the hotel at all that day, the two of them finally made their way to the botanical garden an hour later. Or, well, they weren’t quite at the botanical garden yet.

Su Yan looked around with wide eyes and then looked up at his boyfriend. “This is the botanical garden? It doesn’t look like one.” In fact, this looked a bit like … in a desert. A desert with big walls. There were only a few bushes around that didn’t look like much. It made him feel that his boyfriend had a very strange idea of what a ‘botanical garden’ was supposed to look like.

Nie Chang nodded and put his arm around Su Yan’s shoulders. “Yeah, it’s still a bit to walk until we get there. If you want to, we can first look at the other things around here though. We have time.” After all, he had already given up the plan to do everything they had originally had planned.

Su Yan wasn’t quite sure yet but still followed his boyfriend down the path. Soon enough, a building appeared in front of them. A large sign was hanging on one of the walls, identifying it as a museum. Su Yan’s expression immediately turned worse and he looked at his boyfriend accusingly. “You wouldn’t want to go to a museum with me, would you? Wasn’t this supposed to be a date? There’s nothing romantic about going to a museum!”

Nie Chang raised his brows. “No?” He looked at the building as if he was truly astonished and then glanced back at his little darling. “I heard they have some exciting things though.”

“What kind of thing could that be? Old skeletons that they dug up somewhere in Las Vegas? That sounds even worse!”

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. His little darling really wasn’t making this easy for him! “No, but I do think they have living animals there. They’re probably really cute. Oh, and then there’s some flood simulator or something if I saw that right on the map before. I bet it’d be really exciting to have a look and —”

“Alright, alright! Let’s go and have a look!” Su Yan dragged at his boyfriend’s arm. Anyway, even if it was skeletons he might be able to use it for a novel or something. So this visit wouldn’t be wasted.

Nie Chang laughed and followed him inside. He wasn’t quite sure whether it had been the promise of the flood simulator or the animals but he was sure that the two of them would have a lot of fun today.

Soon enough, he got the proof that he was right about that. A certain someone actually let go of his arm and rushed ahead, started to touch everything in the lobby that looked like it was fun while exclaiming loudly.

Before Nie Chang managed to catch up to him, he was already running away though. He didn’t stop to read any of the signboards or even watch the documentations. As long as it wasn’t something that could be touched and played with, it obviously wasn’t enticing enough. Thus his little darling had soon vanished around a corner. Nie Chang panicked for a moment but then a call already told him where to go.

“Ah Chang! Look at this? Is that one of the animals you mentioned?” There was a slight pause before a scoff could be heard. “Wait! That’s not a real animal at all. They just made it look like one!”

Nie Chang managed to reach the corner and saw his darling stare at what seemed to be a stuffed sample of some kind of fox. Well … This also what he hadn’t expected. But the real ones were probably further in the back.

He wanted to tell Su Yan but his darling had already disappeared again. Nie Chang sighed and went down the path, looking around and listening for any other calls. Following these clues, he finally saw his boyfriend excitedly looking at the flood simulator. He just wanted to call out when Su Yan turned around and actually came running back.

“You —”

“Why are you being so slow? Hurry up! You have to see this!” He grabbed his arm and dragged him over with him. “It’s actually like a big cave and you can’t even hear the people talking with all the noise from the water!”

“So it’s like that.” Nie Chang accelerated his steps and followed Su Yan over, earnestly standing next to him at the railing and watch the water rush toward them.

His little darling couldn’t help but look over and watch it disappear below their feet before he turned back to them. “Ah Chang, say, if I put this kind of flood into a novel, do you think the readers would like it?”

Nie Chang raised his brows. “If I say yes, will you use the special dimension to plan that scene and have me act in it with you? Because I really wouldn’t want to drown.”

Su Yan stared and looked back at the water. Then, he backed off two steps. “That … no, I don’t think I would.” Honestly, looking at it, he wasn’t too sure if a normal human would be able to survive. And even though Ah Chang and he had already gotten some experience in being cultivators from the previous times they had transmigrated into his stories for a while, they were still pretty much mortal. How could they do something this dangerous? Going to beat up demonic cultivators was nothing in comparison!

Nie Chang laughed and tousled his hair. “I still think they’d find it very exciting if you wrote such a scene. And I guess seeing it like this will also be very helpful for writing, right? You probably don’t need to experience it for yourself.”

Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at the water again, trying to imagine the great scene he’d be writing. Ah, he could almost feel how he was becoming a better writer just by looking at this!

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