LWS V5C44 The Male Lead Has to Buy Tanghulu

Nie Chang coughed. Wasn’t his little darling a little too self-assured? Even though he was the one who had written the story and was currently occupying Dou Fang Hai’s body, it certainly wasn’t like he’d have some kind of plot armor just because of that, was it? After all, the system had generated this world based on what he had written and planned so far and Su Yan certainly wouldn’t have noted that the protagonist would have a cheat that didn’t allow others to steal from him.
Well, even though he wasn’t too sure about that, he still didn’t think that it was likely to happen upon another transmigrator. After all, Su Yan should neither have written anything that suggested people were transmigrating into this novel.
“Why aren’t you saying anything? Do you think I’m not the protagonist?”
“Of course not!” Nie Chang hurriedly grabbed his little darling’s hand and pulled him with him to the side of the road while looking for a place where they could look at the system without drawing attention. “You’re definitely the protagonist. In fact, you’d be the protagonist in any story you’re part of. After all, who could bear to turn you into a side character when you’re so adorable?” Continue reading

LWS V5C43 I’m the Protagonist of This Story

Yue Mu Gang stared at the pair of Master and disciple that were kissing right in front of the window as if there was nothing strange about it. Seeing them like that, he couldn’t help but tense. Just what were they thinking?! This was the Jin He City! It was located right at the foot of the Jin Shan Sect! If anyone from the sect saw them …
In front of the inn, Nie Chang himself also tensed but after a moment, he relaxed again. Never mind. Su Yan’s story had been planned like this anyway and the system had given him those dimensional tickets so he could go and explore his world a bit more before continuing his story. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with continuing on the path Su Yan had set for his characters. Whatever happened on the way this story would have a happy end. There was no doubt about that.
And even if that wasn’t the case, they were only visitors in this world. As soon as they had enough experience points, they could return to their own world and wouldn’t have to come back here ever again. So whatever they did, it was just an experience they shared. Nothing more, nothing less. Continue reading

LWS V5C42 Go on a Date Like Cultivators Would

Yue Mu Gang’s lips twitched and he turned away. Never mind. He shouldn’t have tried it. Even though he liked him, it might be better for them not to be together. Not just because of what other people might say but also because they might find out that they didn’t fit as well as they thought they would.
Xue Chang Fu blinked. Why was Ah Gang turning away? Had he done anything wrong? He tilted his head. Nah, that couldn’t be! He had even been so nice to check his temperature for him! Most likely, Yue Mu Gang was super touched and a little embarrassed because of that. Mn, he should make use of the situation and further their feelings!
Thus when Su Yan and Nie Chang came back to the table and put down the tray with the tea, they were faced with the usual scene of the grim-looking Elder Yue being harassed by Sect Master Xue. Continue reading

LWS V5C41 How to Cheer Him up

“Senior martial brother!” Xue Chang Fu pursed his lips and stomped his feet. “I was clearly the one being wronged! How can you shamelessly take Xiao Hai’s side? Don’t you think this is unfair?”
Nie Chang didn’t pay him any attention. Just one glance at Su Yan’s face let him know that he had to very, very quickly ruffle his feathers or he’d be the one to take the blame. He hurriedly stroked Su Yan’s back and ruffled his hair. “Are you alright?”
Su Yan pursed his lips just like the Sect Master but managed to look even more aggrieved. “No!” Continue reading

LWS V5C40 I Feel I Should Say a Few Words

Xue Chang Fu’s eyes widened incredulously. He opened his mouth but didn’t know what to do. In the end, he rapped Su Yan on the head. “Dou Fang Hai! What are you suggesting there?! Did you lose your marbles together with your memory?! Why would I even think of drugging Elder Yue?!”
“Ah!” Su Yan held his head and pouted. What was he getting angry about? Hadn’t he been the one who said he wanted him to put a powder into Elder Yue’s drink later on that would make him lose control? What was that if not drugging him?! “Drugging someone is bad. You definitely can’t do that!” He should know. He had been drugged once and it had been horrible. He hadn’t been able to remember clearly and his head had hurt and Nie Chang had also gotten angry at him. Regardless of how Elder Yue had behaved until now, he didn’t deserve to experience something like that! Continue reading

LWS V5C39 I Didn’t Plan That!

Su Yan furrowed his brows. “How would I know? Anyway, I don’t know his favorite food! I forgot all about it! Why do you still not believe me?!”
Xue Chang Fu looked at the disciple in front of him that was pursing his lips in anger and pursed his own lips. “How was I supposed to know something like that happened? That’s such a stupid story. Everyone would think you’re trying to make up a lie.”
“You!” Su Yan trembled. How dare his own character say something like that to him? He was also something he had come up with! He should better be thankful or he would make Yue Mu Gang the Sect Master instead when he got back! Well, not that he could. He had already published the first chapter, after all. Hmph. He’d think of something else he could do to him. Maybe Nie Chang had an idea. Anyway, he couldn’t let this go unpunished! Continue reading

LWS V5C38 I Forgot

While the two men at the table stared at each other to figure the other out, Xue Chang Fu dragged Su Yan as far away as he could without making too obvious that he wasn’t going to get them drinks at all.
Su Yan wondered why they were still walking after passing two waiters though. “Uh …” He wanted to ask but suddenly found himself faced with a difficult problem: How was he supposed to address this person? Martial uncle? This was his Master’s junior martial brother, after all. But he was also the Sect Master and everyone besides Ziju An called him Sect Master or Sect Master Xue so maybe it would be best if he also called him Sect Master? Continue reading

LWS V5C37 Secretly in Love

Seeing that his victim didn’t reject the idea Xue Chang Fu smiled mischievously and slipped closer, wrapping tightly around his arm. “We have to make sure that it’s very believable! How about I cling to you while senior martial brother advises Xiao Hai a bit on his cultivation?”
“I don’t think it needs that to be believable.”
Xue Chang Fu still leaned closer and rubbed the Elders chest. “So you think we look a lot like a couple even without being this close?”
Yue Mu Gang glanced at him without speaking and naturally, the Sect Master didn’t let go and instead snuggled up to him even closer. Continue reading

LWS V5C36 You’re My Lover

Su Yan took the bracelet from his boyfriend and rubbed the engraving only to be left with nothing. He stared at the empty spot and frowned. What was this? Could it be the system had only wanted to show him the new task? What about his current progress, ah! He wanted to know just how many tasks they still needed to do.
He frowned at it and rubbed again but the bracelet stayed the way it was before. Stupid thing! It was clearly bullying him! What kind of behavior was that for a system? He pursed his lips and looked at Nie Chang for comfort.
Unfortunately, there was nothing his boyfriend could do besides looking helpless. After all, there were still two cultivators in front of them, even though Xue Chang Fu seemed to have stopped paying attention to them and was already harassing Elder Yue again. “You can take a look when we go back. Let’s finish this mission first.” Continue reading

LWS V5C35 Help the Sect Master Find Happiness

The place where they finally arrived made Su Yan’s mood drop. This wasn’t a shady place at all! It was well-lit with nice, wooden furniture that just seemed a little old and a diligent boss that ran around taking orders and serving customers with a happy smile. Unfortunately, this also wasn’t the type of high-class place that any young masters would frequent. No, it was just a normal inn. How was anything interesting supposed to happen here?!
Su Yan slowed down and hid his wrist with the bracelet behind his other sleeve. He’d really like to know what kind of excuse the system could come up with for creating such a shitty place. Wouldn’t it have been better to let him use the special dimension to make it? Then this wouldn’t have happened! His inn would have been many times better than this kind of normal place. Continue reading