OMF V5C87 I’m Here with You

Leng Jin Yu bent down and gently kissed the spot where he had bitten Jinde yesterday. “I’ll be careful.”
“Mn.” Jinde nodded even though he didn’t care that much. His experience with Chun Yin hadn’t been gentle either but he had still liked it. To a dragon, there wasn’t too much of a difference. Still, as long as Leng Jin Yu liked it better that way, he would let him do so.
Leng Jin Yu looked up, his gaze interlocking with Jinde’s. He cupped his cheek, his other hand holding his waist and finally, their bodies connected.
Both Jinde and Leng Jin Yu took a shaky breath and had to close their eyes for a moment.
When Leng Jin Yu opened his eyes he saw Jinde frown slightly. “Is everything alright? Is it too much? Am I … Am I hurting you?”
Jinde shook his head and opened his eyes but it didn’t help. They had reddened, making Leng Jin Yu almost pull back. Jinde hurriedly pulled him closer again and tightened the hold of his legs around Leng Jin Yu’s waist.
“Don’t. I just … Until now, I still couldn’t really believe it but you really … You really came back to me.” The tears finally spilled over, trailing down his cheek and dripping onto the bed.
Leng Jin Yu was at a loss. Jinde had told him everything but it was still so far away from him. He couldn’t imagine how it had been for Jinde. He only understood that it must have been painful. His voice had said so.
Without any other idea, he leaned down and kissed those tears away, gently wiping his cheek. There were no words he could say. In his past life, he had made too many promises. Now, he had to show Jinde that he was with him and that he was finally making those promises true. It had taken him one reincarnation to be finally able to do so but he would. And with time, the wounds he had made Jinde suffer would heal.
He exhaled and slowly started to move.
Jinde took another shaky breath. “Jin Yu …”
“I’m here.” Leng Jin Yu kissed the corner of his eye, taking away the last tear that was clinging to his lashes. “Tell me if you don’t like it.”
Jinde kept silent. His hands slipped out of Leng Jin Yu’s hair and onto his broad back. His fingers stroked the smooth skin and his eyes shut. “Jin Yu.”
“I’m with you.” He kissed his cheekbone and gently traced the line of his clavicle with his fingers, stopping at the depression in the middle. “You’re beautiful.”
Jinde’s lips curved up but he didn’t open his eyes. His whole world only consisted of the breath of his lover that brushed his earlobe, the rough skin of the fingers that gently stroked his skin and the slight pain in his backside that came back each time his lover’s hips swayed.
Jinde sighed. It was true. Leng Jin Yu was saying the truth. He really was here with him. He was at his side. Finally, he wasn’t alone anymore. As much as he wanted to just enjoy the moment, he couldn’t hold back the tears.
Leng Jin Yu didn’t say anything. He just wiped them away again and kissed Jinde’s jaw, his lips traveled down further and he sucked on Jinde’s neck. “Tomorrow … let’s ask someone over.”
“Huh?” Jinde’s voice trembled. His skin seemed to grow hotter at Leng Jin Yu’s touch. His feet curled up when his lover reached for another spot on his neck.
“Didn’t you say dragons display the traces? You can’t go home so … let’s find somehow to come here and have a look. Alright?”
“Al … Alright …” Jinde took a deep breath and raised his chin, surrendering himself.
Leng Jin Yu bent down to his clavicle and trailed it with his lips. He couldn’t say why but he somehow liked this spot. Was this something from his past life or did he just have some kind of preference for this? He didn’t know. Well, it didn’t matter either. He pushed the thought aside and just concentrated on what he was doing.
His tongue slipped out and carefully nipped the depression he had touched before.
“Ah …” Jinde arched his back and his nails dug into Leng Jin Yu’s skin.
Leng Jin Yu lifted his head in surprise. Was that reaction normal? He wasn’t hurting him, right? He took a look at Jinde’s face but the frown from before had receded and there wasn’t any trace of tears anymore. If anything, he seemed … impatient. Well, he had taken a lot of time to get here.
Leng Jin Yu let go of Jinde’s waist and reached up, stroking his chest. With how Jinde had curled his legs around him, there wasn’t a need to hold him anyway. His fingers traced the outer line of his chest while he kissed his way down from Jinde’s chin, across his throat and finally down to his chest. He leaned to the side, his fingers brushing one side while his lips wandered off to the other.
“Jinde …” He murmured his name when his lips and fingers reached the small protruding buds. He didn’t know if he was supposed to touch them but something told him Jinde might like it. His lips left a short kiss on the right side while his fingers brushed it on the left.
Jinde took in a sharp breath and his legs tightened around Leng Jin Yu’s waist. “Jin Yu …”
“I’m here.” Leng Jin Yu repeated the words he had said before but his lips immediately returned to Jinde’s chest. He hadn’t imagined that, right? Jinde did seem to like this.
His lips closed over the spot that was slowly hardening under his touch. A sigh escaped Jinde’s lips and his nails scratched his back.
Leng Jin Yu gave a grunt. His tongue flicked out and brushed Jinde’s skin.
“Ah!” Jinde clung to him, his own hips slowly starting to move in the same rhythm as Leng Jin Yu’s. “Jin Yu …” He breathlessly whispered his name, making Leng Jin Yu shudder. “Jin Yu …”
Those feet brushed his lover’s leg and Leng Jin Yu finally couldn’t hold back any longer. Unwittingly, he picked up the pace of his thrusts.

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