OMF V5C86 Still Talking So Much

Leng Jin Yu held onto those soft hands before they could do anything else. His lips once again found Jinde’s and he sealed his protest with a kiss.
Jinde tried to speak up and wrest his hands away from Leng Jin Yu’s grip but his lover had made sure to hold onto them tightly. Jinde harrumphed. Did Leng Jin Yu honestly think he wouldn’t be able to do anything without his hands? Let’s see how he liked this then!
A slender leg moved upward and a dainty foot found its way below the fabric of the pants that had somehow managed to stay around Leng Jin Yu’s feet. A shoe came off first and landed on the floor with a dull thud.
Leng Jin Yu had already been frozen stiff above Jinde, all his muscles tensed. His grip on those hands tightened for a moment before slowly loosening. Alright, he had lost. There was no way to restrain Jinde.
Jinde laughed happily and his arms clamped shut around Leng Jin Yu’s neck again. Another shoe fell to the floor and the pants followed. Jinde leaned upward, kissed Leng Jin Yu’s jaw and lifted his lips to his ear. “Still not going to make your move?” His tongue slipped out and licked his lover’s neck.
Leng Jin Yu shuddered. He grabbed Jinde by the waist and pressed him closer up against his body, their skin rubbing together. Heavens! He closed his eyes and took a shaky breath. “Jinde …”
That slender leg moved upward again, making him gulp down the words he had wanted to say. Jinde chuckled and bit his earlobe. “Stop thinking already. Just do what you want. I’m sure I’ll like it. The one who’s doing it to me is you, after all.”
Leng Jin Yu grabbed the layers of Jinde’s robe that were still stuck under their bodies and threw them out of the bed.
Jinde’s golden brows lifted. “I tell you to do something to me and you throw away my robes?”
Leng Jin Yu laughed and gently lowered Jinde back onto the bed. “You also said to take it off very, very carefully since it’s such a beautiful robe. And I’d like to see you in it again some other day. Then … we could think back to this.”
Jinde brushed his lover’s hair back with a smile. “Think back? I think it would be better to pull it off again and just repeat what we did today. Although … Maybe you’ll be a bit faster the next time. You’re really letting me wait so long.”
“You don’t like it?”
Jinde just hummed. He himself wasn’t too sure. He didn’t want to wait. He wanted to be taken, not sometime in the future but now. On the other hand, he also liked this. Slowly getting naked, exploring his lover’s body … Chun Yin had hardly given him time for that. Now, he finally had the opportunity. He shouldn’t throw it away, should he? But then again …
Jinde smiled and kissed Leng Jin Yu’s cheek. “Actually, I just want to be yours. How we do it … Well, I guess I can’t say I don’t care but I’m happy with everything as long as it makes us get closer.”
Leng Jin Yu’s heart throbbed. Jinde had waited way too long. No wonder he wanted this to go fast.
He leaned down and pecked his lips. “You will be mine. I know you don’t like to hear promises after what happened in my past life but I still want to say this: You will be mine. Today, tomorrow, and each day after that. I won’t let go of you ever again.”
Jinde kissed his cheek again, his lips staying close to his skin while his nails scratched Leng Jin Yu’s back. “You’re still talking so much. Don’t tell me this is how humans normally do it.”
Leng Jin Yu just smiled. He had no idea if this was how humans normally did it. After all, he had always kept away from other people. Not consciously but he had always felt that something was missing even if somebody made the effort to go after him so he had never wanted to be with anyone.
This time though … He wanted to do so but at the same time, he was suddenly embarrassed about the fact that he had never tried this before. What if Jinde didn’t like the way he did it? He had, after all, the comparison to how he had been in his past life. What if he looked at him afterward and told him that that ‘Chun Yin’ had been better than him?
Jinde looked into his lover’s dark eyes and his brows raised slightly. Why was he looking so … awkward? Had he said something wrong? He thought back to what he had said before. Well, maybe Leng Jin Yu hadn’t taken it too well. He was human now, after all. Ah, he couldn’t talk this irresponsibly anymore! Actually, he didn’t want to talk anymore anyway.
Jinde snuggled up against Leng Jin Yu, his body very obviously rubbing against his lover’s. “Husband!”
Leng Jin Yu shook at the touch and the pleading tone Jinde used. Right. Why should he care? What he didn’t know, he would learn. After all, he was the one who was here with Jinde. His past life was over. His new life was the one he had to live now. He should live it to the fullest and not think about unnecessary things.
With a smile, Leng Jin Yu pressed Jinde back down onto the bed and hugged his waist while he gently kissed him. Jinde hummed again and his hands once again slid into his lover’s hair and tried to pull him closer.
Leng Jin Yu complied. His lips trailed the line of Jinde’s neck, finally leaving the traces he had asked for and his hands started to roam about Jinde’s body. He admired the smooth skin and relished in his warmth, his fingers tracing the line of his spine.
Jinde shuddered and the leg that had already been halfway draped around Leng Jin Yu’s body bent some more, finally finding its place secured around Leng Jin Yu’s waist.
Leng Jin Yu lifted his head from Jinde’s neck and the two of them gazed into each other’s eyes. Finally, Leng Jin Yu reached down and grabbed his other leg.
“Alright. If you insist, then I won’t let you wait any longer.”

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