LWS V4C65 Luring Victims over

[The three of them went back to where the plant was growing at the side of the road. Yuan Jing very thoughtfully made Nangong Min take a few steps back though.
“It’s very likely that the things that happened before were because of that plant. We can’t let you be influenced by that again so just wait over here while I take a look.”
“Oh.” Nangong Min hurriedly nodded but didn’t forget to use the opportunity to grab Yuan Jing’s arm. “Yuan Jing … Be careful.”
Yuan Jing smiled and leaned down, kissing his temple. “Don’t you worry about me. Just take care of yourself. That will be enough.”
“Mn. Alright.” Nangong Min smiled back sweetly and reluctantly let go of Yuan Jing’s arm. Ah, he really would have liked to hold onto him! He was so strong and warm. He had really felt secure when Yuan Jing helped him walk over here.
Yuan Jing took another look at the young cadet in front of him and stroked his cheek. “I’ll be back in a bit and take you home then.”
Kang Lei next to them ground his teeth. Hello?! Had those two forgotten that he was also here?! And what was it with ‘take you home’? He couldn’t be talking about that stupid military base where he was working, could he?!
He clenched his hands into fists and glared at the back of Yuan Jing’s head while he followed him to the plant. Gosh! As if he wouldn’t like to take care of Nangong Min! Letting him wait ten steps away, who wouldn’t be able to do that?! This bastard was shamelessly making use of the situation and Nangong Min actually went along with it!
Yuan Jing stopped in front of the plant, the happy smile on his lips finally fading. Argh, he really wanted to rip this stupid thing out of the ground, step on it a few times and burn it to ashes. Because of this thing his Nangong Min had actually lost his first time to another man! And he had even heard everything through the video stream.
Now, what was the deal with this plant? Looking at it, it didn’t seem strange. It only reached up to his knees even though it was quite big with respect to its width. One leaf was about the size of the hands of four men and they were all hanging down in big arcs, making the plant seem even bigger.
Yuan Jing went down on one knee and took a closer look at the leaves. There were short hairs growing on them that seemed to have some fine barbs but it was hard to see with the naked eye. They’d need to make sure in the laboratory later on.
The most noticeable was the transparent sap on them though. Looking from afar the leaves seemed to have a smooth surface that reflected the light. But it was obviously the sap that actually reflected it while the leaves below were dull.
“Mn …” Yuan Jing leaned forward slightly and waved above the plant.
A sweet smell drifted into his nose and made him frown. There wasn’t any reaction as big as Nangong Min’s but he did feel good smelling it. Comfortable, somehow. And in that kind of state …
He turned to look at Nangong Min and hummed. He could very well imagine to go over and have some fun now. So it seemed the plant wasn’t just eliciting any reaction, it made people want to have sex. The effect might not be too strong for an Alpha but it was still there. And if he hadn’t known because of Nangong Min that he had to expect something like this, he might not even have noticed and become careless because of that.
This plant really wasn’t anything good. It could bring trouble if they didn’t find out more about it.
Yuan Jing took out a knife and carefully cut one of the leaves off. It fell to the ground but had no other reaction. Well, at least that was good news. He didn’t dare to touch the plant just yet and instead pushed it a little closer with the knife.
Looking at the place where he had made the cut the plant didn’t seem as nondescript as it had before. The otherwise dark green plant had some blue veins running through its stems and a violet liquid was spilling out.
Yuan Jing sniffed again. There was still just the slightly sweet smell from before so that was most likely coming from the sap and not from whatever that inside was. Although that left the question of why there was one kind of sap outside of the plant and another kind inside. Especially since they both looked different and smelled different.
Well, the one on the outside was most likely used to lure animals over and then reduce their awareness. After that … Yes, what would happen after that? Could it be that this plant was one of those eating meat?
Yuan Jing nodded to himself. That would at least explain why it would try to lure victims over in such a way. After all, if they didn’t take another few steps like Nangong Min and that other cadet, they would be in close proximity to the plant and inattentive while they were going at it. That would be a great chance to attack them and devour them before they even knew what was happening. It would be even easier the smaller the animals were considering that the leaves were so big. Well, that would still leave the question open how the plant could devour them in the first place.
Yuan Jing got up and went a little closer to the plant to see if he could find something that could be used to devour. He came up with nothing but a hard-on though. Ah, the closer he got the stronger the smell was. He really wanted to go over to Nangong Min now and get even with that other cadet.
He indeed turned to look and Nangong Min immediately smiled back at him.
“Did you find out anything yet?”
Yuan Jing smiled wryly. He had definitely found out that the plant made this little cadet look even cuter but he could hardly go over and tell him, could he?]

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