OMF V7C79 Let’s Have You Checked out

Nian Hong Fang listened to what the disciple told him about the task the Sect Master had given him and slowly nodded. He understood very well why Yuchi Bing Xia had decided to do this. This fight just now, it had really attracted a little too much attention to Qiu Ling. It wasn’t wise to let him stay here or somebody might try to take advantage of his current state of mind. Who knew what would happen then? If another accident occurred, the Yun Zou Sect wouldn’t be able to talk away this easily. Elder Gongxi could still be explained away but anything else … The other sects wouldn’t let them have such luck.

“You don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it.” He had some mixed feelings about what Qiu Ling had done since it had ruined his chance of getting rid of all the sect together and making the Sect Master focus on the task of finding Zhi Wu but he was also touched to see Qiu Ling go to such lengths to ensure Jing Yi’s safety. That kind of man … he found him admirable. Continue reading

OMF V7C78 Do It Inconspicuously!

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Yuchi Bing Xia had a hard time understanding the current situation. The Liu He Alliance had come to visit their Yun Zou Sect? Why? Was there something he didn’t know about?

Well, even though he didn’t understand it, he was still happy about it. Hadn’t he just needed something to divert everyone’s attention from what Liu Cheng was probably trying to say? Well, here it was! And with the Liu He Alliance’s status, them paying a visit might also have some unexpected benefits. Even if it just made the other sects think that they had a very good relationship with the Liu He Alliance and were under their protection, that would enable them to get around a lot of trouble. Continue reading

OMF V7C77 How to Distinguish a Demon

Qiang Yan looked at his son worriedly. He wanted to know more but he didn’t dare to ask. Even if Bai Mu hadn’t been imprisoned for long, he had still been separated from Nie Huang and lost out on several years with her. In the end, if not for Qiu Ling and Leng Jin Yu helping him in return for his promise to help out Jinde, these ten years would have been a good amount of a human’s lifespan.

This kind of thing … it couldn’t be made up for. Reminding him of that really wouldn’t be a good move. Not until the matter with Nie Huang had been sorted out and she acquired spirit veins to cultivate and become immortal herself. Only then, when they had gained more time with each other, would it be acceptable to talk about the time they had lost. Continue reading

OMF V7C76 A Bunch of Extremists

The two of them set off once more, dragging the still unconscious Leng Jin Yu with them.

The silence between them stretched until Qiang Yan couldn’t bear it anymore. “What I was wondering about …”

Bai Mu looked over, raising his brows in a questioning manner. He had no idea how he would be able to help his father solve any issues about these matters. He didn’t know much about the immortal races or their realms, not to speak of their history. He hardly understood what his father had talked about before even though he had met some of these people. Continue reading

OMF V7C75 It’s Better Not to Know

At that point in time, Qiang Yan and Bai Mu had brought Leng Jin Yu out of the Nine Heavens and were currently looking at him, unsure of how to proceed. They had chosen to leave the Nine Heavens at the closest spot possible and were thus quite far away from the Yun Zou Sect. In fact, Qiang Yan had no idea where the sect even was.

“I don’t think he’s going to wake up anytime soon. An injury to the soul isn’t anything to scoff at. Honestly, I wasn’t there at the time but there are stories of the previous dragon king collapsing in the Nine Heavens. They only found out later that it was because his soul had been injured by the soul-devouring dagger. And he wasn’t weak.”

Bai Mu glanced at his father but didn’t speak up. The Nine Heavens, the dragon realm, the king of a race … All that was far from the life he had lived so far. In fact, he mostly thought of himself as human. Sure, he was immortal thanks to his mother’s blood but he also would have turned immortal after cultivating. And considering his father’s blood, he would’ve been a talent anyway. Continue reading

OMF V7C74 No Time to Digest

Yuchi Bing Xia forced himself to calm down. Anyway, Liu Cheng had already spoken up. He had to acknowledge it but still somehow get around him saying things that would reflect on the Yun Zou Sect badly. “Liu Cheng, ah, let us clear up this up first. Such an incident, naturally, it can’t just be dismissed with taking Elder Gongxi away. I should at least say a few words.”

Liu Cheng’s gaze swept toward where Qiu Ling and Jing Yi were still standing huddled together and he nodded with a grim expression. Anyway, a moment more wouldn’t make a difference. That person … He probably hadn’t expended too much energy in that fight anyway. So one couldn’t really say that he would have time to restore it. After all, there was nothing to restore. Continue reading

OMF V7C73 One Problem Less

Jinde landed on the deck of the white feathered boat and sighed. Behind him, the storm was calming down. In that case, it should have worked, right? He shook his head and went back to his seat next to Hua Min. “Alliance Head Hua, it seems the worst part is over. We should hurry and get back.”

Hua Min looked at Jinde with a complicated expression. This man had actually managed to solve such a situation. It wasn’t strange considering that he was married to Grandmaster Leng but it made him wonder why he would flee the Yun Zou Sect. Shouldn’t somebody this strong be able to deal with whoever dared to make trouble for him? Well, that wasn’t anything for him to worry about.

He nodded and then imbued his spiritual energy into the artifact again, making it once again drift toward the Yun Zou Sect. When they arrived at the sect gates, the situation on the training grounds hadn’t been solved yet. On the contrary, further trouble was brewing. Continue reading

OMF V7C72 Not Taking a Risk

Jing Yi pressed his eyes shut, not needing to act his fear at all. He fell toward the ground, the wind rushing past him, drowning out any other sound, the rain hitting his body once again now that Jinde wasn’t shielding him anymore.

Qiu Ling’s eyes widened and his grasp on his spiritual energy slipped. The attack he had prepared collapsed, the storm raging on without his cue.

He didn’t think. He rushed forward, extending his arms to grab Jing Yi before he could crash into the ground. Never mind the bastard who tried to kill him. Never mind the person that had been hiding behind him. He had to save his beloved before he dealt with any of that! Continue reading

OMF V7C71 A Bigger Threat

Jing Yi took a shaky breath and reached out further. “Qiu Ling, it’s really alright. Look, I’m not hurt. I’m not scared of him either. You already paid him back enough. Yes? Come here now. Just … Just come here and give me a hug, alright?” He looked at him urgently, hoping that his words could somehow get through to Qiu Ling.

His lover looked back at him, his eyes uncomprehending. Obviously, he didn’t think that it was enough. But he at least didn’t throw another attack at Elder Gongxi and only let the storm around them rage on. Continue reading

OMF V7C70 I’ll Save You!

Jing Yi wanted to warn him that he shouldn’t underestimate the storm but by then they had already entered and he found that the man had indeed been right. He was able to make sure nothing happened to him. In fact, if he hadn’t been able to see and hear that the storm was still raging around them, he would’ve believed it to only be an illusion. The wind didn’t touch them. The rain didn’t touch them either. It was as if the elements would deliberately skirt around them, making sure not to harm even a single hair on their body.

Jinde smiled to himself when he saw the boy’s expression. It seemed that even though the two of them were a couple, the boy didn’t understand too much about the dragons yet. Well, there would be time in the future to slowly teach him. He should tell Jin Yu to bring him with him into that secret realm every now and then. He certainly couldn’t rely on Qiu Ling to do that type of thing. Continue reading