LWS V4C67 A Sudden End

[Yuan Jing helped Nangong Min onto the Glider and sat down behind him only to find a furious Kang Lei in front of them when he wanted to start.
Yuan Jing frowned. “Cadet Kang, what do you think you’re doing?”
“What do you think you’re doing, Sir?” Kang Lei clenched his hands into fists. This guy really wanted to set off with Nangong Min as if it was normal! He certainly wouldn’t let him!
Yuan Jing didn’t seem to think he was doing anything wrong. “I’m bringing Cadet Nangong back to the military base. You also know that he was influenced by an unknown plant. We can’t have him stay here. What if there are further side effects from coming into contact with the thing? No, I have to let people check him in the medical center. So please kindly step aside and let me do my job.” Continue reading

LWS V4C66 Nothing Unusual

[Yuan Jing made a sound that could have meant anything from ‘Oh, yes, I figured everything out already’ to ‘No, I looked at it but haven’t gotten the slightest clue yet’. Well, the answer was somewhere in between anyway so it wouldn’t be completely wrong regardless of what Nangong Min assumed it to be.
Yuan Jing turned back to the plant and held his breath while examining it a little more closely. He definitely couldn’t get too much of a reaction as long as Nangong Min was around. He didn’t want him to feel like he was so shallow that he would want to sleep with him immediately after meeting him. Although … he did want to do that.
Well, for now, the plant was more important. Especially since it could also be that there were lingering effects after coming into contact with it. He couldn’t risk that. Not when Nangong Min was the one afflicted with it. Continue reading

OMF V5C88 Only Pleasure and Happiness

“Mn …” Jinde gave a groan but when Leng Jin Yu wanted to slow down, he grasped his shoulders. “No. Don’t. It’s …” He took a sharp breath and reached up with one arm, clinging to Leng Jin Yu’s back. He closed his eyes but his face showed only ecstasy. “Continue.”
“Alright.” Leng Jin Yu’s arm slipped back down to Jinde’s waist and he continued to watch his face, taking in every slight change in his expression.
His brows had slightly drawn together but his eyes were only gently shut. This wasn’t pain. This was just him enjoying this. Jinde’s lips parted. “Jin Yu …”
“Mn.” Leng Jin Yu pulled him closer, his lips sealing Jinde’s shut. “Jinde.” Continue reading

LWS V4C65 Luring Victims over

[The three of them went back to where the plant was growing at the side of the road. Yuan Jing very thoughtfully made Nangong Min take a few steps back though.
“It’s very likely that the things that happened before were because of that plant. We can’t let you be influenced by that again so just wait over here while I take a look.”
“Oh.” Nangong Min hurriedly nodded but didn’t forget to use the opportunity to grab Yuan Jing’s arm. “Yuan Jing … Be careful.”
Yuan Jing smiled and leaned down, kissing his temple. “Don’t you worry about me. Just take care of yourself. That will be enough.”
“Mn. Alright.” Nangong Min smiled back sweetly and reluctantly let go of Yuan Jing’s arm. Ah, he really would have liked to hold onto him! He was so strong and warm. He had really felt secure when Yuan Jing helped him walk over here.
Yuan Jing took another look at the young cadet in front of him and stroked his cheek. “I’ll be back in a bit and take you home then.” Continue reading

OMF V5C87 I’m Here with You

Leng Jin Yu bent down and gently kissed the spot where he had bitten Jinde yesterday. “I’ll be careful.”
“Mn.” Jinde nodded even though he didn’t care that much. His experience with Chun Yin hadn’t been gentle either but he had still liked it. To a dragon, there wasn’t too much of a difference. Still, as long as Leng Jin Yu liked it better that way, he would let him do so.
Leng Jin Yu looked up, his gaze interlocking with Jinde’s. He cupped his cheek, his other hand holding his waist and finally, their bodies connected.
Both Jinde and Leng Jin Yu took a shaky breath and had to close their eyes for a moment.
When Leng Jin Yu opened his eyes he saw Jinde frown slightly. “Is everything alright? Is it too much? Am I … Am I hurting you?” Continue reading

OMF V5C86 Still Talking So Much

Leng Jin Yu held onto those soft hands before they could do anything else. His lips once again found Jinde’s and he sealed his protest with a kiss.
Jinde tried to speak up and wrest his hands away from Leng Jin Yu’s grip but his lover had made sure to hold onto them tightly. Jinde harrumphed. Did Leng Jin Yu honestly think he wouldn’t be able to do anything without his hands? Let’s see how he liked this then!
A slender leg moved upward and a dainty foot found its way below the fabric of the pants that had somehow managed to stay around Leng Jin Yu’s feet. A shoe came off first and landed on the floor with a dull thud.
Leng Jin Yu had already been frozen stiff above Jinde, all his muscles tensed. His grip on those hands tightened for a moment before slowly loosening. Alright, he had lost. There was no way to restrain Jinde. Continue reading

LWS V4C64 A Mutation?

[Yuan Jing knelt down again and carefully took Nangong Min’s arm, turning it so they could both see his identificator. He clicked for it to display the screen again and the database Nangong Min had looked at before was shown.
“Let’s see if there is some information on the plant. Do you remember how it looks like?”
Nangong Min hurriedly nodded. This was his chance to impress his idol! He couldn’t waste it!
He had the identificator display a keyboard and his fingers flew across the keys, adding a few parameters for the database to check. The results turned up and he looked at them together with Yuan Jing. Unfortunately … the plant they had seen wasn’t among them and the percentage of the match the other plants had with the keywords he had chosen varied greatly. Continue reading

OMF V5C85 You Should Reciprocate

Leng Jin Yu felt like he was going crazy when Jinde’s leg rubbed against his. Ah, this was really going too far! Even if he didn’t mind sleeping with him, shouldn’t he still hold back a little when teasing him? He was still injured! They couldn’t leave all reason behind and let this go overboard.
Even though he thought so, he was unable to actually follow through with it. Before he could think further his body had reacted on instinct. Jinde’s outer robe was pushed off on the other side too, his thigh grabbed securely and pressed up against Leng Jin Yu’s hip.
Jinde gave a muffled groan and pulled his head closer, deepening their kiss.
“Mn …” The second layer of his robe followed the first one and Leng Jin Yu’s hands slid across the innermost layer. Ah, it was indeed just as thin as he had thought. It was hardly thick enough to cover his skin. Well, it was still too much. He reached up and pulled the lapel of the last layer further down, exposing Jinde’s clavicle. Continue reading

OMF V5C84 A Beautiful Robe

The two dragons somewhere in the wilderness weren’t the only ones who were about to have a heart-to-heart talk. In the Yun Zou Sect, Leng Jin Yu and his dragon were about to do the same.
Jinde clung to Leng Jin Yu’s neck and hummed while his lover left the study and walked to Jinde’s room with determination written in his features. Jinde stayed well behaved. He didn’t touch him in any other way than encircling his neck and even held back from kissing him. Now, things were up to his lover.
Leng Jin Yu had no idea what Jinde was plotting. He silently carried him into the room and put him down on the edge of the bed as gently as he could. Continue reading

OMF V5C83 Everything Is Clear

“Se … Senior Xin!” Fu Min looked up from Fu Heng’s shoulder with reddened eyes.
Xin Lan sighed. He didn’t want to spend even more time on this troublesome thing. “Look, I don’t like you. So why don’t you just try to treasure what you already have?”
Both Fu Min’s and Fu Heng’s hands shook. Wasn’t this a little too direct?
Fu Min cleared his throat. “That … That’s not it. I just … You might not remember but you saved my life once.”
“Mn.” Xin Lan indeed couldn’t remember but if he had done so, then it had been for his Master. If he wanted him to save someone, then he would naturally do so.
“So if there’s anything I can do … I still haven’t repaid you.” He pursed his lips and continued to cling to Fu Heng. Continue reading