OMF V5C132 Call Me Husband!

Just like back in the night before Jing He descended for his trial, the two lovers weren’t on the same page at all.
Jing Yi separated from Qiu Ling and his heels touched the ground again but he didn’t look away. Right now, he felt happy. Way happier than he had felt in the last couple of years when they had been separated whether it was by space or by his own doing.
Realizing that Qiu Ling had indeed to be Tian made this so much easier but right now he felt that even if he wasn’t, even if there was still another person waiting for him somewhere, he should stay with him nonetheless. Because Qiu Ling was the man he had fallen in love with and whatever had happened in a past life couldn’t change that. His feelings from this life wouldn’t just disappear and the man he had loved in his past life wouldn’t be anything more than a stranger. So regardless of who Tian was, Qiu Ling was the one he wanted to stay with. Continue reading

OMF V5C131 He Finally Understood

Qiu Ling ran out of the door and toward where he felt his beloved’s presence. He finally saw Jing Yi at the edge of a bamboo grove. The sleeves of his white robe were fluttering in the wind and his black hair swaying in the breeze behind his back. With the desolate air about him, he looked surprisingly much like Jing He.
Qiu Ling accelerated his steps and just like Jinde had said he wrapped Jing Yi into his arms. Ah, it seemed he had forgotten to call out to him before! Well, it should still be effective to do it now. Continue reading

OMF V5C130 Everyone Came by Already

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath. He wouldn’t respond to that. He would just ignore it and get back to the point. “Longjun.”
“Don’t Longjun me! Isn’t it true?!”
“You’re not even listening to me!”
“Longjun …”
Qiu Ling wanted to interrupt again when he noticed that Jing Yi had stopped struggling in his arms and had instead turned especially still. He looked down only to find his beloved stare at his lapel with a contemplative gaze. Qiu Ling drew his brows together and tried looking at his robe. Uh … It seemed normal? Continue reading

OMF V5C129 An Empty Cell

While the men inside the house were still confronting each other, another person outside leaned against the trunk of a tree not far from it and took out something that looked like a black mirror. He imbued some spiritual energy and a handsome face appeared on the black surface.
“What is it?”
“Something happened and I thought you’d like to know about it.”
“Oh? I thought that Zhong Jing Yi and his lover had left?”
“Mn, I thought so too but the two of them returned just now. Other than that, two other people came to the sect. They were looking quite strange. One of them had light-colored hair while the other’s was red. They were standing in front of the door to senior martial brother Yu’s house.” Continue reading

OMF V5C128 A Child Throwing a Tantrum

The two people leaning over the rim of the tub froze with their lips just a hair’s breadth apart. They looked at each other and turned to the door in unison only to see Qiu Ling with Jing Yi on his arms staring unabashedly at them, taking in the whole scene.
Qiu Ling blinked when he felt that he had seen enough. “Is this some kind of weird foreplay? Have you started yet? If not, then wait for a while and help me first. Jing He’s soul is cracked. I need a way to repair it. It shouldn’t be painful though. Oh, and I want one that will really heal everything. You should know one, shouldn’t you?”
Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. Suddenly, he seemed to understand what Jinde had meant when he called Longjun a bear child. This guy had no decency at all! Couldn’t he see that Jinde was still naked?! Continue reading

OMF V5C127 I’ll Be Well-Behaved

“It’s that bad?”
Jinde turned his head and smiled at his lover. “What do you think? After what happened with his parents, he didn’t dare return to the capital. He lived out there in the wilderness, all alone. He had to deal with his father’s death, with the fact that he himself killed his mother, with his mixed heritage that finally showed after killing her. There was a lot on his plate and nobody to help him through it.
“And that is only what I know about. That child didn’t talk about it much but I guess there are some other things that happened along the way. He won’t confide in me though. After all, there is still a part of him that wants to believe that things would have turned out differently if it wasn’t for me. If his father hadn’t loved me or if I hadn’t become king, then maybe his life could have been different. He might not say so but that is what he thinks nonetheless.”
“But —” Continue reading

OMF V5C126 What’s So Strange about That?

Leng Jin Yu reached up and stroked Jinde’s golden hair. “I’m sorry. You really went through a lot. That Jian Heng must have hated you very much to do all that to you.”
Jinde’s lips curved up in a half smile. “Well, he’s a demon. Saying he hated me …” He sighed. “Maybe it was rather the opposite.”
“The …” Leng Jin Yu’s brows raised. Had he understood this right? Jian Heng had also liked Jinde? Despite the bad luck, this had brought Jinde he couldn’t help but chuckle. “You certainly are something. The strongest fighter of the dragon race, the previous demon king, and even the current demon king all fell in love with you. Is there someone among the gods that mentioned he was interested?”
Jinde’s lips curved up further and he happily stroked Leng Jin Yu’s neck. “My husband wouldn’t happen to be jealous, would he?” Continue reading

OMF V5C125 He Should Have Known

Leng Jin Yu stared at him blankly. Right. How had the demon king fallen in love with him after Jinde raised him? That was … He closed his eyes and sighed. No wonder Jinde didn’t want to talk about it.
“It must have been terrible for you. You finally had something like a family of your own and then …”
Jinde stared at his husband without blinking. His lips parted but he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he could only repeat his lover’s words. “A family of my own?”
Leng Jin Yu squeezed his hand. “Don’t look at me like this.”
“Like this?” Continue reading

OMF V5C124 He Meant a Lot to You

Seeing his lover still hesitate, Leng Jin Yu sighed. “Jinde, I certainly won’t force you to tell me. But as you’ve said just now: We’ve married yesterday. Is there really something you can share with Xin Lan but not with your husband?”
Jinde smiled wryly. “There are a lot of things that could be shared with somebody else but not with one’s husband.”
“So is it that I have another rival?”
Jinde reached out, hoping that Leng Jin Yu would take his hand. Leng Jin Yu looked at it and finally sighed. He leaned forward and caught it between his own.
“So I’m right? And that is why you don’t want to talk about it?”
“Something like that.” Continue reading

OMF V5C123 Deny All of It

At that time, Jinde was facing a crisis of his own. His newly-wedded husband had actually put down the chair and sat on top of it, looking at him with a gaze that said he wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense now. The worst thing was that he had positioned the chair so that even if Jinde leaned over the edge of the tub closest to him and reached out, he still wouldn’t be able to touch even the hem of his robe.
Ah, how evil! He certainly hadn’t imagined his marital life to be like this!
Jinde sighed, put one foot on the edge of the tub and crossed his legs at his ankles. If he couldn’t touch Leng Jin Yu, he’d at least tease him a bit with what he could show. He couldn’t let his husband get bored now that they were married, could he? Continue reading