OMF V5C88 Only Pleasure and Happiness

“Mn …” Jinde gave a groan but when Leng Jin Yu wanted to slow down, he grasped his shoulders. “No. Don’t. It’s …” He took a sharp breath and reached up with one arm, clinging to Leng Jin Yu’s back. He closed his eyes but his face showed only ecstasy. “Continue.”
“Alright.” Leng Jin Yu’s arm slipped back down to Jinde’s waist and he continued to watch his face, taking in every slight change in his expression.
His brows had slightly drawn together but his eyes were only gently shut. This wasn’t pain. This was just him enjoying this. Jinde’s lips parted. “Jin Yu …”
“Mn.” Leng Jin Yu pulled him closer, his lips sealing Jinde’s shut. “Jinde.”
Their bodies moved in the same rhythm, their limbs intertwining as good as they could until they didn’t know where one body ended and the other began. There was just warmth and pleasure and a familiarity that they shouldn’t have had but that they still felt and felt even more the longer it went.
Jinde couldn’t help but utter his lover’s name, again and again, listening for his answer whether it was his own name or the reassurance that he was there. He didn’t care what Leng Jin Yu said, he just wanted to hear his voice. He wanted him to show him through his actions that this wasn’t like the last time. That yes, they had sex but no, that wouldn’t be the only thing.
“Jinde …” Leng Jin Yu whispered into his ear, his hot breath brushing Jinde’s neck, making the love bites on his neck tingle.
Jinde moaned. He tried to tighten his grip on Leng Jin Yu’s back but both their bodies were coated with a sheen of sweat and his fingers slid off. He groaned and his nails finally dug into Leng Jin Yu’s skin, drawing a thin line of blood.
Leng Jin Yu gave a grunt and his own arms around Jinde’s waist tightened. “Jinde!”
He thrust forward harder, each movement eliciting another moan from Jinde. The sweat ran down his brow and dripped onto his lover’s body but he didn’t care. No, more than that, he even smiled. After this day, what would there be that they hadn’t shared? Their kisses, this time spent in bed together … From this day onward, Jinde would forever be his.
“Jinde.” He lowered his head and once again kissed the bite mark he had left on his shoulder yesterday. The wound hadn’t completely closed yet and was reddened from their sweat. Mn, in the future, there wouldn’t be any injuries anymore. Only pleasure and happiness. “Jinde …”
Another thrust and Jinde gave a yelp. His eyes flew open and his nails dug deeper into Leng Jin Yu’s skin. His legs almost lost their grip on Leng Jin Yu’s hip. He tried to tighten it again but his limbs trembled and finally, he couldn’t care anymore. He closed his eyes again and his head fell back, his body writhing in pleasure.
Leng Jin Yu watched his lover’s expression slacken but he didn’t stop moving. He continued to thrust forward. “Look at me.”
Jinde’s eyes cracked open. His lashes still shielded them halfway but the bliss in his gaze couldn’t be denied. “Jin Yu …” Even Jinde’s voice trembled when he uttered his lover’s name.
Leng Jin Yu’s eyes widened and his body stiffened for a moment before he took up his movements again, this time even faster than before. Jinde groaned and clung to him as good as he could until finally, Leng Jin Yu also reached the climax and his movements stilled.
The two of them lay there, breathing heavily, both of them not intending to move even a single inch. Their bodies were still joined to each other, their skin still touching everywhere. Even Jinde’s legs were still curled around Leng Jin Yu’s hips, although not as tight as before. They just lay there, basking in the afterglow and enjoying each other’s company.
Finally, Leng Jin Yu leaned forward and kissed Jinde’s cheek. The nails that were still digging into his back pulled back and Jinde rubbed the skin as if he was afraid it might be painful. He still continued to clutch Leng Jin Yu’s hips though. He definitely didn’t want his lover to retreat just yet.
Leng Jin Yu’s hand slipped higher onto Jinde’s back and he rolled them to the side so he could look into Jinde’s eyes. Once again, they lay there but this time, their gazes were locked and even though they said nothing there were a lot of things they shared.
Finally, Jinde’s lips curved up. “Very good,” he answered what Leng Jin Yu seemed to have asked.
His lover chuckled and brushed that golden hair back that was sticking to Jinde’s face. “That’s good then. I was afraid I might have hurt you. I … couldn’t really hold back at the end.”
“No, it really was good. I liked it very much. In fact …” He took a hand from Leng Jin Yu’s back and his fingers slid down on his chest instead. “In fact, I’d like to go for another round.”
Leng Jin Yu smiled. Once again, he leaned forward but this time he kissed Jinde’s forehead. “You’re injured and even if I didn’t hurt you just now, it was strenuous. You should rest a bit first.”
Jinde’s fingers couldn’t hold still though and once again explored his lover’s chest as if he wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t change his mind.
Leng Jin Yu laughed and grabbed his hand. “Alright, be good. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, we can do it again. Just wait until then. If not for yourself, then do it for me. I’ll worry otherwise.”
Jinde nodded. “Then if I close my eyes now and sleep for a while … will it count as tomorrow when I wake up?”
Leng Jin Yu smiled. “We’ll see about that. Come on now.” He grabbed Jinde’s legs and carefully made him let go, pulling himself out in the process.
“Jin Yu …” Jinde called out for him. What if Leng Jin Yu got up and left him?
Leng Jin Yu smiled and pulled Jinde back into his arms. “Don’t worry. You can sleep for a while if you’d like. I’ll stay with you and hold you until you wake up again. Alright?”
“Mn. Alright. I trust you.” Jinde closed his eyes, his lips curved in a smile again.
Maybe that was all he could do for now. He had once again given his body to the man he loved. Now, he could only hope that those promises wouldn’t end in nothingness again and that instead, he would find his lover right next to him the following morning. Then he could finally say that he had found happiness.

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