OMF V5C82 Even More Vulnerable

The fallen god whirled around, his black robe fluttering around him, and dashed in front of Xin Lan, his fingers curling around his throat. “Look at you! Don’t you feel ashamed?”
Xin Lan frowned. He didn’t have time for this. He had to free those two and return to Jin Ling’s side before he could make trouble. His Master wasn’t safe as long as Jin Ling ran to the Yun Zou Sect all the time.
He reached up and grabbed the fallen god’s wrist in return. “This has nothing to do with you.”
“Nothing to do with me?” The fallen god paused but his grasp didn’t loosen in the slightest. “Then what does it have to do with you?” He pulled Xin Lan forward and turned to face the cell. “Look at that! They could be such a lovely couple. But here you are, trying to break them up. Why would you?”
Xin Lan ground his teeth. Ah, he really wanted to kill this guy and be done with it. Arguing this and that, it would lead them nowhere! “Who is breaking up anyone? I’m trying to get them out of here. So, let. Me. Go.”
The fallen god didn’t move. He just looked at the two dragons in front of them. Fu Min’s face had lost all color while Fu Heng was gritting his teeth in silence. So in the end, were they in love with each other or not?
“Still not bound their soul …”
Fu Heng’s frown deepened. That fallen god was still talking about the same thing. Don’t tell him he really wanted them to merge their souls now? Then maybe … He turned to look at Fu Min who was still observing with wide eyes how the fallen god treated Xin Lan.
Ah, he might as well do it.
Fu Heng closed his eyes and took a deep breath, concentrating on the translucent thing inside him that was his soul. He clenched his fists, his claws unwittingly extending and cutting into his palm. The scent of blood filled the cell, making the other three men turn toward him.
Fu Min clutched his arm. “Fu Heng, what —”
Something touched his soul. This was … Fu Min’s eyes went wide. This couldn’t be! Why would … Why would Fu Heng do something like this? He forced himself to close his eyes and concentrate on his own soul to make sure. Unfortunately, it was true. His soul that had never changed in all the years of his life and was more familiar to him than even his outer appearance … had suddenly gained a thin layer. It didn’t look much different than his own soul. It was also more or less translucent, a bit like water that was on its way to freezing into solid form but instead of the yellowish-golden dots of his own soul, this one was laced with red streaks.
Fu Min let go of Fu Heng’s arm, his expression blank. This was … This was a part of Fu Heng’s soul, no question about that. Fu Heng had actually bound his soul to him at such a time.
Fu Min’s hands shook and he grabbed Fu Heng’s collar, shaking him as hard as he could. “You stupid idiot! What do you think you’ve done?! What if anything happens to me?!”
Fu Heng’s eyes cracked open and he examined Fu Min’s shocked face. Mn, this wasn’t how he had wanted to do it but, well, under these circumstances, it was the best outcome.
“Are you even listening?!” Fu Min shook him again, his eyes tearing up.
Never mind that Fu Heng was a stupid idiot who never said more than three words at a time if he didn’t have to, he had still spent more than half his life with him. How could he casually throw it away like this?
“I am.”
“Then what do you have to say for yourself?”
Fu Heng kept silent. There were a lot of things he had to say for himself. I’ve loved you. I’ve always loved you. I don’t mind binding my soul to yours. I don’t mind dying with you. But he also understood that none of this could be said now. Not with Fu Min being like this, not in a cell in the demon realm, not with his biggest rival and a fallen god in front of them. No, he would tell him but he would do so when the time was ripe.
“Idiot! You’re an idiot! You’re the stupidest dragon I’ve ever seen!” Fu Min hugged him and the tears spilled over, running down his cheeks and dripping onto Fu Heng’s shoulders.
Fu Heng sighed and hugged him back and once again stroked his head. You’re the one who’s stupid. Why are you crying when I’m the one who bound his soul? He really wanted to say so but he was afraid he might aggravate Fu Min even more.
In front of the cell, the fallen god let go of Xin Lan’s throat, staring at the couple that was hugging as if there weren’t any spectators around.
Mn, as expected, dragons weren’t too bad.
He lifted his hand and a small flame sprang up at his fingertips. Fu Heng tensed when he felt the magic in the air. He hurriedly turned around, shielding Fu Min from the attack. It never reached them though.
Before any of them could understand what had happened the fallen god turned away and walked back into the darkness as if he had never been there.
Xin Lan frowned and stepped closer to the cell. He took a look at the bars and cautiously extended a claw. The bar crumbled upon his touch. Xin Lan stared at the heap of ash on the ground before looking up at the couple inside. Fu Min was still shaking like a leaf while Fu Heng was pressing him up against his chest.
Well, at least he didn’t need to explain to Jin Ling now just why he had saved two unrelated dragons. Unfortunately, there was no way to distract himself with that Fu Min for a while now. He wasn’t so vicious as to drive another man to his death just for a bit of pleasure.
Xin Lan turned to leave. “You should see that you get out of here before something else happens. After all, you’re even more vulnerable now.”

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