OMF V5C83 Everything Is Clear

“Se … Senior Xin!” Fu Min looked up from Fu Heng’s shoulder with reddened eyes.
Xin Lan sighed. He didn’t want to spend even more time on this troublesome thing. “Look, I don’t like you. So why don’t you just try to treasure what you already have?”
Both Fu Min’s and Fu Heng’s hands shook. Wasn’t this a little too direct?
Fu Min cleared his throat. “That … That’s not it. I just … You might not remember but you saved my life once.”
“Mn.” Xin Lan indeed couldn’t remember but if he had done so, then it had been for his Master. If he wanted him to save someone, then he would naturally do so.
“So if there’s anything I can do … I still haven’t repaid you.” He pursed his lips and continued to cling to Fu Heng.
“There isn’t any—” Xin Lan stopped. Wait. Was there really nothing he could use him for? He turned back and examined the boy. Fu Min looked young, probably even more than he actually was. But nonetheless, he was one of Qiu Ling’s most trusted aides. “There is indeed something you could do for me.”
“Really?” Fu Min blinked and turned to look at Fu Heng. He certainly wouldn’t have expected that the lofty Senior Xin would have something he could help him with. Well, then again he wouldn’t have expected him to be so rude as to tell him to his face that he didn’t like him either.
“Mn. Have a look at your treasury for me. There should be some things that can help with restoring an injured soul. I do remember that I managed to gain hold of a phoenix feather back then. See what is there and then inform me. I will be taking some of it.”
“Uh …” Fu Min’s gaze flitted around. He really wanted to do something for his hero but … that was their realm’s treasury they were talking about here. He couldn’t just casually take something from there!
Xin Lan didn’t wait for his answer anyway and just left, making the two dragons remain there alone.
Silence engulfed the former cell. Neither Fu Min nor Fu Heng had any idea what to say. Maybe it was better not to say anything at all. After all, nothing would change. It wasn’t that a bound soul couldn’t be separated again but the punishment for that would be huge. In fact, it was so huge that most people wouldn’t even consider it if their life depended on it. Now, Fu Heng’s soul was bound to Fu Min’s. There really wasn’t anything that could be said.
Fu Heng suppressed a sigh when Fu Min didn’t make any sound for a while. “He is right about one thing. We should leave here as soon as possible. It’s not safe and we have to inform His Majesty.”
Fu Min nodded in relief. Yes, yes, they should go and inform His Majesty. They should definitely do that. He hurriedly got up and ran to take a look at the ashes on the ground. “That should have been that fallen god. Why do you think did he do it?”
Fu Heng followed him and frowned. Yes, why did he do it? He had no idea either but somehow it seemed to have to do with merging their souls. “Who knows what is going on in a fallen one’s head? Let’s forget about it and go.” He grabbed Fu Min’s arm and pulled him toward the door.
Fu Min hurried to keep up and tried to inconspicuously wrest his arm out of Fu Heng’s grasp. Unfortunately, Fu Heng was holding him too tight and didn’t seem to intend to let go at all.
They hurried through the corridors of the demon king’s palace and finally found a door that was less strictly guarded. Fu Heng stopped and took a careful look around before turning to Fu Min. “Wait here. I’ll make sure nobody is outside.”
“But —”
“Be good.” Fu Heng finally let go of Fu Min’s arm and instead brushed back that blond hair. “I’ll be back in a bit.”
Fu Min shut up and watched him leave. He couldn’t help but reach up and touch his own hair. Uh … It seemed Fu Heng had done that when they had been young too?
“Stupid idiot.” He shook his head and sighed. He’d have to talk with Fu Heng when they had made it out of here. Well, actually it wouldn’t make a difference whether they talked about it or not. Fu Heng had already bound his soul to his. If they wanted to change that, he would also have to pay the prize. That was impossible. He couldn’t let that happen. Then what should he do? If something happened to him …
“Everything’s clear.” Fu Heng appeared in the door again and motioned outside. “Let’s go then.”
Fu Min ran over and the two of them sped away as fast as they could without taking on their other appearance. Soon enough they left the demon realm behind.
Fu Heng stopped and turned to Fu Min. “Where to now?”
Fu Min didn’t answer. He also turned to Fu Heng but he only looked at him. Wasn’t there something Fu Heng wanted to say? Unfortunately, the person opposite him was exactly the stupid idiot that didn’t like to talk. Waiting for him to bring the issue up was as useful as waiting for a mountain to move out of your way on its own.
Fu Min frowned. “Is there nothing you want to say?”
Fu Heng looked back in the direction of the demon realm and then at Fu Min. “We made it out alive.”
“That …” Fu Min shook his head, making the blond strands fly. “What are you even talking about?! Yes, we made it out alive but what kind of prize did you pay?! You bound your soul! That … Never mind that you’ll die if something happens to me. That’s something you should only do if you love the other person!”
Fu Heng turned back to Fu Min, his gaze solemn. “Who said that I don’t?”
He watched Fu Min’s enraged expression turn blank and his mouth open to say something but even after a few attempts, he hadn’t uttered a single syllable. Fu Heng lowered his head. Mn, he had said it. He didn’t regret it either. After binding his soul to Fu Min’s, what was there to hide? Maybe … he should try and see if he could even go further.
Fu Heng looked up again, took a step forward and grabbed Fu Min by the neck. He pulled him over and his lips accurately landed on Fu Min’s.
And finally, Fu Min’s thoughts also caught up with him.

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