LWS V4C63 Maybe We’re Having Hallucinations?

[Yuan Jing and Kang Lei rolled around on the floor, fists flying in every direction and kicks being sent the other way. Both of them were growling, neither willing to retreat even a single inch.
“Damned bastard! What do you think you were doing to Ah Min?!” This was actually Major Yuan who had adopted Kang Lei’s way of calling Nangong Min. Well, it was cute in his opinion so he didn’t see any issue with that. Rather he felt that this shameless bastard who had forced himself on the other cadet didn’t have any right to call him that way.
Kang Lei roared back at him. “See who’s talking! You were the one who was laying his fucking hands on Ah Min after he disturbed us!”
Not far from the two of them, Nangong Min had sat up and was hugging his own body against the cold. He stared at the two men blankly. Just what was going on? Why was Kang Lei brawling with someone and … Wait! Was that Major Yuan?!
“Ah, that —” Nangong Min wanted to call out when he remembered that he had somehow ended up naked. He hurriedly clasped a hand over his mouth but it was already too late.
Both the men lifted their heads and stared over, their brawl forgotten for the moment.
“Ah Min!” They shoved the other one back and both scrambled to their feet, running over to him while tripping each other.
Neither of them made a very good impression. Yuan Jing’s military uniform was wrinkled and his hair stood off in different directions. Kang Lei was looking even worse. He hadn’t managed to close his pants completely after Yuan Jing surprised him and even though he was an Alpha and one of the best at the Dinlas Academy he still lacked several years of experience in comparison to Yuan Jing. The Major had gotten in a few good hits, making one of his cheeks swell and blood run down from his temple and nose. He was also limping a bit but that might also have been because both of them didn’t want to let the other reach Nangong Min.
In the end, they couldn’t prevent that. Yuan Jing managed to get the drop on Kang Lei though. He pulled Nangong Min into his arms and thoughtfully slipped out of the jacket of his uniform. Thanks to the difference in their height, the garment managed to cover Nangong Min down to his slender thighs.
“Cadet Nangong …” Yuan Jing cleared his throat. “Ah Min, are you alright? I was observing the proceedings of the mission when I noticed that something was wrong with you. How do you feel?”
Nangong Min looked up with starry eyes. Ah, this was Major Yuan, his idol! He had somehow really watched while they did their mission and had even taken note of him! Mn, how great!
“Major Yuan …” He called out to him and pulled the jacket closer around himself. Ah, it still smelled like him! How …
Nangong Min shuddered. He suddenly felt hot again. Ah, what was happening with him? He weakly leaned against Yuan Jing, feeling a bit better when those strong arms held him. “Major Yuan …”
“Don’t you worry, I’m here with you. I won’t let anything else happen to you.”
“What is that supposed to mean?!” Kang Lei tried to take Nangong Min from Yuan Jing but the Major just picked the younger cadet up and smiled.
“Cadet Kang, no need to be so agitated. Cadet Nangong is obviously in a bad shape. I will bring him back to the base and have the medical unit take a look at him to exclude the possibility of this being of lethal danger to him.”
Kang Lei fumed while Nangong Min seemed to become even more infatuated. Ah, Major Yuan was such a thoughtful person! He never would have thought a hard military man like he could be this caring to a mere cadet. He happily clung to his neck and let the man carry him.
“Ah Min! Are you being serious?!”
Nangong Min looked back at the fuming Kang Lei, clearly puzzled. His friend knew how much he liked Major Yuan. Why was he making such a fuss now?
“You …” Kang Lei shook his head and closed his pants first, even securing the belt again. “We just slept with each other! How can you just follow him now?!”
Yuan Jing frowned. It was impossible to just forget about this but he definitely didn’t want to be reminded of it. He wanted to rebuke him when Nangong Min stunned both of them.
“Huh? What are you talking about Kang Lei? Weren’t we just discussing that plant? Why would we …” Nangong Min stopped talking.
Wait. They had slept with each other? That would at least explain why he was naked! And why the fuck his backside hurt so much! He turned to Yuan Jing mechanically, his face flushing red. This couldn’t be, right?
Unfortunately for him, his idol nodded. “Yes, you were … still doing it when I came.” His thoughts churned though. Nangong Min didn’t really seem to remember? Just what was going on here?
“That …” Nangong Min searched for some kind of explanation that didn’t need the elements of him, Kang Lei and sex. “Uh … Maybe it’s the plant! We could all three be having some really strange hallucination!”
Kang Lei harrumphed. Sure. He had certainly just imagined —]
Nie Chang coughed and left the rest of the sentence unsaid.
[Yuan Jing fell silent, furrowing his brows together thoughtfully. They might not be having a hallucination because of the plant right now but something was definitely off. Otherwise, Nangong Min would never have forgotten about something like this. And, actually, it was weird for him to sleep with Kang Lei in the first place. Maybe this hadn’t been completely voluntary and was rather something that happened because of that plant?
Mn, it was definitely worth looking into it! And he didn’t think that just because it would mean the person he liked was still free for him.]

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