OMF V5C81 Some Convoluted Plan?

At the same time, the fallen god in the demon realm curled up his lips. It could hardly be called a smile though. There was no expression in his dark eyes and nothing else but the angle at which the corners of his lips were raised changed.
“How pitiful you are. Imprisoned in the demon realm.” He raised his hand and his fingers curled around the bars of the cell. “How about I liberate you?”
Fu Heng gritted his teeth and pulled Fu Min closer to his chest, incessantly stroking his hair as if that alone might suffice to make sure nothing would happen. He knew that there was no hope though.
This was a fallen god. You couldn’t beat them, you couldn’t argue with them, you couldn’t appeal to them. After all, most of them had already lost their sanity when they fell.
In fact, staying silent would be the best choice. That way they at least wouldn’t aggravate him. He might kill them fast, without letting them suffer too much.
“Fu Heng …” Fu Min’s fingers curled around the fabric of Fu Heng’s sleeve, his hands trembling. Would they die here? But they were still young! This shouldn’t be happening.
“Shh.” Fu Heng gently shook his head. He also didn’t want it to end this way.
He had always thought that he would one day die at Fu Min’s side. He just never would have thought that it would happen like this. Ah, he regretted now. He should have told him at least. Now, they would die without him ever knowing. That wasn’t how it was supposed to be.
Fu Heng’s hands stopped moving and he lowered his gaze to Fu Min’s face. He wanted to say something to reassure him but no words came out. Everything was pointless already. Faced with this kind of person the only thing he could do for Fu Min was killing him himself so he could make sure he would die immediately.
The fallen god watched them, his gaze following the movements of Fu Heng’s hands. Ah, such a devoted pair of lovers … His lips curved up even further. “You don’t want to die? Well, I’m not a bad person. I could let you go.”
Fu Min froze before his body started to tremble. Fu Heng tightened his grip on him to calm him down, his gaze returning to the person outside the cell. He didn’t know if it was a good idea to respond but maybe … maybe this one wasn’t completely deranged yet. Maybe they could actually negotiate something. Maybe … at least Fu Min could live.
“What do you want?”
Those black eyes stared at them for a moment, the smile slowly receding. “Would you like to go, yes? But I’ll only let you go. Not him.”
Fu Heng closed his eyes. So he had already made up his mind. “Then thank you for the offer but no. I won’t leave him alone.”
The fallen god let go of the bars and stepped back, turning to the side before silently pacing up and down in front of the cell. “Not leaving him alone. What is it for? You haven’t even merged your souls.”
Fu Heng frowned, his mind churning. Chatting with them almost amicably, offering to let one of them go but still not attacking when the offer was declined … This person wanted something. He had some kind of plan. What was it? If he could figure that out, then maybe they could live through this, after all. But he had to tread carefully or this could end them even faster. Well, he didn’t have a choice. This either worked out or they would die. There was no other outcome.
“You want to know why?”
“Mn.” The fallen god stopped walking and turned to look at them again.
That expressionless face gave nothing away but at least he listened. That might be a good sign.
Fu Heng tried to calm down but with that black gaze on him, his heart raced. He felt very much like prey in front of a predator. Fu Heng took a deep breath and turned to look at Fu Min instead. His heart instantly calmed down. This person … He could do everything for him.
He concentrated on the weight leaning against his chest and refused to look up at the fallen god again. If he was killed, then he wanted Fu Min to be the last person he saw in his life. “Why I would do this … I don’t know how to answer this. Isn’t that what you would normally do for the people most important to you?”
The fallen god tilted his head. “The people most important to you?”
Fu Heng nodded.
“But you aren’t a couple. You haven’t even merged your souls.”
Fu Heng perked up. You haven’t even merged your souls. He had already said that twice now. Could it be that? Did he want them to merge their souls? But why? What could he get out of that?
He wouldn’t mind binding his soul to Fu Min’s. After all, he had been in love with him for a long time already. But if they merged their souls … their lives would depend on each other. So maybe this was just some convoluted way to kill them both? First, he’d let him bind his soul to Fu Min, then he’d kill Fu Min and watch him die with him? Was that it? Or was there something else? He frowned. Ah, he just didn’t know enough about this person! There was no way to gauge what he was thinking.
“We haven’t yet. That doesn’t mean we won’t in the future.”
Fu Heng wasn’t looking but Fu Min saw the fallen god’s brows knit together, twisting the symbol between them. His fingers dug into Fu Heng’s arm. This guy was obviously going to kill them now!
Just when he thought that everything was over steps sounded from behind the fallen god and a person with endlessly familiar silver hair and a mask covering half his face appeared.
“I think this is enough now. Just leave them be.”
Fu Min’s heart thumped and he straightened up unconsciously. “Senior Xin!” Ah, Heaven had a heart! Senior Xin had come to save them!
Both Fu Heng’s and the fallen god’s expressions darkened.

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