OMF V5C81 Some Convoluted Plan?

At the same time, the fallen god in the demon realm curled up his lips. It could hardly be called a smile though. There was no expression in his dark eyes and nothing else but the angle at which the corners of his lips were raised changed.
“How pitiful you are. Imprisoned in the demon realm.” He raised his hand and his fingers curled around the bars of the cell. “How about I liberate you?”
Fu Heng gritted his teeth and pulled Fu Min closer to his chest, incessantly stroking his hair as if that alone might suffice to make sure nothing would happen. He knew that there was no hope though.
This was a fallen god. You couldn’t beat them, you couldn’t argue with them, you couldn’t appeal to them. After all, most of them had already lost their sanity when they fell.
In fact, staying silent would be the best choice. That way they at least wouldn’t aggravate him. He might kill them fast, without letting them suffer too much. Continue reading

OMF V5C80 Evil Charm

Jinde’s expression twisted and he burrowed deeper into Leng Jin Yu’s arms. Ah, that day … it had been the worst day of his life. Before that time he had always been able to find some kind of excuse, some kind of explanation that could make him feel better.
Leng Jin Yu pulled him up against his chest and gently stroked his back. “I’m sorry. The things I did in my past life …” He sighed and shook his head. What use was there in apologizing? All of that was long done. Whatever he said it wouldn’t change anything about the pain Jinde had suffered.
“It’s not your fault. Nothing ever was. From the very beginning, we were played. That woman … she was from the demons. Or more precisely she was one of the wives of the demon king.”
Leng Jin Yu frowned. “Then how could —” Continue reading

OMF V1C14 Those Filthy Humans

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“Ah, that must be your son, Madam Zhong. May I?” Qiu Ling pretended to be surprised as if he hadn’t expected Zhong Jing Yi to be there. Well, he only threw Madam Zhong a careless glance and took a step forward without waiting for her approval though. He definitely couldn’t leave his poor beloved in the hands of that man! He had to get him back!
The villagers hurriedly parted to make way for him. After all, this was a mighty Daoist Immortal! Their village couldn’t bear to offend such a person.
Mister Pan who had went to fetch Jing Yi hadn’t been there when Qiu Ling appeared and showed his might. Confused, he glanced from one side to the other and then at the man at the other side. “Er … What happened?” Continue reading

OMF V5C79 That Last Mistake

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“You remember Xin Lan, don’t you?”
“Mn. He seems to have a high status in your race and … he said you saved him once.”
Jinde nodded. “That’s true. I found him heavily injured. Without me, he probably would have died that day. I didn’t even think about it. I just took him home and cared for him until he was better. There was no intention behind it.
“But Xin Lan refused to leave after that. He was always pretty obstinate, maybe even more so then Chun Yin. He had decided that he wanted to repay me so he stayed. Whatever I wanted to have done he would be the first to jump at it. If I didn’t have any task for him, he would go out of his way to find one. He often returned badly injured and I had to patch him up again but he never complained. He just handed me whatever he had gotten in return for those wounds.” Continue reading

OMF V5C78 The Dragon King’s Throne

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“Anyway, I’m sure Chun Yin thought about me the same way even though he might have needed a bit more time. He wasn’t … very subtle in that regard.” Jinde sighed. “Unfortunately, life got in the way. Before we had the time to figure out where we wanted this to go the king announced that he would step down. Generally, everyone has the right to attempt to become king. But the previous king’s opinion will value a lot and being the strongest won’t necessarily make you the new king. We’re not demons, after all.”
Jinde lowered his head when he reached this part of the story. He hadn’t wanted to tell Leng Jin Yu about his status in the dragon realm for now. Speaking about it made him feel strange. After all, it had been so long ago. He had grown older and somehow, this seemed to open up an invisible wall between them. One that he definitely didn’t like being there. He wanted to be close to him, as close as possible. Unfortunately, the problems between Chun Yin and him couldn’t be explained without talking about this part of their lives. Continue reading

OMF V5C77 Dragons Can Be Simple-Minded

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Jinde sighed when the door fell shut and let go of Leng Jin Yu’s arm.
“You’re still mad at me?”
Jinde chuckled. “Of course not. How old do you think I am?” He smiled but it was still a little strained.
Leng Jin Yu reached over and cupped his cheek. “I’m sorry. Even though I can explain, that wasn’t something that should have happened in the first place. You already told me that there were such problems in the past and I … still let it happen just like that.”
Jinde reached up and covered Leng Jin Yu’s hand with his own. “It’s alright. Actually, it might have been a good thing. What you just said made me realize that I shouldn’t take things for granted.”
“What are you even saying?” Leng Jin Yu slid closer and wrapped Jinde up in his arms. “You can take me for granted.”
Jinde chuckled again and snuggled up against his chest. “You know … That’s something very nice you said there. Unfortunately, it’s not true. I … should probably tell you what exactly happened back then.”
“You don’t have to.” Continue reading

OMF V1C6 A Good Name

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An hour later, Qiu Ling cradled the child in his arms and smiled with satisfaction, not intending to let go anytime soon. Mn, even as a mortal child his beloved was so unbelievably cute. He couldn’t help but want to hug him to his chest until he had grown up one day.
Jing He, my Jing He … Wherever your mortal life will lead you, I’ll stay at your side and guard you. I won’t let anyone harm you or any suspicious people get close to you …
He looked at the extraneous woman who didn’t have any reason to wait further at the Zhong’s house but still stood next to the bed and stole a glance at him every now and then. That definitely was one of those suspicious people he should take note of. Why was she still here? And why was she looking over all the time? She couldn’t be thinking of stealing his beloved from him, could she?
Qiu Ling narrowed his eyes which only made the woman blush. Mn. Very strange. He chose to ignore her for now and instead turned to Jing He’s mortal mother. She was also watching him but it rather seemed as if she was afraid he’d take her newborn son away if she didn’t look for even a second. Continue reading

OMF V1C5 A Mortal Child

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Qiu Ling found himself in a rural village when he reached the mortal world. About a dozen crooked huts with thatched roofs crowded around a square of bare soil. The traces of the villagers were still visible in the mud although only one woman could be seen outside who was fetching water from a well at the square’s edge before she returned to one of the houses.
Qiu Ling shuddered. This was the place where his beloved was supposed to live from now on? How could that be?! His Jing He was such a beautiful and refined person! He shouldn’t be living in such a … such a dump!
He grumbled but there was nothing he could do for now. First of all, he had to find his beloved’s mortal reincarnation. Ah, this shouldn’t be too hard. Since his beloved would reincarnate this should be the night in which Jing He’s new life began. Thus, he could only be a newborn child. How many could there be in such a small village?
Qiu Ling concealed his body from mortal eyes and followed the traces of Jing He’s soul to the sole illuminated window in the whole village. He peeked inside and his expression darkened. Continue reading

OMF V1C3 A Challenging Fate

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A week seemed to go by in the blink of an eye and soon the day for Jing He to begin his trial had arrived. He had already prepared what he needed to make sure that he wouldn’t betray his lover in the human world while the Fate’s Scribe had finally finished the scroll of fate he had feared so much.
Both of them couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous but they certainly weren’t the only ones. In fact, the one most worried right now was probably Jing He’s father, the Heavenly Emperor Tianjun Rong Su.
At this moment, he was pacing up and down in his study adjacent to the throne room. “Aiya, what if something happens to him in the mortal realm? No, I can’t let him go alone! I should at least send some guards with him to —”
“Rong Su.” The Heavenly Empress Bai Fen threw him an exasperated look from her seat at the desk. “Stop worrying so much. The boy has already come of age. Heaven wouldn’t arbitrarily punish him. He’ll be fine.”
The Heavenly Emperor hurried over and knelt down beside her chair, grabbing the armrest. “But what if —” Continue reading

OMF V1C2 Crafting the Perfect Trial

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In another palace in the Nine Heavens, a god sat at his desk, holding an ink-stained brush in his hand and frowning at a scroll of paper. This god was none other than Shun Tao, the Fate’s Scribe, who oversaw the palace that was tasked with writing the fates of the mortals and by extension the fates of those gods descending to the human realm for their trials.
He had taken up this office a good ten-thousand years ago and he had always loved this task of his and finished writing the fates he personally had to take care of swiftly. But this time he was agonizing over what to do.
Honestly, writing a fate for the mortal reincarnation of the crown prince of the Nine Heavens was by no means a thankful task. If it was too easy, he would be accused of not executing his task properly. If he wrote a fate too tough, he would be said to make things unnecessarily difficult for crown prince Jing He. He just couldn’t strike a balance between these two.
Shun Tao sighed, put down his brush and looked at the crumpled attempts lying around his study. It couldn’t go on like this. Continue reading