OMF V2C121 Everyone Needs Advice Sometimes

The Gathering of Practitioners finally commenced but the initial excitement had died down. Somehow, the person that had originally been sure to get the first place had vanished.

The disciples that were left to fight felt glad but then couldn’t help but be disappointed as well. What good was it to win because the favorite had left on his own and didn’t bother about the fights anymore? Wouldn’t people just say that they had become lucky?

The most maddening was that their audience that had been eagerly awaiting the fights for weeks was now not even looking anymore. They just whispered amongst themselves, glancing over to the boy that the Grandmaster’s disciple had proposed to every now and then. All of them were wondering just how he had managed to make this peerless genius fall in love with him so thoroughly. Maybe they should go over and ask for relationship advice? Continue reading

OMF V2C119 Maybe It Wouldn’t Be Bad

Jin Ling kissed her but pulled away fast. “Alright, I’m afraid we can’t push it off any longer. I’ll go and talk to Yin Lin Lin and then try to take her with me immediately. That way, you won’t have to fear anything here. In fact, you might even be able to get a higher status. With your own hard work and nobody interfering, they won’t make things hard for you anymore.”

Tai Na nodded. “You’re right. As long as she isn’t around, the others probably won’t feel it to be necessary.” Continue reading

OMF V2C118 Venting Your Grievances for You

Jin Ling sat up and stared at the foot of the bed. He really wanted to give a sigh or maybe even curse out loud but then he would also have to explain that. He couldn’t be bothered to do that.

He turned to the side, his bare feet touching the ground and fished up his robe. He didn’t even bother to look at the woman behind him and silently put it on, getting up to go. Just when he had taken a single step, there was a tug on his sleeve.

Jin Ling closed his eyes, ready to utter a curse.

“Jin Ling … Are you leaving?” Continue reading

OMF V7C96 Not as Expected

Jing Yi looked around, not sure what to say. The dragon realm’s palace was … huge. He had seen a few big houses in the Long kingdom’s capital city and had also been to the palace of the Yun Zou Sect’s Sect Master but this building was on another scale. After just a few turns, he had no idea where he was. There were several halls, corridors leading in all directions, doors leading outside to a plethora of courtyards and gardens, and hundreds of rooms. He had no idea what to compare this to or what to ask about this place and could only follow Qiu Ling in stunned silence.

Qiu Ling, on the other hand, didn’t think much about it. He had grown up in this place and had returned here long after he turned an adult. Since he had spent most of that time evading people, he knew every nook and cranny of the dragon king’s palace like the back of his hand. He might even know some of the rooms better than the people actually living there. Continue reading

OMF V7C95 Had He Understood Right?

While Jinde and Leng Jin Yu had already gone back to being their normal selves, Qiu Ling was still fussing over his beloved. He patted down his body, trying to find any of the grievous wounds that he was imagining. To his surprise, he couldn’t find even a single one.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but become even more embarrassed by his lover’s worry. Ah, just what was he supposed to say? Explaining was embarrassing but not explaining was also embarrassing.

In the end, he could only grab Qiu Ling’s hands and give him an awkward smile. “It’s alright. I’m … I’m alright. You don’t have to worry. Nothing is wrong.” Continue reading

OMF V7C94 Take a Peek

At the same time, Jinde was grumbling in the Yun Zou Sect’s new special dimension. Four people had rushed through one small array all at the same time. — The result could be imagined. Especially since one person had been holding another in the arms while being gripped by the third person that then threw themselves at the last one. Disentangling their hair and sleeves and limbs took more time than any of them would’ve liked.

Jinde threw his stepson an angry look before he turned to his husband with a pitiful expression. “I thought we could finally have some time for us alone. How come your son is suddenly with us?”

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. “You shouldn’t be asking me. I was just finishing up the anchor and then wanted to go and get you when you suddenly rushed over with him and Jing Yi in tow. So shouldn’t I be the one who asks this question instead?” Continue reading

OMF V7C93 Not All Lost?

Yin Lin Lin went to her husband’s quarters, finding Jin Ling standing in front of three pairs of robes with a thoughtful expression. Her gaze couldn’t help but linger on his face for a moment longer and she finally went over with a smile.

“I think that dark green one would look very good on you.”

“Mn …” Jin Ling gave a non-committal murmur and continued to look from one robe to the other. He also felt that he looked great in green but Jinde had always liked wearing green and it wouldn’t do for them to wear the same color. After all, Jinde had always prided himself on his looks. Trying to eclipse that beauty … Not that that would be possible. Nobody could come even close to Jinde’s beauty. Continue reading

OMF V7C92 It’d Be Her Pleasure

Yin Lin Lin motioned for Yong Hai to sit down. “Well, since we agreed now, I would like to hear a little bit more. Just what do you intend to do? I won’t take part in this if you can’t give me a satisfying answer to that question at least.”

Yong Hai nodded. “I know.” He sat down and gave a sigh. “Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have asked you to take part in this if I wasn’t convinced that you’re a smart enough woman to do so.”

Yin Lin Lin harrumphed. “Thank you very much but I don’t need your compliments, Yong Hai. Just get to the point or I will believe that you do not have one. Don’t forget that you’re not the only one who can turn against my husband. Since you’ve already brought it up, I might as well go and tell somebody else about it. What will stop me other than you having a good plan?” Continue reading

OMF V7C91 Let’s Discuss the Benefits

“What is the meaning of this?” Yin Lin Lin furrowed her brows and stared at the demon in front of her. She could hardly believe what she was hearing.

Yong Hai smiled. “Didn’t I make myself clear enough? Or is it that you fail to see where your benefit in this idea lies?”

Yin Lin Lin’s gaze darkened even further. Did she need some common demon to tell her what would be beneficial to her? “I understood very well what you said. I’m just wondering what made you think that this idea of yours is in any way feasible. Between you and my husband, do I need to remind you who is stronger? Who has more people backing him? Just what talent of yours do you want to use to fight against him?” Continue reading

OMF V7C90 Take Them with You

Qiang Yan took out his sword and then wanted to rush over to where Qiu Ling was fighting but he stopped once again. Ah, his nephew-in-law was getting by quite well. He should rather take care of the other people to make sure they wouldn’t interfere with him and Jing He’s reincarnation.

He turned around to see who was the most troublesome and saw the disciples that had meanwhile gathered in front of Jinde and Yuchi Bing Xia. He didn’t know any of these people but thanks to the different robes it was easy to see who was part of the Chun Feng Sect and who wasn’t. Continue reading