OMF V9C65 The Wrong Person

When Shun Tao was woken up in the middle of the night and told to go to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace, he couldn’t help but shiver. What was it now? What had he done wrong again? Or had somebody in his palace done something wrong this time?

He wasn’t sure but he didn’t doubt for a second that something was wrong. In any case, he wouldn’t be called over there because there was joyful news. That just wasn’t how this worked. No, there would absolutely be bad news when he got there.

Despite his apprehension, Shun Tao hurried up, throwing over his outer robe and then rushing over there as fast as he could. Even if it was bad news, the bad news would only get worse if he took his sweet time.

Where it concerned the Heavenly Emperor, it was always better to hurry as much as you could and find out what it was fast, and then do your utmost to do whatever you were asked to do.

Seeing Shun Tao’s panicked look, the gods at the table weren’t impressed while An Bai just inclined his head, not showing any kind of opinion.

Shun Tao hardly realized and just focused on the one person holding his fate in his hands. “Greetings, Your Majesty! What may I do for you?”

The Heavenly Emperor looked at him, feeling that this guy was really losing face for him. Why exactly had he been made the Fate’s Scribe again? It definitely couldn’t be because he was the kind of person who handled bad situations in a breeze. “You sit down.”

Shun Tao nodded and hurriedly sat down, glancing at the God of Justice while he did so, feeling a little uncomfortable. When it came to the other title gods in the capital city, this was probably the person he liked the least. Now, Li Yin was sitting next to him. He didn’t like that. But it was still better than sitting next to the Heavenly Emperor. Not that he was far away.

Rong Su couldn’t be bothered with even talking and motioned with his hand, hoping that somebody else would go ahead.

An Bai figured that if this came from his side, Shun Tao might calm down a little so he turned to him. “Fate’s Scribe, there is a question I had. An ascended deity that has resulted from a trial, is there still anything written in the scrolls after their ascension?”

Shun Tao was startled but still shook his head. “No, at the time of the ascension, they become gods, so the scrolls lose effect, just like how there aren’t scrolls for the trueborn gods.”

An Bai slightly furrowed his brows. So much for that. “So would you say that there is no way that the scrolls of fate that are gathered in your palace could have any kind of information that could be used to end the current stalemate?”

Shun Tao faintly raised his brows. To be honest, since the day that Zhong Jing Yi had ascended and he had sealed away his scroll of fate, he hadn’t had anything to do with the situation so he wasn’t sure which stalemate he was talking about. He glanced at the other people, his gaze resting on the Heavenly Empress before he turned to look at An Bai again. “I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what Scholar An Bai is talking about.”

Li Yin sighed deeply. So much for involving this guy. He gave him a quick rundown, showing clearly that he was pretty bothered by Shun Tao’s lack of information. “So, is there any information that you could provide?”

Shun Tao straightened up further, feeling threatened by the way the God of Justice looked at him. “As I said, as soon as they ascend, their life is not part of the scrolls of fate anymore. So I’m afraid that in that regard, I can’t help.” His gaze shifted around and he glanced at the Heavenly couple again before he turned to look at An Bai, feeling that this person was really the easiest to talk to among these people. “But maybe there is something else that could be done.”

An Bai’s expression immediately eased. “That sounds as if the Fate’s Scribe had an idea. What do you propose?”

Shun Tao furrowed his brows and couldn’t help but twist his hands, wondering if he wasn’t overstepping here. But from what Li Yin had just described, that didn’t even matter anymore. And he still had to make up for his blunder even though the review of his task over the rest of Zhong Jing Yi’s trial had finally gotten him reinstated as the Fate’s Scribe for real. But just because he didn’t have to fear punishment, that didn’t mean that he could stay out of this.

“Well, from what I understand, this predicament boils down to the relationship between His Highness’s reincarnation and Longjun. So maybe rather than focusing on Zhong Jing Yi’s fate or the fate of any ascended deity in general, it might be better to focus on just the part of the relationship. For that, I believe that the God of Love would be able to help you better than I. In any case, while we often add love trials, when it comes to actual relationships — and especially relationships among the gods and the other immortal races — then he would be the person to go to.”

An Bai wasn’t too familiar with the work of the God of Love so he couldn’t help but turn to the Heavenly couple, wanting to see how they thought about it.

When he looked over, he realized that both of them had turned thoughtful. It seemed that while they hadn’t said anything yet, there was a very good chance that this was indeed something they could try.

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