OMF V9C61 A Peaceful Talk Would Be Nice

Seeing their expression, An Bai sighed. He could imagine that this was a lot to take in. Especially so since the two of them weren’t up to date with everything else. In fact, he felt a little bad to keep those things from them after he had come to know, but he also knew that he definitely couldn’t breathe even a single word about this if he didn’t want to lose his king’s trust.

After all, this information about his heritage and about that person had been told in confidence. If he went on to tell anyone the king hadn’t allowed him to tell — even if it was one of Qiu Ling’s other advisers — that would break his trust. And if he did this, he didn’t think that there was a way to come back from it.

No, he would lose his king’s trust forever and he wasn’t willing to risk that. Thus, he could only focus on the things that were alright to tell them. The first of that was what had happened in the Nine Heavens since they would be able to find out about that on their own anyway. Then, there was also the issue of what was currently going on with their king. This was something they absolutely needed to know since they would be the ones who had to keep an eye on him.

Well, the latter would only work if they weren’t freaking out and right now, at least Fu Min looked like he was. He had to do a better job at explaining this. “It wasn’t conscious. It’s a sign of the curse acting up. Because of that, I need you to keep an eye on him as soon as he returns to the dragon realm. It shouldn’t be a problem when he is awake but at night, it could be that his subconscious will react and cause a disaster. Somebody has to be at his side all the time and stay awake. You can’t leave for even a second. Can you do that?”

Fu Min and Fu Heng exchanged a glance and then nodded. As a young, married couple, they naturally didn’t like to be separated at night but if somebody’s life depended on that — especially their own king’s life — then they wouldn’t even think twice.

An Bai heaved a sigh of relief when they agreed this straightforward. “Good. Xiang Yong should also return to the dragon realm today. He knows about the matter with His Highness but I haven’t told him yet what happened to His Majesty afterward. So, fill him in when he arrives or maybe I will be able to do that before he leaves here. I’ll have to see. For now, I am going to have a talk with the gods to see if we can speed up our research regarding His Highness’ situation. We need to make faster progress.”

Actually, he probably should’ve sent somebody to Xiang Yong to have him woken up as well since this matter concerned him as well, but he hadn’t thought of it at that time and he didn’t want to waste even a second more. No, right now, it was imperative that they acted fast. He couldn’t waste any time waiting for another person. Even if it only took a few moments, right now, he didn’t think it was necessary.

Anyway, when it came to convincing the people of the Nine Heavens of this, he felt that he would be able to do a good enough job himself. After all, there was nothing that could be said to discredit just how dire the situation was.

Even the Heavenly Emperor who didn’t really like their king shouldn’t have any doubt that they needed to hurry up in this matter. Anyway, considering that this was about his son’s life, he was sure that the Heavenly Emperor would be happy if they made faster progress as well.

An Bai finally bid farewell to the other two and then just waited for the Heavenly Empress to return. Actually, he was a little surprised that she wasn’t back yet. It made him wonder if maybe there was something more going on.

Maybe she was already having a talk with her husband, filling him in on what had happened so far? In an attempt to make sure he wouldn’t react badly? That was entirely possible from how he knew both her and him.

The Heavenly Empress was definitely somebody who wanted to get this over with while having the least strife possible. She had always been on their king’s side as well when it came to his relationship with His Highness. So really, this was a possibility. In that case, he had to thank her later. If they were able to make good use of the time and discuss peacefully instead of arguing, that would be beneficial.

Anyway, his wife would have the best chance to get through to the Heavenly Emperor in case he was being stubborn. An Bai didn’t believe that he would have the same chance to do so even if he had all the right arguments. After all, it was known to everyone that the Heavenly Emperor loved his wife very much.

As for Bai Fen, she indeed had to take a moment longer to get her husband, but not quite out of the reason that An Bai was imagining. Instead, it was because when she finally arrived at his bedroom door, she found him pacing up and down, his expression a little disturbed.

In general, this wouldn’t have been too odd, especially since just today, their son had almost been assassinated. But something told her that there was more to this. Or to be more precise, what told her that there was more to this was the small disk on the table that was still happily displaying the scene in her son’s palace.

Seeing this, Bai Fen stopped in her tracks and stared at her husband. This matter, she had never known about it, and for a moment, she really wasn’t sure how to feel about it either.

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