OMF V9C63 Just Wait a Moment Longer

Bai Fen stared at her husband, unsure of what to think for a moment. When she had Yi Zan call over An Bai to take a look, she had already known that something had to be up. In fact, when she saw the blood on Qiu Ling’s neck, she had had a bad feeling. But that had been more along the lines of him maybe having been attacked and not bothering about it because he was more worried about Jing He also being attacked again. She never would’ve thought that this was something that Qiu Ling had done to himself.

Rong Su looked at her and finally leaned closer, pulling her into his arms. “I don’t like him but I know that you think differently. Anyway, he took that matter with Jing He really badly. He really loves him. I guess I’ll have to give him that.”

Bai Fen nodded even though she still couldn’t quite make sense of it. Right now, she kind of felt like going back and asking Qiu Ling himself about it. He … he owed her an explanation, didn’t he? This kind of matter, how could he do it in the first place? And how could he then pretend that nothing was the matter when she asked about it? If he needed help … why hadn’t he asked her for it? Hadn’t he also done things like that in the past? Yes, if he needed help, he should know that she would always be there for him.

She finally sighed, feeling that matters were probably too complicated to think of them this simply. No, she should really not demand too much. Anyway, whether Qiu Ling had told her or not wasn’t important now. No, the important thing was that An Bai had probably figured it out and wanted to have this talk because of Qiu Ling’s state. In that case, they should better hurry.

She patted her husband’s chest and then stepped back, motioning toward the door. “Well, we shouldn’t let Scholar An Bai wait too long then. My brother and the God of Justice will also be coming over in a while. We’ll see how scholar An Bai intends to deal with this. Anyway, this needs to be solved.”

Rong Su nodded. Even though he really didn’t like Qiu Ling and didn’t quite want him to marry his son, that also didn’t mean that he wanted him dead. No, rather than that, he’d like for this guy to stay dragon king for a long, long time. It would be preferable if he didn’t prey on his poor son any longer after he came back from this trial but other than that, there really was nothing to argue about.

The two of them made their way back to where An Bai was waiting, just in time to also see Qiang Yan rush in through the door.

“What happened?” He looked at his sister and brother-in-law in panic and then glanced at An Bai. Seeing that all three of them seemed alright and that while there was some urgency about them, there were no tears, no screaming, no accusations, nothing that said ‘another major disaster’, it seemed that he didn’t need to worry too much either. He heaved a faint sigh of relief and then turned to An Bai. “I’ll assume that this is something that Scholar An Bai asked for?”

An Bai nodded. “Indeed. We are still waiting for the God of Justice though. If the God of War would wait for a moment longer? I’m afraid there are a lot of people to inform about this matter and if I can do it one time less, I’d be quite happy.”

Really, it had been bad enough to tell Fu Min and Fu Heng. To now have to do it again and maybe yet another time if they decided to inform the Fate’s Scribe, and then once more when he saw Xiang Yong in the morning before he left for the dragon realm, he really didn’t want to add even one more time onto that list. No, he had already had enough.

Qiang Yan had no idea what might be going on but seeing as Li Yin had probably been informed at the same time as him and would rush over right away, he just nodded and then went over to his sister who looked a little pale. “Are you alright, Bai Fen?”

She nodded and patted her brother’s arm. “Don’t worry about me. Anyway, there are more important matters to deal with.” Yes, right now, she couldn’t be fainthearted. She had to stay strong. For her son, for Qiu Ling, for everyone else. It wouldn’t be easy but she knew that she could if she needed to.

Anyway, she clearly wasn’t the person who had it worst. While she had been shocked about what had happened with Jing Yi, and while she was still afraid that somebody else would try something similar, she at least wasn’t cursed in the way that Qiu Ling was.

Just then, the God of Justice also rushed into the palace, raising his brows at the people already gathered. “Well, it seems that there is another major issue.”

An Bai nodded and then turned to the Heavenly Emperor. “Might I suggest that we go somewhere where we will be undisturbed?”

Since Rong Su already knew exactly what this was about, he motioned to his own study next to the throne room, and then led the way, quietly sitting down and motioning for An Bai to go ahead.

In this matter, he definitely wouldn’t make trouble. Even he realized the severity of the issue and that they needed to find a solution fast. If they didn’t, the gods would lose an important ally, and especially with everything they had heard from the demon realm recently, he didn’t think that that would be good.

No, it might make an already precarious situation into one they could not deal with anymore. As the Heavenly Emperor who had to govern all the people of the Nine Heavens, he naturally wouldn’t risk something like that.

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