OMF V9C62 I Didn’t Want to Argue

When Rong Su saw his wife come in, he wanted to rush and get the array disk out of the way but then stopped mid-motion. Anyway, she had already seen it so if he rushed over now, he would just draw more attention to it. If he pretended that there was nothing going on, maybe she wouldn’t notice and he could secretly put it away. It wasn’t very likely but he still hoped for that too.

He hadn’t told anybody about doing this, not even his wife. In fact, he deliberately hadn’t told Bai Fen anything because he was worried she might tip Qiu Ling off and he, in turn, would tell that ascended deity. Right now, he just didn’t trust him.

Well, to be honest, he had never really trusted Qiu Ling considering he was going after his precious son, clearly preying on his inexperience. But then, right now was a special situation where he was even more feeling like he couldn’t.

In his eyes, Qiu Ling had chosen that ascended deity over their Jing He. That wasn’t something he was alright with. No, if he had originally been thinking of maybe accepting whatever was going on between Qiu Ling and his son, then he was definitely not entertaining that thought any longer. A man that would exchange his son for somebody else this quickly, he could never accept him.

Now, it seemed that this might have caused some problems in his own marriage though. Because clearly, his wife wouldn’t just ignore what was in front of her. She never did.

Bai Fen’s brows furrowed and she walked into the room, pointing at the array disk. “Rong Su, care to tell me what that is?”

The Heavenly Emperor looked at his wife and then at the disk and finally gave a careful smile. “Oh, it’s just something I did because I was worried after what happened today.”

Bai Fen’s brows furrowed even more tightly. If this was the truth, she wouldn’t say anything. In fact, she might’ve even agreed to it, after all, they couldn’t be too careful where it concerned their son’s safety. But clearly, that wasn’t the case. “You still dare to lie!

“If I might remind you, I was at our son’s palace the whole day after the assassination attempt. I think that I would’ve noticed if you went around to put down transmission stones in every corner. So clearly, if you have a transmission disk that is fully set up, the stones were there long before.”

Rong Su stiffened, not quite sure how to defend himself. And right now, he really felt that he had to defend himself. Because his wife was looking at him as if he had done something unforgivable. Well, lying to your wife might be unforgivable. He would give her that. But still, he had had his reasons!

“Aiya!” He walked over to her fast, taking her hands. “Bai Fen, don’t be angry! You know, I was just worried when that ascended deity came to the Nine Heavens. I was sure that something would happen. So finally, after thinking about it for a long time and realizing that there couldn’t always be somebody with him, I set this up.

“I didn’t look all the time, just every now and then to reassure myself. It seemed like nothing was happening so I was even considering taking it down again. But then today, this happened. So now, I finally decided to use it all the time instead. That is why it is currently showing a transmission. It wasn’t like this before.”

Bai Fen instead glared at her husband and pulled her hands back, going to take a look. Seeing Qiu Ling sit at their son’s bedside, she actually felt heartache for these two. It would’ve been so nice if the trial was already over and Jing He would have woken up and these two could finally embrace again. But so far, it didn’t seem like that would happen anytime soon.

She closed her eyes and sighed, trying to calm down. Right now wasn’t the time for that.

Rong Su wasn’t quite sure if his wife had calm down but he didn’t want her to be angry so he stepped closer and gently grabbed her shoulders. “I know I probably should’ve told you about it. I was just worried you would be angry and tell me not to do it or tell Longjun and he might tell that ascended deity. So I figured it would be better if I didn’t say anything and did it secretly. I didn’t want us to argue about it but I was really worried. And I mean, look at this! Now, there’s already been such a situation. I things it really wasn’t wrong to give this a try.”

Bai Fen opened her eyes and turned to look at her husband. “I won’t even disagree. You know, that Zhong Jing Yi, I don’t trust him either. If you told me, I would’ve agreed. But I wouldn’t have agreed to doing this secretly.

“This transmission, I’m sure that you can hear every word that is being said. Don’t you think that sometimes, Qiu Ling might want to go there and tell him something that he doesn’t want others to hear? Don’t you think that I will sometimes go to our son’s bedside and say something that I would rather be kept from others? You shouldn’t listen in on those things.”

Rong Su averted his gaze, quite clear on that. He had heard a lot of the things. In any case, this transmission array was able to alert him to anything that happened in the palace. So as long as he was in a position to check, he would usually go and take a look.

He had seen quite a few things happen that he probably shouldn’t have seen. He couldn’t check for things that had happened in the past but he was able to see what was currently going on and there had been many conversations that really hadn’t been meant for his ears. “I know that but I was worried. If somebody knows that it is there, they can dismantle it. And while I didn’t think that you would have had any reason to do so, Qiu Ling might have. And I just didn’t want to take that risk. I’m sorry.”

Bai Fen sighed but was too tired to argue with him. “Anyway, if you’ve watched all this time, you will know what has happened. Scholar An Bai wants to see us. It seemed quite urgent.”

Rong Su nodded, not surprised in the least. When Bai Fen wanted to turn around, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back. “Bai Fen. I should probably tell you before that conversation so you’ll know but it seems that things are bad. He … He tried to take the life because of what almost happened with Jing He.”

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