OMF V9C64 Too Much of a Risk?

An Bai got right into things when everyone had sat down, telling them about what had happened and also how he suggested dealing with the matter. “I believe that involving the people of the Palace of Fate might be beneficial.

“Yes, this means that more people will find out about what is going on but I believe that they should be trustworthy. In any case, the Fate’s Scribe already knew about the situation with His Highness and His Majesty to a certain degree.

“Since this has to do with the trial, the scrolls of fate that are gathered in his palace might prove helpful as well.” An Bai looked from one person to the other, waiting for what they would have to say about this. He didn’t rush them and instead gave them a moment to think it through.

This decision, he knew that it wasn’t an easy one. While he might say that these people were trustworthy, every single one who found out about what was currently going on was one more person that could use this knowledge against them. After all, you never knew what might happen.

If one of them was actually a spy of the demon realm that had managed to conceal themselves very well, then that would put both the life of His Majesty and His Highness in jeopardy. Even if that wasn’t the case, there were also people among the gods who had unhealthy ambitions. Who was to say that they wouldn’t hold something back to make trouble later on?

These were all possibilities and he wasn’t the one who would have to bear the brunt of it if any of them came to play. No, in this case, the gods were the ones who would be in an even worse situation.

Not that it would be good for the dragons if something happened to their king but, at the very least, they would be able to choose somebody else. And thinking of that person back at the dragon king’s palace … In fact, this might not be as much of a problem as before. Transitioning back to the supposedly late king … that would be a very viable option.

An Bai didn’t want to give up on their current king though. Yes, there was a decent chance that what the king had said about him going crazy if Zhong Jing Yi died was true. But it was only one possibility and there were many others. He believed that there were, there had to be!

He had seen how well Qiu Ling had done when he was young. He had read all about it. And he believed that Qiu Ling could become that king once again. In fact, in the last few weeks, he had seen him get to that place one step at a time.

He did not want to give up. He wanted that vision to come true. So whatever he had to do, he would fight for the king to survive this and with a sound mind at that.

After a while, the Heavenly Emperor was the first to nod. “The situation, it has already gotten to this point. We can’t have all the people in the Court of Justice work on this or their usual tasks will not get done. Involving at least some people of the Palace of Fate might be a good way to deal with this.”

Li Yin furrowed his brows. “That is indeed the case but there is still a great risk involved. The process for joining my Court of Justice is much more rigorous than Shun Tao’s way of taking people into his Palace of Fate. I’m afraid that the safety of this information might not be guaranteed if they were to work on this. Maybe there would be something else that we could try.”

The Heavenly Emperor raised his brows. “Are there still other things that we can try? Because I’m not quite sure about that.” Anyway, if there had been such things, then surely, Li Yin would have brought that up before.

The God of Justice hesitated for a moment but then motioned over to Qiang Yan. “How about having our palaces work together? Your screening process is similar to mine. At the very least, I would be sure that your people can be trusted with some tasks. If you were to send some people over to my palace to help out with some more … menial tasks, then I could sacrifice more people to work on the issue with the curse.”

Qiang Yan nodded without hesitation. “It wouldn’t be a problem from my side. I can choose some trustworthy people immediately. There are some I wouldn’t let this do but there are others, that should be perfect for any of the tasks you might give them.”

Li Yin nodded and turned back to the Heavenly Emperor, waiting for his approval. Usually, while palaces could work together on a specific task, having people of one palace get involved in another one this deeply was forbidden. If you did something like this, it opened the door to people conspiring. If they added one more problem to the many they already had, who knew how things would end up? So this bore a risk as well.

The Heavenly Emperor nodded but the Heavenly Empress had some other thought on this.

“This is perfect to have more of the God of Justice’s people involved, which I’m in favor of, but I think we should also pay attention to what Scholar An Bai just mentioned about the scrolls of fate.

“This matter is indeed tied to a trial. Even though the official trial in the mortal realm is already over since Zhong Jing Yi has ascended, that doesn’t mean that the current problem isn’t related to the trial anymore. Maybe there would indeed be something in the scrolls that could help us.”

Li Yin still didn’t quite want to agree. “I understand what the Heavenly Empress means, but as far as I’m aware, the scrolls don’t detail what happens after somebody becomes an ascended deity. So even if there had been comparable issues in the past, I believe that there wouldn’t be anything about it to be found in the Palace of Fate.”

Bai Fen nodded, having to agree that this was indeed right. “Well, they might still be able to tell us something else. I think that, at the very least, we should communicate this to the Fate’s Scribe. In any case, it isn’t like he didn’t have a role in all of this before. So let’s just call him over?”

At that, without even waiting for Li Yin to say anything else, the Heavenly Emperor already nodded and called for a servant to do so. Anyway, one more person to think about this couldn’t hurt, right? At the very least, that was one more person who might have an idea on how to save his son. He would give a lot to have that happen.

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