OMF V9C60 Let’s Have a Talk

Walking out of the palace, An Bai turned to the Heavenly Empress. “Your Majesty, might I have a word with you?” He didn’t want to talk to her about this with everyone else present. While it might not be a problem for Yi Zan and Qiang Wei to know about this — considering that they were Qiu Ling’s advisers as well —, there were also Huang Lan and Mu Kun, as well as the two guards on the other side of the palace. He would rather not say these things with any of these four close by. While they were surely people that the Heavenly Empress and the God of War trusted a lot, An Bai didn’t know them so he wasn’t about to take the risk.

Bai Fen didn’t even think twice. “Of course. Where would you like to go?”

An Bai thought for a moment, not quite sure. If he just talked to her, then it wouldn’t be a problem to go to a place that would be a little more deserted. But this matter might be bigger than that. “To be honest, there are some other people that I would like to have involved in this talk. Maybe we could go to your husband’s palace first while waiting for everyone?”

Bai Fen’s expression turned grim. She had asked for An Bai to come here to take a look at Qiu Ling’s injuries. Now that he had done so, he wanted a discussion not just with her but apparently also with her husband and several other people. She was afraid of what that might mean.

“Well, if scholar An Bai is of the opinion that this would be for the best, then we should do so. Let’s go then.” She motioned ahead and the two of them walked away, leaving an alarmed pair of dragons behind.

In fact, even Huang Lan and Mu Kun were looking a little distraught. They might not have liked the dragon king originally and they still had some misgivings about how he had treated the Son of Heaven in the beginning but it was plain to see for them who had always guarded the door that His Highness was very much in love with the dragon king. To think that something might’ve happened to him … they were distressed for His Highness’ sake.

Right now, they could only hope that this turned out to not be as bad as they imagined and that whoever that scholar of the dragon race wanted to see would be able to solve the situation. Because they didn’t want His Highness to wake up only for them to have to explain to him that the dragon king wasn’t in a good condition. That just seemed incredibly cruel.

Meanwhile, Bai Fen and An Bai had made their way over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace.

Bai Fen motioned at a couple of servants who rushed over immediately, waiting for her commands. Bai Fen turned to An Bai. “Now, who exactly do you need?”

“The God of War and the God of Justice for now. It might be necessary to also involve the Fate’s Scribe later on but I would like for everyone else to listen first and have a discussion before we decide that together.”

Bai Fen nodded and then waved for the servants to go ahead and get them. “I would assume my husband is also needed for this. Please wait here for a moment. I will go and get him.”

An Bai nodded and then watched her leave, just standing to the side. He couldn’t help but worry. While he could have this discussion now and they could double their efforts to find a solution, he wasn’t too sure if that would be enough.

Thinking for a moment and figuring that the Heavenly Empress and the Heavenly Emperor would need a moment to come back, An Bai took out his transmission stone and contacted Fu Heng. Between that pair of husbands, Fu Heng was the one who was more likely to respond in the dead of the night.

Indeed, back in the dragon king’s palace, Fu Heng woke up with a start, taking out his transmission stone immediately and imbuing his spiritual energy to establish a connection. Seeing An Bai, he raised his brows. “An Bai, what happened?”

Somehow, he didn’t feel too reassured at seeing him at this time. An Bai wasn’t a rash person. He wouldn’t contact him in the middle of the night if there wasn’t something bad going on. So really, this wasn’t a good sign.

His husband’s voice woke up Fu min who rubbed his eyes and turned around, blinking at the transmission of An Bai. “What happened?”

An Bai looked at the two of them and then glanced around the Heavenly Emperor’s palace to make sure that nobody was listening in before he explained. “The situation isn’t good. It … Has anybody told you what happened in the Nine Heavens today?”

At that, Fu Min was wide-awake. “Some ascended deity came here with his lover who said he was supposed to be your substitute and they mention that something pretty bad went down and we might have a complete fallout with the Heavenly couple.”

An Bai hesitated for a moment but then nodded. “Thankfully, at least the Heavenly Emperor doesn’t blame us but I cannot say for sure yet regarding the Heavenly Emperor. As for what happened, the short version is that His Highness’ reincarnation, broke into the crown prince’s palace and tried to kill his original body.

“Thankfully, the attempt was thwarted but you can imagine everyone is feeling. Not just that, His Majesty was there to see. He would not have arrived in time to save him and I’m afraid that this is haunting him now. Tonight, he almost killed himself.”

Hearing that, neither of the two dragons knew how to react. The king … had tried to end his life? That just did not seem right. It did not want to fit the image they had of him. But An Bai was not one to joke, especially not about a matter of such severity. So if this was what he said, then it had to have happened. They just didn’t know what to do with that knowledge.

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